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The Principle of Thought in Weight Loss

The Principle of Thought in Weight Loss

In our last session, we talked about free radicals that destroy your cells, at the basic DNA level.

Ultimately, it’s a war between the free radicals (bad guys) and the antioxidants (good guys).

Why am I describing all these processes in greater detail than most other authorities on weight loss?


If you’ve been:

  • frustrated with your weight for so long,
  • disgusted with the way you look,
  • depressed about a traumatic event in your past, or
  • struggling to overcome your lack of energy,

then you have to think a little different.

Obviously, something is not working in your life, otherwise you will not be reading this.

I want you to think about these biological processes whenever you are doing something related to your health.

Is Depression Taking Over Your Life?

Your thoughts influence the actual behavior of your cells.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a microbiologist and former medical school professor, spent his lifetime researching cell behavior. He began early on by investigating how our genes and DNA affect our biology.

He came to a startling conclusion: our DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including energy from our positive and negative thoughts.

Have you ever wondered why happier people tend to be healthier?

The Principle of Thought in Weight LossAnd those with negative attitudes are overcome by self-pity, blaming everyone else and their dog for being sick and overweight?

Let’s say you eat a honey-baked ham. More than likely, it’s not sweetened with natural honey, but probably high fructose corn syrup, a cheaper substitute.

In addition, if it’s commercially packaged, it will probably have sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite. It’s a preservative that keeps the meat pink in color, but it’s also a cancer-causing agent.

The food companies and the FDA have “determined” that the quantities are low enough to be negligible.

Now, follow my train of thought here, this is critical:

Let’s say you peed in a cup, and you scooped your urine in a teaspoon.

Would you dip your tongue in that teaspoon to taste your own pee?

How about your own poo? Are you willing to taste it using a toothpick?

Remember, it’s a fact that neither your pee nor your own poo is actually harmful to you, as is.

Note: It only becomes a problem when other bacteria have infested your urine, and you ingest that bacteria. Of course, another person’s poo is a different story.

Source: Dr Mehmet Oz in one of his TV episodes on the Oprah Winfrey show.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably grossed out by now, aren’t you?

Of course, you are. You can’t even stand the smell of your own waste, let alone taste it – let alone swallow it!

Are you with me so far?

So why would you eat that honey-baked ham, fresh from the oven, that you have just been slowly reheating for the past hour?

Probably because it smells, and tastes good, right?

Why would you eat nitrites that are proven to cause cancer, but you wouldn’t even dip your tongue in urine or poo, which are proven to be harmless?

Why would you eat high fructose corn syrup, that will likely contribute to your diabetes, or make you even fatter than you already are?

Then if you end up having to take medication for any of these diseases, what happens? You:

  • will feel terrible from all the prescriptions
  • could be bound to a wheelchair
  • might have to carry around an oxygen tank
  • are embarrassed to socialize, because of the way you look

When you eat something that you’re not supposed to, picture this:

The high fructose corn syrup will deliver a mob of glucose just outside the walls of your cell. They’re dying to get inside your cells to be metabolized.

There’s water inside your cell, and your cell is floating in water as well. Water flows inward, bringing along the glucose and oxygen with it.

Then water flows outward taking all the waste products out, like carbon dioxide.

The cellular wall is the brain of the cell itself, determining what and when to allow what’s passing through going inside and outside the entire cell.

But this exchange will happen only if there is a chemical balance of potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium.

This is called osmosis. The direction of water flow between your cellular walls are determined by the amount of minerals inside and outside your cells.

Water flows toward the salty side (sodium). Potassium counteracts that flow.

Without these minerals, water flow stops, and no metabolism can take place.

I’ve just mentioned a few here, but hopefully, you now understand why minerals are important to your weight. The same principle applies to all the other minerals in your diet.

So how can you tell if you have enough vitamins?

A few years ago, I stumbled upon an amazing piece of technology.

Scientists have long used light to determine the characteristics of a particular chemical or compound.

Every chemical element that we know, reflects a specific frequency or color. This is called spectroscopy.

Here is how it works. A beam of light is projected to a mineral, like calcium. Calcium will reflect back a uniquely specific rainbow of colors.

In contrast, magnesium will reflect its own unique rainbow of colors.

By recording the patterns and combinations of reflected rainbows, scientists are able to identify the raw ingredients, of any given compound.

Spectroscopy is widely used in astronomy to identify stars, planets, galaxies, etc.

More importantly, spectroscopy is now used to understand the complexity of the foods that we eat. Particularly, its micronutritional value.

Let’s take this one step further.

Instead of identifying the presence of Vitamin C in your food, why not look for Vitamin C in your body?

You can do this today, by getting a blood test. A comprehensive test panel will give you lots of information, since your blood vessels are just like the US freeway network.

You can standby any freeway, and you’ll see the amount of traffic of not just commuters, but also the commercial deliveries of foods, chemicals, fuel, building supplies, etc,

Here’s one that’s better than a blood test.

A device called a bio-photonic scanner.

It’s a non-invasive device that will measure the rainbow reflection off the skin of your palm.

It has been specifically designed to measure the family of beta-carotenes, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

This is also better because it measures your actual level of absorption. If you have a healthy dose of these vitamins in your skin, then:

  • your body has absorbed it
  • your antioxidants are not needed elsewhere in your body to
  • fight off the bad guys

Here’s my suggestion: get yourself a bio-photonic scan.

It’s a much better indicator of your overall health than anything else I know.

This device is not yet widely available, so reply to this email, and I will locate a facility in your local town or city.

At the very least, go visit your doctor, and ask for a comprehensive blood test.


As you take a bite out of a fresh red apple vs. an ice cream sundae topped with a fruit salad from a can, I want you to imagine, the processes that your cells will go through.

Picture in your mind your cells gasping for breath from lack of oxygen, and shriveling like a prune from lack of micro-nutrition.

By training your conscious mind, your subconscious thoughts will influence not just your day-to-day behavior, but also your cellular activities.

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