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Fat Burning Furnace Review

Fat Burning Furnace Review

The Fat Burning Furnace book is a popular weight loss ebook that’s quickly gained popularity as a top fat burning plan. The book is written by Rob Poulos, a man who has devoted countless hours to educating himself about the intricacies of fitness, and how the body burns fat. While this book is being promoted heavily, there’s some people wondering if this is some sort of Fat Burning Furnace Scam.

I’ve read many Fat Burning Furnace reviews online and so far, haven’t been able to find any concrete Fat Burning Furnace complaints that would cause someone to think this is a scam. After having read this book, I can verify that it’s not a scam at all. In fact, it’s a very well researched book on fitness and nutrition.

Having said that, if you wish to buy Fat Burning Furnace for weight loss, I’m going to reveal my truth about this book (my opinion), and, the reason why some people may be skeptical about it. So, I’ll come right out and say it – This book is not for you if you’re looking for a simple-to-follow diet book with well-laid out meal plans.

What those other reviews don’t tell you is that 90% of Rob’s book is about weight lifting exercises and fitness routines. Rob is a self-taught fitness guru. What he and his wife have done with their own bodies is admirable. His knowledge and love for working out with weights and other fitness machines is very apparent. It’s just that . . . I found his style of writing to be very boring.

This book is 161 pages long. The first 40 pages gets extensively into body types, muscles, exercise habits, strength training, etc. I have to say that after a while, my eyes began to glaze over. It’s not that he doesn’t know his stuff – he does, it’s just that I feel he’s long-winded in getting his point across in the beginning.

When you get to page 47, you’ll see that he has a thorough exercise chart and several pages of photographs featuring him demonstrating various exercises. Rob tends to use the language of fitness trainers and body builders. This can be a turn off to average folks who are sitting at home reading this at their leisure – trying to get motivated to live healthier. And, I guess that’s the main problem I have with his writing style – I want to see less background information and more showing us what to do.

It’s a fact that the best way to burn fat quickly is to eat healthier and do intensive weight training exercises. Having reviewed Turbulence Training, a similar book that focuses mainly on fat burning exercises, I have to say I prefer Turbulence Training over Fat Burning Furnace, simply because Craig Ballantyne is able to present this kind of program in a style that’s easier to digest.

However, you may be someone who appreciates Rob’s more educational style of talking about fat burning exercises. You’ll definitely learn a lot in this book. But, I think the reason why there’s rumors of it being a scam is because the sales page, and reviews, for this book may lead people to believe that it’s more of a diet plan with some fitness thrown in. This isn’t the case. It’s the opposite.

This can lead to some misconceptions about what the book is actually about. I mean, Fat Burning Furnace is a snappy title and attracts all kinds of people looking to drop fat in a hurry. But, if you’re not inclined, or prepared, to follow this type of intensive, weight lifting workout plan, it’s not for you. Better to know this up front, before spending your money.

Another thing you should be aware of is that he promotes a line of nutritional products, a specific brand of dumbbell, and a nutritional food website. As you’re reading certain parts, you’ll see links to these products that I’m sure he uses himself and likes. It’s okay that he does this, but just be aware that you don’t need any of these specific products to burn fat like Ricky Gervais with this type of program.

As a bonus, you receive a metabolic rate calculator, body fat analyzer, workout charts and email support.

While I didn’t particularly like the Fat Burning Furnace ebook, it’s still a book filled with thorough knowledge about how to burn fat quickly while following a structured fitness plan. In my opinion, Rob Poulos is an honest man who follows his own system, and, is teaching it to others in good faith.