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Ways To Overcome Obesity And Hypertension

Ways to Overcome Obesity and Hypertension

Hypertension is related to age advancement and health deterioration but the latter is more apparent when it comes to untimely onset of high blood pressure. This can be measured based on the normal level that is 120/80 which is the ideal amount of systolic pressure over diastolic pressure.

Systolic pressure is the amount of pressure exerted when pumping blood out of the heart while diastolic pressure is the resting period in between each endless cycle of blood circulation throughout the body. Any signs of deviating from the ideal level mentioned above simply shows you are already prone to hypertension. This is alarming most especially if the person concerned is still out of the hypertension bracket age range.

The common cause of having premature hypertension is obesity or being overweight. It is a medical condition that usually serves as a springboard for more complications. Mostly brought about by hormonal imbalances, which in turn are the body’s controlling switches in regulating organ functions and in controlling the pressures in the arteries where blood passes through.

Hypertension caused by obesity can be traced from a number of reasons but the most glaring suspect is the excessive amount of adipose tissue or fat in the body. This is especially true for people suffering from obesity who are prone to kidney malfunctions as adipose secretes chemicals that may affect the kidney organ negatively. This means successive hormonal imbalances leading to hypertension. Moreover, overweight individuals produce higher amounts of insulin and such excessive production could result to higher blood pressure level.

While obesity is easier to detect as the physical manifestation is more apparent, identifying hypertension is more complicated yet symptoms could very well give some clues, other than the accurate findings of a competent physician. A person experiencing nausea, headaches and chest pains should seek a doctor’s opinion, who in turn would administer at least three blood pressure measurements from different occasions. If the measurements consistently register high readings, hypertension is now more eminent. Severity may still be absent at the initial stage of detection so counter-measures to reverse the condition is the most prominent options for they are quite practical. They can be adopted without medical intervention, too.

Lifestyle change is the key towards radical weight-loss regimens for hypertensive individuals who are also facing obesity. Hypertension is not actually the killer but the host of complications it spawns. Knowing that, the mentality of winning the battle and overcoming both obesity and hypertension should steer more confidence on the part any person afflicted. It is absolutely a winnable fight.

Restrictions and changes of this are the following:

  • Regular exercise to shed weight which aids the body to deal with hypertension well.
  • Altering the daily diet and gradual tossing out of salt from food intake to keep away from high blood pressure and heart ailments.
  • Avoiding too much sugar
  • Minimize alcohol, caffeine and nicotine intakes which mean less booze, less coffee and less smoke. But adopting zero level tolerance of the three would raise the chances of dishing the condition.
  • Running away from stressful environment to boost the body’s immunity level and increase ability to fight any form of diseases.
  • A healthy disposition as armor against the most serious ailment.

The self-help regimens could be supplemented with prescriptions coming from physicians. It is a fact that dealing with obesity is a different case from dealing with hypertension. Most likely, doctors would give interventions separately in order to cure the two conditions yet medicine intakes largely deal with easing hypertensive situation While physical exercises and dietary disciplines are the strongest weapons against obesity.

Medical doctors prescribe anti-hypertensive drugs to decrease a patient’s blood pressure. Common medicines prescribed by doctors are diuretics or drugs that squeeze excess amounts of water and salt from the body. Some medicines are also used to regulate and widen blood vessels also to counter-balance insulin and other substances that send blood pressures running amok. Doctors may also prescribe drugs that aid blood pumping of the heart when needed.

The success of this program lies in the person dealing with obesity and hypertension himself. The conditions are quite frustrating since any intervention adapted could be a part of a life-long routine that can’t be discarded as the onset of complications might show more dreadful ailments. Thus, battling the conditions head-on is a must to avoid the occurrence of life-threatening situations such as cardiac arrest, kidney failures and strokes. True enough, Prevention is still the best intervention.

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