Towards Living A Healthy Lifestyle
The Importance of Cleansing in a Healthy Lifestyle

The Importance of Cleansing in a Healthy Lifestyle

We all know the importance of eating healthy food.  If we eat organic, we need at least five portions of different fruits or vegetables a day, seven if we eat non-organic.  We have to work out regularly to stay in good physical health as well.  Although we all know this, the temptation of junk, fast and convenience food is often too strong.  Not just that, we simply don’t have the time to eat healthily and consume our five/seven a day all the time, let alone go to the gym or do any other type of physical exercise.  What happens is that we grow overweight and that is when we hit problems.

Is Dieting the Answer?

There are thousands of so called miracle diets out there.  There is the Atkins diet, the Gi Diet, the Cabbage Soup diet, the Bread Diet and so on.  All of these work on the short term.  Not because they actually make you healthy but because they help you lose your build-up of water, making it seems as if you’re actually losing weight.  Then, when you stop the latest fad diet and start eating your normal diet again, you pile on the pounds and end up heavier than what you were before.  Dieting is never the answer, because it teaches your body to starve itself.  A healthy diet and dieting are not the same thing and you shouldn’t confuse the two.

So What About Cleansing?

What works far better than dieting, however, is cleansing.  We all eat too much junk food and ready meals, because it is simply more convenient.  This isn’t because we are lazy, but there are only so many hours in the day, which we have to fill with sleep, work, travel, children, partners, social engagements and so on.  Nobody is suggesting that you should simply keep eating convenience food, but it is understandable that this is what we eat.

The problem with convenience food, however, is that it is full of toxins.  Not toxins like snake venom that slowly eat you from the inside out, but toxins that stop your bodily functions from being as optimal as they could be.  Look at how many people now have Type 2 Diabetes as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, or the amount of people that have IBS.  It is all due to a bad diet.

Why Does Cleansing Help?

Cleansing helps your body to release all these nasty toxins.  It helps your body to once again be healthy and thereby it allows your body to regenerate itself.  Our bodies are very good at that, when we give them a chance.  The problem is that we don’t give them a chance, because we are too busy either starving ourselves on fad diets or gorging ourselves on convenience food because we feel we’ve earned it after a long starvation diet or a hard day’s work.  Instead, try your best to eat healthily as often as possible (anything is an improvement) and make sure you regularly cleanse and detox.

Different Cleansing Diets

  • Lemonade Diet – This diet is based on a lemonade and maple syrup combination which is literally all that you consume, along with water, for the duration of the diet.  Not only is this diet great for removing toxins from your body but it also restores your body to its natural PH level, improves your hair and skin, increases your energy and alleviates allergies.
  • The Clean Diet – The Clean Diet or Clean Program is a detox diet that is supposed to be followed for 21 days.  The aim of the diet is to reduce the load on the digestive system and hence rid you of toxins and get your colon back to perfect working order.  A variety of healthy fruit and vegetables as well as cold water fish can be eaten on this diet making it less restrictive than other cleansing diets.
  • The Isogenics Diet – The isogenics diet system is a cleansing diet and weight loss system rolled into one.  Labelled as a complete fat burning and cleansing program it can be followed for either nine or 30 days and has some astonishing results.  The diet includes a number of specific shakes and snacks that help your body to cleanse whilst still ensuring you intake the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • The Raw Food Diet – The raw food diet is generally made up of vegetables, fruit, nuts, juices, spices and herb although depending on the diet you follow you may also be allowed to eat poultry and fish too.  The reason why this diet is so good is because it is hard to overeat and the calorie intake is significantly reduced.  It can however be hard to follow unless you are used to a vegan lifestyle.