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Top Natural Ways to Lose Weight Successfully

Top Natural Ways to Lose Weight Successfully

Before I discuss natural ways to lose weight, it is first important to understand some of the health issues associated with being overweight and the reasons WHY your body carries extra weight.

Typically people believe that being overweight is just from eating too much or from eating the wrong foods. And while that is a big part of the answer for a lot of people, the complete answer can often be a complex combination of multiple issues.

Instead of just weight, the other important factor to consider is the percentage of body fat. Typically for healthy women, fat can be up to 25 percent of body weight and up to 17 percent for men.

Being overweight increases a persons chance of experiencing poor health. Just being moderately overweight puts stress on the back, legs and internal organs. Other health issues that can arise with excess body weight include…

Why We Gain Weight

In ancestral times, the body’s ability to store fat was a necessary and very valuable survival and energy mechanism to protect humans when they went long periods of time without eating. However, today, this survival ability is no longer needed by a majority of the world’s population, because modern humans have a different challenge and that has to do with over-consumption of too many of the wrong foods.

Top Natural Ways to Lose Weight SuccessfullyOther issues that contribute to being overweight are stress, toxicity and nutritional deficiency. Stress can affect us negatively in so many ways. There are many variations of stress…emotions, fatigue, environmental toxins, radiation and physical trauma to name a few. Constant exposure to these negative influences weaken our body systems if not dealt with and can cause us to gain weight.

Our modern bodies are constantly assaulted by toxins of all kinds through what we eat, drink, breath, wear and put on and in our bodies. These toxins build up and cause a vast array of body imbalances.

When our bodies become overburdened with cleaning and protecting us from these toxins, our body systems begin to weaken and break down. Another way that our bodies protect us, is by storing toxins in fat. Excess weight is a sign that the body is overloaded with toxins it cannot move out fast enough.

You wouldn’t think with as much food as we have today, that people would be nutritionally deficient. But, that is far from the truth. Quantity does not make QUALITY. Most people might have enough food to eat, but most people aren’t eating the right foods.

Modern diets are filled with over-processed nutritionally depleted foods. Because people are eating depleted food, their bodies crave more still trying to get the nutrients they need to do all of their important functions. This is a major factor in food cravings and overeating.

When the body is imbalanced because of one or several of these factors, excess weight is often one of the symptoms. Weight is not just a matter of being vain or wanting to be beautiful. It is a sign telling us of the condition of our lives.

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

First, establish a correct frame of mind. The mind is a powerful tool. If there is negativity, doubt or emotional issues, address these before anything else. Acknowledge emotions, and then move forward by living in the present.

Create a positive mindset by strengthening your faith and utilizing affirmations, meditation and visualization.

The second important component of successful, natural weight loss is cleansing the body. It is vital to cleanse the body of toxins. If your body has suffered years of improper eating and lifestyle, then several cleanses may be necessary. Remember, your body is trying to protect you from toxins by storing them in fat. It won’t let go of that fat if the toxins are not moved out.

After cleansing, build your body by addressing any nutritional deficiencies. The goal is to get the body to balance out and to function optimally.

Another fundamental component is digestion. If you are not digesting your food properly, you are not getting adequate nutrients and you are creating toxic buildup in your system.

Eating a diet high in raw foods is the best way to help digestion and supply nutrients. Adding fresh lemon to your water is a great way to aid digestion. Supplements are also valuable in assisting the body to digest, cleanse and build.

As far as diet is concerned, stay away from too much high-fat animal products and over-processed foods. Eating lean meats that are wild caught or free range are best as they are higher in beneficial omega-3 fats and lower in omega-6 fats. Omega-6 fats are often thought of as the bad fats, but this is only because our diets are unbalanced, and we get too much of them.

When eating grains, eat those that are whole (denser) and not processed, like sprouted grains or steel cuts oats. Ideally to lose weight, staying away from most grains is best. Avoid and or eliminate white sugar and processed drinks. Opt for fruit, water and tea instead. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Of course as with any health or weight loss program, physical activity is important. Exercising or doing some sort of physical activity helps get more oxygen to your cells, supports all the internal organs, and it just gets everything moving and flowing better inside your body.

Once you have built a good fundamental support program for your body, you can begin to address specific body systems that are weak. Here is a health analyzer tool that is very helpful.

By addressing your weight through a proper diet, staying active, supporting digestion, cleansing and building your body, you will be well on your way to healing your body so that it can shed the excess weight.

Most importantly though, acknowledge and accept that to successfully lose weight and keep it off, you have to make life long, lifestyle changes. In order to get different results in your life, you have to do things differently. Once you make up your mind, you’ve done half the work!

How are you planning to maintain your ideal weight once you’ve realized your weight loss goals? We highly recommend continuing on with some fitness training in your daily weight loss routine. It would be a shame to stop and start putting weight back on so don’t do that! What about building some muscle too. Look how much Chris Hemsworth has built up his physique. Find out more about the (as we like to call them) Chris Hemsworth Supplements.