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Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation

People prior to losing weight often look at what and how other people are doing, then begin to copy the actions of another person. However, this practice does not always give good results. If you have a desire to lose a few pounds (kilograms) and lose weight, then do not make a common mistake – do not copy any exercises without the mental training of your mind.

Like a coin, every process of losing weight or dieting has two sides, the positive and the negative. So, mental attitude to losing weight is important, because your mind helps you to reach a goal to suit your personality.

In this article we are going to take a look at the 3 top training tips of the mind. These tips were developed by experienced professionals, and many users have successfully applied them in practice. You can easily implement these three tips too. As a result, you will be able to push your motivation and even reach your weight loss goals in a particular or general fitness goals.

Tip number 1: Decide in your mind to set positive and realistic goals.

NLP experts know and understand that the thinking of the individual is vital, especially when it comes to the successful completion of desired outcomes and goals. It is also relevant to you as well. You should make a goal that is realistic and has a positive state so that you can confidently talk about it. Why is this so important?

Your mind can not handle negative thoughts. For example, the teacher tells you that you have not thought about a red sports car. What you will think about? Even if the teacher told you not to think about the red sports car, the reality is that your mind will virtually see a red sports car.

The same rule is acting for weight loss. If you tell yourself that you do not want to weigh 231.5 lbs (105 kg), after some time, you will still be left with a weight of 231.5  lbs (105 kg). So your both fitness goals and weight loss goals should be realistic, so you can talk about it with a confidence. This will help you focus on them and get to where you want to be.

Tip number 2: You should pay attention to what you say to yourself.

All people talk to themselves in their mind. This is what experts call an internal conversation or mental self talk. It is possible that you did not pay attention to it, but you also talk to yourself in your mind.

The essence of the problem is that users often do not control and do not put in order their own mental self-talk. This may lead to the fact that the user may accidentally give herself or himself incorrect instruction. Think about how and what you say to yourself in your mind.

For example, if you are overly critical of yourself, it does not allow you to achieve the desired results. This can not be seen immediately. When you repeat to yourself several times a day over and over again, “I do not want to be fat anymore”, then this statement is counterproductive and after a while will make you fat again.

All this suggests is that the first thing you need to change is the mood of your mind. You should begin a mental self-talk about the positive person you want to be or become. For example, say to yourself “I have an active physical life and I like exercise”, or “I choose healthy foods today”, or “I can achieve my goals today”, or “I deserve to make these changes in my life right now”.

Tip number 3: You have to do visualization for yourself.

Experts in mental training is recommended you use the power of your mind to create a clear visual image of your new. First, look at your reflection in the mirror.   Imagine in your mind what will you see when you will reach your weight loss goals. And think in your mind about answers to these simple questions:

  • What do you hear?
  • How would you feel with all the transformational results that you have achieved?
  • What will help you achieve that goal and will allow you to do?

When you start thinking about it, create in your imagination eye a rich picture of how it will be. Make sure that the picture includes visual aspects. For example, imagine that you are again looking at your reflection in the mirror and see a new you. Imagine the sounds that waft up to your ears, as the compliments of your family members. Imagine the feelings of the mind, such as a sense of delight from all that you have achieved, or are excited about the future in light of attaining this outcome. Add to this any tastes or smells that may be important to you. Do not forget to include in your mind some positive self talk, about which we mentioned earlier in this article.


When you start your routine actions for weight loss, consisting of a work out regime,  diet and nutritional supplements, be sure to use the power of your mind. Mental adjustment and motivation can help you create outstanding results with your weight loss goals.

Mental work includes design goals that are realistic and have a positive state, so you can talk about it with confidence.

You have to control, to clean and restore order in your thoughts, conversations and self talk. You must be sure that your thoughts, conversations and self talk are focused on your success.

Finally, mental work is a visualization of what and how it will be like when you reach your goal.

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