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Healthy Detox Diet

Healthy Detox Diet

A healthy detox diet isn’t necessarily about losing weight. We often think of dieting as something to get slimmer, but dieting has other uses. Some use it to control diabetes, and some follow a diet that is gluten free because they can not tolerate eating it. Some diets are meant to help someone have better heart health, but do not really help someone lose a lot of weight.

A healthy detox diet plan is one of those things.

It involves cleansing your body from the inside out through the process of detoxification. These diets are sometimes difficult to follow but the results can be amazing.

We all put some effort into ensuring that our exterior looks healthy and well. We go for regular haircuts, many women indulge in plastic surgery to correct imperfections and we are largely very prudent about staying clean.

With a healthy detox diet it’s very much the same, but we’re looking after our insides NOT our outsides.

The theory behind a detox is that it helps you to release all the unwanted toxins from your system. Those toxins are said to contribute negatively to your overall health.

Some of the ways that detoxification diets can prove beneficial are by helping with pain in the joints, sleeping difficulties and skin problems. Although losing weight is only a desirable byproduct of following one of the detoxification diets it is very often the main reason why people go on them.

A detox diet plan is something that should only be followed for a few weeks. Most of them are so strict that there is really no way that you could stay on them for very long anyway. They are not meant to be long term, but they can give you the best of both worlds.

You can cleanse your body of some toxins and feel better, and you will probably drop a few pounds in the process.

Some detox’s are rather extreme. They are so extreme that they can be very unhealthy for you.

If you have found one that you think you want to do, but you suspect that it may not be good for you, don’t do it unless you get an okay from the doctor. When you eliminate certain things in your diet, you can do major damage to some of your internal organs and you can mess up your body’s electrolytes. Ask anyone that had low sodium and then had a seizure what they think, or find out about how nasty muscle spasms can be if your diet is too low in potassium.

A good, healthy detox diet should help you to feel much better, but this doesn’t always happen straight away, there is usually a short period where you don’t actually feel better and may feel much worse. It’s very likely that you’ll go through a period of a day or two where you’ll be incredibly irritable. You may also experience headaches, as this is the body’s way of adapting to the lack of sugar in the diet. Once you get over that initial discomfort hump you will probably notice that you feel more mentally alert and less tired.