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Weight Loss Tea - Answers To All You Could Possibly Ask

Weight Loss Tea – Answers To All You Could Possibly Ask!

We want to give you some weight loss tea tips to compliment your existing diet and exercise efforts. There’s no question about the value of slimming teas. Lots of current dieters attest to it… and thousands of years of hands-on testing by the Chinese back up it’s value.

The plain and simple fact is… old fashioned, Chinese slimming tea works! Our objective is to introduce you to the weight loss tea world and help you join it. And don’t worry, this is not a chemistry lesson.

What is Tea?

Generally, tea is brewed from the dried and processed leaves of a shrub (Camellia Sinensis) which was originally cultivated  in China. Certain herbal teas do not contain the leaves from the tea shrub, although many do as part of the herbal mix. Of course, herbal ingredients come from plants other than the Camellia Sinensis.

What Makes One Weight Loss Tea Different From Another?

It’s the processing that defines the various weight loss teas we’re focusing on in this website.  All teas, with the possible exception of some herbal teas, contain the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. However, they are all processed differently. It’s the processing that can affect the taste and weight loss characteristics of a particular tea. It also creates the basic differences between Black tea, Green tea and Oolong tea.

The taste can also be adjusted by adding additional plants to the mix. This is common with herbal teas.

The standard process includes: picking (of course!), wilting, bruising, oxidation, fixation, sweltering, rolling, drying, and aging. In subsequent articles we’ll briefly describe what variations in the process create the different types of weight loss teas.

What About Tea Quality?

Your best bet is to stay away from tea bags. Loose tea often delivers a much higher quality tea. Tea bags can hide some poor quality tea leaves and stems.

What Are Some Different Types Of Slimming Teas?

We will be discussing Oolong tea, Green tea, Black tea and Herbal slimming teas in subsequent articles. They all come under the the category of Chinese slimming tea.

How Does Tea Make You Lose Weight?

Basically, Oolong and Herbal teas cause weight loss by speeding up the metabolism with caffeine. Green tea does the same thing, but has an additional punch. It contains something called polyphenols that assist in burning stored body fat.

What’s next?

Below you get more specific information for each type of tea weight loss program mentioned above.

Green Tea Diet

The green tea diet plan, along with sensible exercise, seems to have caught on with the weight loss crowd… big time! The Chinese have been singing the health and slimming benefits of drinking green tea for thousands of years. But, it’s discovery as a weight loss tool, especially in western countries, has been fairly recent.

History of Green Weight Loss Tea

China was the original source of green tea. It didn’t take long for its popularity to find it’s way into Japan and South Korea. It’s now grown in many regions, including the Middle East. Although black tea has been the traditional favorite tea of Westerners, green tea has been making substantial inroads into that market in recent years.

Of course, the scientific discoveries of it’s weight loss characteristics have had a lot to do with it’s increased popularity. The unique taste, to be enjoyed when drinking green tea, is also a factor in it’s popularity.

However, only recently have scientists defined how a green tea diet has a fourfold effect on weight loss.

Green Tea Benefits Weight Loss 4 Ways

  1. The green weight loss tea diet supplies caffeine to speed up our metabolism, causing our system to burn calories.
  2. The caffeine also acts as a source of energy for us to burn additional calories while exercising.
  3. Green tea contains polyphenols that helps us burn the existing fat deposits in our system and also assist in the prevention of fat from forming in our system.
  4. It also acts as a hunger suppressant tea.

The Processing of Green Tea

The variations in tea processing is what differentiates one tea from another. This is where you get the unique tastes and characteristics.

  • After picking, the leaves are laid out to dry for less than a day. (Unlike oolong and black teas, green tea does not go through an oxidization process.)
  • The leaves are then either fried or put through a steaming process. They are then rolled up and allowed to dry. The result is its unique taste… and retention of natural nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Green tea is barely oxidized and pretty much retains the original color of the tea leaf. Oolong and black teas have gone through fermentation and heavy oxidation… becoming darkened in color.

Compared To Other Slimming Teas

Green tea has a unique taste of it’s own and since it doesn’t go through the oxidation process, it is lower in caffeine than oolong tea and black tea. However, it does contain some caffeine. And, because of it’s unique process, it contains polyphenols that are known to hinder the formation of body fats and reduce existing fat deposits in the body.

Therefore, you get a triple whammy with the green tea diet:

  • It contains catechins that not only help prevent the buildup of fat deposits in our system, they help remove existing fat deposits.
  • Its caffeine content is still enough to provide an increase in the metabolism.
  • Green tea is also known as an appetite suppressant.

