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Motivation For Diet And Exercise

Without motivation, knowledge is useless. Sometimes someone with a limited knowledge base can lose weight simply because they want it bad enough. While in most cases their results aren’t as dramatic or acquired as easily, it has been demonstrated many times.

What exactly is it that lights the fire in people that makes them unstoppable? In your case, only you can answer that question.

A lot of the time it comes from a feeling of helplessness, anger and frustration. Something, usually a particular incident will set a person off to the point where they want to do something about it.

Sometimes a person may get sidetracked. They may be sincere, but they might be lacking direction or support. They might not know how or the feeling might wear off.

Again, it comes to the point where you have to want it bad enough.

That is what it boils down to. Plain and simple.

As humans, we succumb to greed and vanity. These are motivating factors and as you might have noticed the weight loss industry is well aware of this fact.

Look better…feel better…everyone wants these feelings. That is usually the prime factor or reason behind ‘wanting it bad enough.’

So you must examine yourself. Why are you here? What experience led you to this web site? Was it negative? Are you sick and tired of how you feel? Are you sick and tired of something that happened to you?

Well do something about it! You see, all of the hype in the world won’t change you. Only you can change you. The first sentence in this paragraph was an example. That is why companies use words and phrases like that in their ad copy.

You must remember this…emotion is temporary, sincere motivation is long lasting.

With that being said, there are still many points that may help you along the way. One or two might even come to mind and help you. Remember, importance and impact are relative, especially where emotions and the mind are concerned.

Ninety Percent Attitude

That is what life is, 90 percent attitude and 10 percent circumstance. The main thing is to stay focussed and don’t overreact. Although easier said than done, try to keep everything in perspective.

Don’t jump the gun, take a few steps back and view yourself from a distance. Everything will work out. I know I am painting with wide strokes but apply this to your own situation. Here are some examples:

  • I won’t be overweight forever.
  • I cheated, so what! It will only serve to speed up my metabolism, now get back on track!
  • I am stressed, I need to eat!
  • Life sucks! Things are always brighter in the morning.

All of these things can affect your progress, if you let it. You control your body. Your arms, your legs – how you think and react will affect you and you only. No one else is to blame. You have complete control.

In fact, that is a main reason for eating disorders such anorexia. With so many factors and circumstances out of our control, that is the one area that they can control. The only thing is that they take it too far. Too much of anything is bad. Not only that, you must have the correct guidance.

Dealing With Off Days

Everyone has ‘off’ days. You just don’t feel like doing anything. You feel like giving up. We have all been there.

Getting back to the first point, it is how you deal with it that makes all of the difference. You might be negative all day long but a good nights sleep always has a way of making things better.

You will feel refreshed, rejuvenated. Ready to take on more of what life throws at you. I believe the lot of life should be easy…and it can be easy friend.

The Hardest Principle To Master

Do you know what the hardest weight loss principle to master is? You will probably realize it after you read it…patience!

No one likes to wait, for anything. It is human nature. Even these web pages are designed for quick loading. If a page takes too long, you will click away and go elsewhere, regardless of the end result.

That is the scary thing. Sometimes we are willing to sacrifice our future for momentary pleasure. Don’t do it! Think of the end result.

While cheating the odd time is okay don’t make a habit of it. Don’t start justifying everything. You will eventually reverse everything you are trying to achieve.

Setting Attainable Goals

Many people discuss the issue of goal setting but few people really contemplate it. Without having something to work for you will be less motivated. You will be more likely to just exercise when you ‘feel like it’ or to grab a nutritious meal when it is ‘convenient.’

If you have a goal in mind you will be more likely to be consistent. That is really what it takes to lose weight. Sure you will look the same tomorrow and even the next day but you must make losing weight a passion…an obsession. That is until your goals are met.

Everything then comes full circle.

It is best to create small goals for yourself that ultimately lead up to your one large goal. Don’t make them too easy or you won’t work as hard. And don’t make them too hard or you will become discouraged.

Picture how you want to look in your mind. And then decided what it will take on your part to get there. Be realistic with your goals.

Hollywood often presents unrealistic images of the perfect female or male physique. Not only do they have great genetics (which is why they are chosen) but at times they look that way as a result of unhealthy practices…drugs and eating disorders for example.

The ones who do get the look they want and are healthy have worked for it. Plain and simple. There is no way around it. That is why you must have goals and stay focused. Without a goal (or goals) you will have a much harder time becoming focused!

21 Days To Form A Habit

Evidence suggests that if you do something for 21 days it will start becoming second nature. And you will also notice that usually the first 3 weeks are the hardest mentally and physically. Think of a new job for example.

When you start a new job you are often nervous and a little skeptical. You will often question your abilities and at times you might even ask “How did I allow myself to get into this mess?”

