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Specializing in holistic nutrition and detoxification, Dr. Helen Patterson has dedicated over 15 years to unraveling the science behind weight loss. Her expertise crafts tailored strategies that harmonize the body, mind, and environment. Holding a PhD in Nutritional Science from Harvard University, she also possesses esteemed credentials as a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and a Certified Detoxification Specialist from The International School of Detoxification. Dr. Patterson intertwines academia, clinical practice, and consulting, presenting a rich tapestry of experiences in the field. She has collaborated with renowned wellness centers worldwide, led transformative weight management programs, and guided thousands on their journey to optimal health. Her insightful articles and research papers have found their way into eminent publications such as The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Wellness Magazine, and Detox Daily Digest. Connect with Dr. Helen Patterson and embark on a journey to discover the harmonious balance of body, mind, and soul, unlocking the secrets to a radiant, vibrant life.