Oolong Tea Weight Loss

It’s been claimed a person can burn 2.5 times more calories than ordinary Green tea by adhering to a daily Oolong tea weight loss program. It contains more caffeine. Whether or not this is an exact statement remains to be seen. Oolong tea (aka Wu-long tea, Wulong tea, Wu-yi tea) has been with us a long time. Its translation from Chinese is ‘Dark Dragon Tea’… an ancient Chinese weight loss tea, ranked somewhere between Green tea and Black tea for caffeine content.

Oolong Tea Weight Loss… Background

This is the great tasting tea commonly served in Chinese restaurants the world over. It compliments all kinds of Asian foods… served unsweetened. Although some Oolong teas are mixed with jasmine leaves, it doesn’t mean it is of higher quality than the standard Oolong tea. It just smells better. Oolong tea originated in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian Provence in southern China. As the story goes, it was named after the part of Wuyi mountain where it was originally produced. It became a popular tea about 500 years ago. These days most tea enthusiasts believe Taiwan produces the best Oolong tea in the world. The growing conditions are ideal and the Taiwanese possess a strong tea culture. Oolong tea thrives in the subtropical climate of the the mountains of central Taiwan. The growing conditions are ideal.

Processing Oolong Tea

The process requires only a partial oxidation of the leaves. After the leaves are picked they are spread out to dry, usually for less than a day, depending on the humidity. The idea is to get most of the water in the leaves to evaporate. The leaves are then tossed in baskets to bruise the edges of the leaves. This causes the leaves to partially oxidize. Next, the leaves are steamed, stopping the oxidation process. The last step is to dry the tea prior to sorting, grading and packaging. Keep in mind that tea processing is an art not a science. Although most people rave about the taste of Oolong, the taste can vary a little from batch to batch… constantly offering a pleasant surprise.

Choosing Your Slimming Tea

It’s difficult to arrive at a consensus as to exactly how Oolong slimming tea can help with our weight loss diet. However, there seems to be little doubt of its effectiveness. Not only does it increase our metabolism to burn calories, it is also known to have a chemical effect on fat oxidation within our bodies. It also inhibits the absorption of fat and carbohydrates. These observations have been recently stated by research groups of both sides of the Pacific. Along with the scientific findings, the numerous articles in magazines and internet blogs tell us the Oolong tea weight loss program is doing the job. It’s the real deal… and tastes great!

Herbal Slimming Tea

Sometimes herbal slimming tea contains the leaves of the traditional tea plant (Camellia sinensis) in it’s mix and… sometimes it doesn’t. However, most of the herbal slimming tea blends on the market today contain some variation of seeds, herbs, fruits, flowers, roots and leaves that are believed to have a weight loss effect. There’s blooming tea and there’s flowering tea. Unless you’re an organic chemist, there probably isn’t much point getting into a detailed discussion of the properties of individual ingredients at this point.

Also, the Chinese have been offering herbal weight loss tea blends for thousands of years that defy classification. The point is… if it’s been declared safe by the medical authorities and has a good reputation in the weight loss community, why not give it a try?

What Makes Herbal Slimming Teas Special?

These weight loss herbal teas are really effective because of the specific compounding of various ingredients that make them a catalyst in the slimming process. Plus, along with the intended weight loss effects, you usually get (depending on the mixture of ingredients) additional benefits.

These added health benefits are caused by the interaction of various compounds and antioxidants in the tea that speed up the metabolism and enhance the immune system. So, you not only get a weight loss effect, you get the additional health benefits as a bonus… two for the price of one.

Weight Loss Herbal Tea… in Plain English

Herbal teas create weight loss and health because they speed up the metabolism and clean out the system .

Herbal weight loss tea and herbal detox cleanse tea have something in common. They both detox the system, making the body run with more efficiency… resulting in weight loss.

Choosing Your Herbal Specialty Tea Formula

If you can’t decide which herbal tea to buy, why not make your own? Many sites on the internet are offering recipes for herbal slimming tea (check out herbal detox tea also) that you can put together yourself.

There are numerous ingredients to choose from. Many can be home grown or easily purchased from a health food shop near you. Also, specialty tea shops — both online and brick and mortar — are becoming more and more common, so it should be fairly easy to find what you need.

A commonly found ingredient of herbal slimming teas is hoodia gordonii. According to the authorities, it’s a natural appetite suppressant. Others are guarana, kola nut and ma huang.

Creating and mixing your own herbal tea weight loss formula might be more fun than plunking an expensive tea bag into your next cuppa.

Herbal Slimming Tea — try it, you’ll like it!