This is a very fragile period. You have to weigh your options. You must step outside yourself and give it some serious thought.

You have 2 choices…either quit or keep going. I hope you will choose the latter. This is where you find out what you are made of. Sometimes it can be so hard that you will never want to do it again. It takes guts!

Once you are past this initial stage the fear will start to dissipate. Things will become second nature. You will start to do things without question. From here the sailing gets a lot smoother.

And when you reach your goals, hopefully you will remember this experience and try your best to maintain your weight. The best way to stay in shape is by not becoming out of shape in the first place!

Exercise While Listening To Music

Not only will this beat boredom but it will also give you positive energy. Choose songs that really motivate you, songs that strike a chord in your heart.

At times you may want no music at all. It all depends on how you are feeling that day. Sometimes you can focus and concentrate better without music. I am that way myself.

All in all try to keep things fresh. Take things one day at a time. Think of here and now. Think of one workout instead of the next 10… You will expend a lot more positive energy in this fashion.

Write Things Down And Keep Track Of Your Progress

Thinking you are improving is one thing. Seeing it is another. When you have things documented no one can dispute it…not even you.

Write everything down. How much you weigh, the distance you travelled during your cardio, the amount of weight you lifted while working out… It all works to help you get the body you want.

Take pictures if you have to. Look at the before picture, this will also motivate you. And take pictures not only at the end but along the way. It may surprise you!

Failing to document things may also result in slower progress. Sometimes we as humans think we can remember things. When it comes time to workout you may not remember exactly how much you lifted or how far you traveled. You then might fail to progress.

Bottom line…always keep records!

Exercise With A Friend

Do you know of any friends with similar goals? Then ask them to exercise with you! Nothing keeps things as fresh and as exciting as exercising with a friend.

You may even discuss things like diet, go grocery shopping together, and compare notes. In this way you will also feel more accountable when it comes to eating correctly and exercising on time.

It also invites a friendly spirit of competition which in and of itself will encourage you to do things which before seemed impossible.

Remember, exercise and diet are a means to end…you are not doing them for nothing!

Looking At Pictures Or Reading Motivational Material

Sometimes it helps to read articles about other people who have lost weight or have accomplished what you want to do. That makes it more real and possible in your mind.

Things will seem fresh in your mind and this will spur on a greater sense of determination. It is also great to look at accompanying photo’s of the individuals in question.

Read what they ate, how they trained, really lose yourself in the article and place yourself in their situation.

While this is not a ‘magical’ cure it will help keep the fire lit inside of you. Sometimes people around you won’t understand so you must then turn to others. The internet is a great place to do that!

Spend Money On Supplements

Now don’t worry, you aren’t going to find me pushing supplements here. However, in my own experiences I have found that this will make you work even harder at remaining consistent.

If I am going to spend any amount of money on supplements I am going to make sure that I stick to my plan. Otherwise I have just blown $49.99 on a container of protein powder!

There is no worse feeling than wasting money!

So if you are going to spend it, make sure you remain faithful to your program so that the supplements will do what they are designed to do. And not just sit there collecting dust or worse yet, not working because you are not working!

Everything Is Only Temporary

Remember this is a lifetime investment. Once it is over, if you are careful, you will never have to do this again!

There is nothing new under the sun. Many people have done this before you and many will do it in the future…

So it might as well be your turn!

This section is not fluff. I and many others have used these motivational techniques while losing weight, you know why?

Because they work! They were not merely designed to take up space. So keep these things in mind while starting out. They could go along way!

Motivation For Diet And Exercise Secrets!

The following tips will help to make losing weight much easier for you. Just plug them into the above information and you will be all set!

  • You MUST want it bad enough!
  • Life is 90% attitude.
  • Learn to deal with ‘off’ days.
  • Be patient!
  • Set realistic goals for yourself.
  • The first 3 weeks are the hardest.
  • Listen to motivating music while exercising.
  • Document your progress, diet and exercise.
  • Read motivational material and look at inspiring pictures.
  • Purchase high quality supplements.
  • Everything is temporary!

What To Do…

  • Set short-term goals for yourself and write them down. Take a few minutes and really think about them. Write your ultimate goal down last, be specific. There is no greater motivation than seeing your goals fulfilled before your eyes!
  • Write your statistics down. Your weight, measurements, and a possible photo. Check back when you think you are ready and record new ones. You might be surprised, it will make you feel good!

After you’ve accomplished your weight loss goals how are you intending to keep those excess pounds off? This is why it’s important to keep on going with your fitness regime, including a regular fitness-training program. Building some new muscle to go with your new trim physique is also a good idea. Much as Joe Rogan has done! Perhaps (as we like to call them) Joe Rogan Supplements can help – we’ve shared everything we know about them.