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There Are No Shortcuts in Weight Loss

There Are No Shortcuts in Weight Loss

A lot of people have “problem” areas on their bodies. For a lot of women this could be their hips, bottom or love handles, or even all those areas. Some people suffer from flabby arms, or even a protruding belly. Sometimes, in our desperate aim for physical perfection, we will buy and try any pill, lotion or diet plan out there.

The hard truth is that there is no miracle cure for problem areas. No lotion or pill can target just one specific area of your body, and there is no shortcut or easy way out when it comes to losing weight. Only hard work and dedication will give you the results that you want.

Our modern lifestyle may have changed many things and given us much advancement, but our bodies still retain their natural rhythms and needs. Only good old fashioned exercise and healthy diet will help us to have the healthiest, slimmest body possible.

Many people may be confused as to why area-specific problem cures don’t work, but they need to understand the holistic needs of their body. A lot of these so-called solutions claim that by simply applying or attaching their “miracle cure” to the problem area you will eradicate fat and cellulite. This does not take the rest of your body’s needs into consideration.

Let’s take a thigh problem area as an example. There may be companies offering lotions that reduce thigh fat and even special patches to adhere to your thighs that will “dissolve” the fat. The problem is that you need to understand how your body stores fat. Your body could just have a tendency to store fat more in your thighs than any other area.

Achieve your weight and fitness goals

So how do you cure your problem areas, and achieve your weight and fitness goals? How DO you get rid of those flabby thighs that seem to accumulate EVERYTHING you eat? Well, a good body takes hard work and dedication. It is a lifelong commitment with constant maintenance. You cannot endeavor to have a slim, toned body and work at it for months, only to halt all your efforts once you have reached your ideal weight. This will only welcome the fat cells back in, especially later in life when your metabolism has slowed down.

There Are No Shortcuts in Weight LossDiet is one of the most important aspects to your weight loss. Of course, this must be coupled with an exercise program. When talking about diet, we are not talking about eating celery sticks and cucumber all day. No, instead we mean eating well and healthily. Eating well means not depriving your body of ANY nutrients at all, including FAT and CARBOHYDRATES.

Naturally, you should only eat good fats such as avocado and olive oil, in small amounts. Carbohydrates should be eaten in very small amounts, and only enough to give your body the required amount of energy it will need for the day. Eating six small meals a day is preferable to three BIG ones, because these healthy meals and snacks will keep your metabolism pumping.

Starving yourself will only encourage your metabolism to store fat (usually in those pesky problem areas). There are many weight loss tips and diet programs out there that will offer you eating plans. The good ones will not cut any food type out of your diet. The important thing to remember is that you need to burn as many kilojoules as you consume.

This leads us to exercise. Exercise need not be the grueling, dreaded task many people think it is. You only need your body to be active to ensure it burns those calories. The more calories that are burnt, the less inclination your body will have to store them when they are not being used. Exercise can be as simple as walking, jogging or swimming. The trick is to keep it regular, and stay dedicated. Exercising once a day is fabulous! Of course, if this is not possible for you, three or four times a week of high intensity training should be good enough. You need to get your heart rate pumping!

Next time you are faced with an advertising gimmick which attempts to lure you, remember that your body is a natural vessel, and only a healthy, balanced diet and dedicated exercise will get you looking the way you really want to.

After you’ve accomplished your weight loss goals like Ricky Gervais: how are you intending to keep those excess pounds off? This is why it’s important to keep on going with your fitness regime, including a regular fitness-training program. Building some new muscle to go with your new trim physique is also a good idea.