Black Tea Weight Loss

Black tea is by far the most popular tea sold in the western world. It accounts for approximately 90% of all tea sales. Therefore, it’s easy to find on the supermarket shelf at a price that’s friendly to everyone’s budget.

The black tea weight loss program is the easiest to live with, especially if there are no specialty tea shops located in your area. Sometimes oolong and green teas are difficult to find.

Black weight loss tea is worthy of a look. It’s the real deal.

Black Tea Origins

Black tea comes from the same camellia sinensis plant as oolong and green tea. It’s grown chiefly in India, Sri Lanka (Ceylon Tea) and China. Many consider Darjeeling tea, grown about 4,000 feet up in the mountains of northeast India, to be the champagne of black tea. Whether it is the best black tea or not remains a question of taste.

Speaking of taste… try brewing your favorite black tea from loose tea, while avoiding the black tea bags. I think you’ll find it tastes better. Tea suppliers have a tendency to hide some of the poorer quality tea in tea bags.

Is Black Tea Good For Weight Loss?

Of the three most popular weight loss teas we feature on this site, black tea contains the highest caffeine content. It’s extremely efficient at speeding up the metabolism, resulting in weight loss. Green tea has the least caffeine of the three, leaving oolong in the middle position. We don’t feature white tea because of it’s low caffeine content.

However, all three of the included teas are known for their own specific weight loss characteristics. They all don’t rely on caffeine exclusively. Oolong and green tea attack the weight problem from a couple of directions while a black tea weight loss program confronts it head-on with its high caffeine content, causing the metabolism to speed up the most, resulting in a more rapid calorie burn.

What makes Black Weight Loss Tea Different?

The processing of black tea at the tea plantation level causes it to be oxidized (fermented) longer than the other tea types. This is what brings about the high caffeine content compared to oolong and green tea. However, we still end up with a caffeine content that’s about half of what you’d get from a cup of coffee.

Black Tea And Weight Loss… What Else?

It’s good to keep in mind the traded benefits when you give up that high calorie drink and replace it with the black tea diet drink. Also, it doesn’t make any difference if your tea is consumed hot or cold. An ice tea during the dog days of summer contains the same beneficial ingredients as that hot cup you crave in February… maybe July if you live in Australia.

In recent years, numerous researchers have also attributed the caffeine in black tea with being an appetite suppressant. That’s gotta be an added benefit… especially if it keeps us away from the cookie jar. Black tea for weight loss works! Try it.

Ginseng Tea Weight Loss

Ginseng was first observed growing wild in Manchuria about 5,000 years ago. The Chinese named it “ren shen” which means “man root”… probably because the ginseng root has a shape similar to the outline of the human legs. Sometimes it’s spelled ginsing or jinseng. Ginseng is currently being cultivated in such diverse places as Russia, Asia, South America and United States.

The basic element of ginseng herbal tea is the dried root of the ginseng plant. It can also include the stems and leaves, but the root is the important part. The Ginseng root has been used for centuries in Asia to increase energy, strengthen the immune system and, in more recent years, ginseng weight loss tea has become a much discussed dieting subject.

Ginseng Types

The three major types of ginseng are the Asian, Siberian and American ginseng. The most common type used in tea making is the Asian ( Panax) Ginseng. This is grown in China, Korea and Japan.

The ginseng harvest usually occurs when the plant is close to six years old. The drying process dictates whether ginseng is typed as either red or white. Prior to drying, the root is steamed… producing red ginseng. White ginseng root is peeled and dried in the sun, thus bleaching the root to a lighter color. The red ginseng is said to contain more beneficial elements.

Wild vs Cultivated Ginseng

Various research has shown that ginseng grown in the wild contains more health benefits than cultivated ginseng. However, wild ginseng is not that easy to find and the price is quite steep. Most ginseng product on the market today comes from cultivated roots.

How Does Ginseng Weight Loss Tea Work?

The main function of ginseng, as an herbal slimming tea, is to increase the metabolism which is the rate that calories are converted into energy. It should be noted that ginseng does not contain caffeine, unlike teas for weight loss derived from the camellia sinensis plant… which is the basis for most all teas. Therefore, don’t worry about lose of sleep at bedtime. The ginseng metabolism booster will have left your system by then.

Ginseng benefits us by being a natural energy booster. It has been used to combat fatigue and loss of appetite while improving red blood cell counts. This is important while dieting. Ginseng for weight loss can supply that extra energy boost to our exercise program… without any added calorie baggage.

Ginseng Tea Benefits

  • as an energy source
  • as an antioxidant
  • as a brake on the aging process
  • as a stimulant to the immune system

Ginseng has been described as the ultimate herb, giving your body a much needed energy charge, better concentration, and a more efficient immune system.

