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Lose Weight Permanently

Lose Weight Permanently – Find Freedom From Depressing Diets

Get ready for a shock! Lose Weight Permanently! What I’m about to tell you is going to sound too simple to be true. I have found freedom from depressing diets and countless hours in the gym while being true to my desires for certain foods — by eating only between the parameters of hunger and fullness!

It is absolutely true, and is the most effective way to loose weight and keep it off. I know this because it’s not only working for me, but for dozens of my clients, friends, and family. The basic idea behind this concept (no program for sale here!) is simple. If your stomach is not growling, don’t eat. Stop eating right now until your stomach growls … once it does … eat. If your stomach is growling, eat a portion of food comparable to the size of your fist. Then wait until your stomach growls again, and repeat the process.

Lose Weight Permanently - Permanent Weightloss

Diets don’t produce permanent weight loss. So many people believe the myth that they can’t lose weight by dieting because they don’t know which types of foods to eat, how often they should eat, or even if they should have more protein and less carbohydrates or vice versa. I want to help bring an end to all the dieting confusion and short-term results.

Before I give you more details I want to share my testimony with you.

For years I tried diets, excessive aerobics, diet pills and fat burners which brought temporary weight loss – not to mention, emotional turmoil, which eluded to bingeing on junk food and sweets. After bingeing I would be so ashamed and disgusted with myself I would go straight to the gym and back on the cardio machines for hours at a time. It was a terrible waste of precious time. I remember one time I ate so much carrot cake that I went to the gym and rode the life cycle for two hours straight. When I got off the bike I could hardly walk because my muscles were so fatigued. I didn’t really care that I practically killed myself on the bike. I was more concerned that I burned every single calorie from the carrot cake binge. How sick is that? It’s over now, thank God. Now I eat what I want when I’m physiologically hungry, and stop when I’m satisfied. I have freedom to eat any type of food I want, and I have the self-control to eat very small portions. What’s even more wonderful is I don’t have to kill myself on the cardio machines for hours and hours. My workouts are not what keep me at a size five, it’s the number of calories I eat. Don’t misunderstand me. I strongly believe that exercise is essential to maintain a healthy body, but I also know that exercise alone is not enough. My workouts maintain my cardiovascular fitness while weight training maintains my muscle-tone. I understand through personal experience that excessive work outs run me down, and any weight I’ve lost through that method has always come back.

Take Delight in your Diet

It wasn’t until I began being true to my desires of certain foods, and ate between the parameters of hunger and fullness that I found freedom from depressing diets and countless hours in the gym. I truly believe that eating between the parameters of hunger and fullness is the most effective and enjoyable way to lose weight and keep it off for good. Diets don’t produce permanent weight loss. Think about how many times you have dieted only to gain back the weight you lost and then some additional pounds. For most dieters that is exactly what happens. The reason is because diets are not reality for most people. Diets are strict, regimented, loaded with all the foods you hate, and none of the foods you love. So who can honestly stick to a diet for the rest of their life? Instead of dieting, just be true to your cravings and to your physiological needs within the boundaries of hunger and fullness. The following are a few simple rules that will help you become the person you want to be:

1) Lose Weight Permanently: Eat when your are truly hungry, which is when you feel your stomach growl.

Believe it or not, most people don’t know when they are truly hungry. Many times we think we are hungry because we feel our lower abdominal area burning. That burning sensation is our small intestine digesting the last meal you ate, it is not a stomach growl. Our stomach is right below our ribcage and up against our diaphragm. That should give us a clearer understanding of where to look for the true indication of hunger. From now on, keep in mind, that the stomach growl comes from a place that is about five to six inches above your small intestine.

2) Lose Weight Permanently: Stop eating when you feel satisfied or politely full – not stuffed or uncomfortable.

Most people consume three to four times more food then their bodies need. Instead of having a diet dictate how much food to eat, your own body is a truthful indicator of such information. Look at your fist. Your fist is about the same size as your stomach. Now you can visually understand that you don’t need much food to fill your stomach because your stomach is actually quite small.

3) Lose Weight Permanently: Eat the foods you like to eat.

The fact is our body weight is determined by calories in, verses calories out — which equals weight loss or weight gain. It makes no difference if you eat carrots, pasta, or prime rib. What makes the difference, is if you eat when your are truly physiologically hungry – when your body is tapped out of fuel, and it’s used up all it’s energy stores (calories consumed at your last meal). If you wait until the point of true physiological hunger, your metabolism will be fired up, and waiting to burn up the next meal. Weight loss is not about eating certain foods with a list of rules attached. Weight loss and maintaining a healthy stable body weight is about you being true and honest with yourself. Be true to your desires for different types of foods. Be true to your physiological needs of hunger, sleep, rest and exercise.

Keep in mind that the healthier your food choices are, the more dramatic of an effect you will experience in your performance and body composition… With that in mind, realize I am writing to the majority of society who really desires to lose weight and improve their health. Eat the foods you desire when you are hungry, exercise, enjoy your improved health, and find a moment of joy to celebrate each day. And remember today’s decisions determine tomorrow’s realities.

Once you’ve pulled off your weight loss goals how do you plan to keep the weight off? Remaining involved in a regular fitness-training program is a great idea. The last thing you want to do is put all that weight back on now that you’ve reached your perfect weight! Adding some muscle is a great way to stay in shape too. Check Colin Kaepernick and see how he built up his magnificent physique. We found out everything we could about the (as we like to call them) Colin Kaepernick Supplements so we could share them with you.