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Raw Food Detox Diet - What are some detox diet foods?

The Raw Food Detox Diet – Change Your Eating Habits!

The raw food detox diet will have you looking and feeling your best in no time. Find out why!

Feeling a little tired, overweight or bloated lately? Choosing to start a raw food diet plan will naturally help to detoxify your body. By following some simple changes in your eating habits you will find yourself on the road to better health, clearer skin and eyes, and you will be able to release some of those stubborn pounds that like to hang onto us.

By consuming a diet of uncooked, unprocessed foods and raising your intake of fresh, organic foods your body will quickly release unwanted pounds. When your body is able to detoxify itself from all of the harmful build up, excess pounds start to melt away. You will not only start to look fabulous, but you will begin to feel fabulous as well! The theory behind the raw food detox diet is that when you choose to cook your foods (generally above 118 degrees Fahrenheit), the naturally occurring live enzymes in them that are so crucial for proper digestion are destroyed. This in turn causes the food to be altered and less digestible to the body and can interfere with normally functioning metabolism.

When you follow the raw food diet, the foods you consume will be raw, not cooked, slightly warmed up perhaps but not heated to more than 118F.

The raw food detox diet is a process that you just need to choose to begin. The idea of eating raw foods has always been with us before there was fire there was no cooked food! Following a raw food lifestyle is energizing and has been shown to heal many chronic illnesses.

As you start to transition to a raw food diet your body will naturally go through a process of cleansing. Following years of consuming cooked and processed foods the body has accumulated many toxins. When you start eating more live whole foods, the first thing your body will start to let go of is these toxins. You may experience some mild symptoms of detoxification such as gas, headaches or bad breath. These are temporary and can be alleviated by relaxing, resting and drinking plenty of pure water. If you can, try to go to bed earlier. If you do feel really uncomfortable on just raw foods alone initially, add some cooked brown rice or steamed veggies to help your body ease the transition.

How do I begin the Raw Food Detox Diet?

The first thing you’ll need to do is take a good hard look at what you are currently eating. You will need to get rid of all of the processed foods you have around. Look to eliminate anything WHITE – white sugar, pasta, breads, cookies, cereal, processed soy products, rice and potato chips. Basically if it comes in a box or a package you won’t be eating it. This alone can make huge changes in your health and wellness.

The next thing you’ll need to go is grocery shopping. Stay at the edges of the store and if you can, the organic produce section. Fill your cart with raw fruits and vegetables and especially leafy greens such as spinach, romaine, chard and kale. These may look foreign to you if you’re just starting to research the raw food diet but grab a few bunches of whatever looks interesting to you. Make sure to grab bananas, apples, oranges, pears , whatever fruits you find appealing and don’t be afraid to get quite a lot as you’re going to be eating a lot on this diet.

Morning Detox

Start simple. One of the easiest ways I know to get started with a raw food detox diet is to make the decision to eat nothing but fruit until noon each day for the duration of your detox. Give up your regular cereal and milk, or toast and juice combos. Mono-fruit meals are even better for your digestion (one type of fruit and eat until you are satisfied.) But feel free to mix and match or create a beautiful fruit salad.

Drink plenty of water as well to help your body flush out the accumulated toxins. Fruit digests quickly and simply when eaten alone. If you find you are still hungry, then eat more fruit. This way of eating in the morning will help to detoxify you through elimination as well as giving your digestive system a much needed rest from digesting heavy proteins, fats and starches.

Try a raw food green smoothie! A raw food detox diet is very simple to follow. Simply add in more fresh, raw living foods, and eliminate cooked and processed. Changes in your health and weight will be almost instantaneous. Research. Read. Educate yourself. Surround yourself with others who are on the same healing journey.