Hoodia Tea

Hoodia tea is a unique herbal slimming tea. It’s varies from many of the traditional Chinese slimming teas by having the ability to reduce our food cravings. The hoodia element of the herbal tea blend works on the brain, reducing the urge to eat. This natural appetite suppressant convinces you into thinking you are not hungry.

Hoodia Weight Loss Tea Formula

The Hoodia slimming tea blend has become quite popular in recent years. This herbal tea formula usually consists of the following:

  • Hoodia cactus(Hoodia gordonii), indigenous to the Kalahari dessert in Africa, has been used by African people as an appetite suppressant for centuries. The cactus’s key ingredients signal the brain into thinking the stomach is full and thereby suppresses hunger pangs. Hoodia also works to increase stamina and endurance.
  • Green Tea is known to increases body metabolism rates that help with fat burn.
  • Oatstraw herb is a diuretic that assists the processing of liquid wastes.
  • Magnolia bark helps clear the digestive tract.
  • Bitter orange assists the body with bile production that helps it break down fat more efficiently.

The Green Tea and Hoodia Combination

Many people prefer to use liquid hoodia (rather than hoodia pills) to mix with the green tea because of the ease of use… a few drops is all that’s needed. It’s a good idea to let the green tea cool for a few minutes before adding the hoodia. Boiling hot water has a tendency to reduce the potency of most herbs.

It’s also a good idea to limit your intake of green tea and hoodia mix to no more than 3 times a day or you might not feel like eating at all. Proper nutrition is also an important ingredient for any effective weight loss program.

How Does Hoodia Green Tea Work?

While both are complimentary, green tea and hoodia work in different ways:

  • Green tea helps speed up the metabolism. This causes an increase in the calorie burn that is beyond our normal caloric burn. Thermogenics is the principle that explains this type of activity. Another green tea benefit, often overlooked by zealous weight loss enthusiasts, is that green tea is packed with numerous, beneficial antioxidants.
  • Hoodia works by managing those nagging hunger cravings.  By toning down those cravings, you have a better chance of success with your weight loss diet.

The two complimentary, important ingredients of hoodia help us win the battle of the bulge by raising our metabolism and subduing the hunger cravings.  This can really provide a boost to anybody’s slimming program. Hoodia green tea is worth a try.

Honey And Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to a cup of boiling water, stir and let it cool down about 15 – 20 minutes. Then, add a teaspoon of raw honey to the mix. The cooling down prevents the honey from losing many of its beneficial ingredients. You can alter the mix to suite your taste, but try to keep the 1 part cinnamon to 2 parts honey ratio.

Drink half the cup 30 minutes before breakfast and the other half (on an empty stomach) just before bedtime.

Honey Diet Weight Loss

This part of the equation involves raw honey that primarily speeds up our metabolism and secondarily contributes toward a reduction in our stored fat deposits…  resulting in a honey diet weight loss.

Honey weight loss dieting has been with us for some time. Some say it started in India. Some say China. One of the more popular honey weight loss drinks over the years has been a cup of warm water with a spoonful of raw honey.

Honey and weight loss is here to stay. Of course, we can add more to the story.

Cinnamon Weight Loss

This second part of the equation introduces us to the cinnamon weight loss factors. Cinnamon is well known as an appetite suppressant. This tasty spice combats our tendency to gain weight with its ability to manage glucose and insulin levels within our circulatory system.

While cinnamon is reducing our blood sugar, it also is actively regulating our insulin level. Both activities are key to effective weight loss.

There are also numerous cinnamon health benefits like preventing stomach ulcers, treating urinary infections, arthritis and indigestion… to name a few. Many other healthful benefits are still being discovered. There is little evidence of any side effects from cinnamon,

Honey And Cinnamon For Weight Loss

This combo of honey and cinnamon gives us a great tasting, synergistic mix.

A honey and cinnamon drink should give us our desired slimming results if we approach it with a fair amount of discipline and consistency. It’s important to stick with the morning and night drink regimen. We also don’t want to forget that our weight loss efforts can be enhanced by adding a reasonable exercise program to the formula. Older people might want to start with just a brisk walk once a day.

How To Buy Honey

When purchasing honey, beware of the words “pure” and “pasteurized “. You don’t want that. You want “raw” honey. Pure honey has been pasteurized, causing the removal of the good things necessary for kick-starting the slimming process.

Pure honey looks clearer. That’s because of the pasteurization and excessive filtering. Raw honey is darker and thicker. It still contains many of those ingredients that have been cooked and filtered out of the pure honey. Raw honey can be stored at room temperature. Along with providing more nutrients, raw honey also tastes better.

Ballerina Tea Weight Loss

Ballerina diet tea (aka 3 ballerina tea) is an Asian slimming tea with a fairly long history… dating back about 500 years. It’s formulation comes from the book, Detailed Outlines on Chinese Herbs by Lee Sze Zhen.

Ballerina Tea Weight Loss Formula

Ballerina diet tea has become quite popular in recent years. Its weight loss formula normally consists of orange peel, senna leaves, green tea and Malva:

  • The orange peel not only adds flavor to the tea, The white part of the peel contains bioflavonoids that strengthen your blood capillaries, increasing their ability to deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to your body tissue and organs.
  • Senna (Cassia Angustifolia) is the primary herbal ingredient of Ballerina Tea. It’s a natural laxative that aids in emptying and cleaning the colon. It helps with weight loss by creating better digestion, causing a more efficient absorption of nutrients while stimulating the weight loss process. Of course, the senna can only work on the slimming process in conjunction with a low calorie diet. The cleansing process of senna also helps you to burn fat more efficiently, creating more energy for the exercise part of the overall weight loss program.
  • The Green tea component has an impact on your metabolism. It is an excellent drink for this. Since your stomach feels full while drinking the liquid, it reduces your craving for food. It also reduces the craving by helping your body regulate its blood sugar levels.
  • Malva (Chinese mallow) is an herbal slimming agent that also has an effect of regulating blood sugar levels by inhibiting the insulin spikes that makes us think about reaching for a snack. Malva also helps you burn the fat deposits that have been stored in your system over time.

Ballerina Weight Loss Tea Positives

  • Ballerina slimming tea is composed of natural weight loss/diuretic properties and antioxidants.
  • The price is right for this herbal slim tea. You can give it a try without denting the family budget.
  • It’s easier to make and drink a Ballerina tea than some of the other popular concoctions on the market. Brewing this herbal weight loss tea is a piece of cake.

A Ballerina Weight Loss Tea Concern

Since Ballerina diet tea is powerful, it’s best you get yourself accustomed to it with diluted doses in the beginning, then gradually working up to the recommended doses. Otherwise your digestive system may become upset.


Ballerina tea works. It’s inexpensive and easy to mix. The reviews all say it’s worth a try.

Herbal Detox Cleanse

While you are at it — along with loosing weight with your herbal slimming tea — why not consider doing a natural detox cleanse to increase the efficiency of the body organs. An herbal body cleanse could help clear the way for a more effective weight loss program.

Yes, there appears to be an herbal remedy for every occasion. That’s the beauty of it. You no longer have to rely on chemicals from the big pharmaceutical companies. You have a choice. Natural detox cleanse with herbs is a relatively new topic of discussion in the west. However, as you might expect, the Chinese have been doing herbal body cleansing for centuries.

Is There a Need for Natural Detox Cleanse?

Detoxifying the body became an issue after we became aware of the deterioration of the environment during the later part of the 20th century. Now that we know the environment is not going to be cleaned up anytime soon, maybe it’s time for us to start protecting and cleansing ourselves… especially after ingesting all those toxic chemicals.

The liver, lungs, kidneys and colon are the organs we should be particularly concerned with, since one of their primary functions is to rid the body of impurities. A polluted environment can overtax their capabilities.

Like most of us, you probably are looking for a natural solution to this problem. Below are a few detox cleanse diet suggestions that might help you join the natural health care rebellion.

Body Cleansing Diets

Lemon Detox Diet – This is a very popular, safe, natural diet without any chemical traces. The lemon detox cleanse consists of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and fresh water.

The acidic lemons assist the cleansing process while the cayenne pepper helps promote faster metabolism, easing circulation and helping with the release of toxins. This detox cleanse diet will not only cleanse your body, it will help you lose weight and feel physically better.

Raw Food Detox Diet – This diet focuses on unprocessed food and large quantities of fruits and raw vegetables. Weight loss is accomplished by getting rid of toxic waste from the body.

Various Detox Cleanse Diet Recipes – Just plug “detox diet recipes” into your browser to find a bunch of interesting detox recipes.

Most detox foods are fairly tasteless and this makes it difficult for some people, but a detox diet recipe from the internet (suggested above) should help solve that problem. Since these recipes don’t contain any fats, weight loss should be an added benefit.

Final Body Cleansing and Weight Loss Tip

Getting used to a diet without fats will take a little time. At first you might feel a bit week. This is when you start to burn body fat… and lose weight!