Towards Living A Healthy Lifestyle
There IS a Honey Diet! Honey for Fat Loss Works!

There IS a Honey Diet! Honey for Fat Loss Works!

Is there a honey diet? Does honey for fat loss actually work? Are there a lot of calories in honey?

Sounds almost too good to be true but Honey Nutrition is an excellent choice when it comes to losing weight. And for those of you who enjoy apple cider vinegar, the Vinegar and Honey Diet has been tried, tested and enjoyed by many.

Diets are Boring, Aren’t They?

Like most people I’m sure you get fed up hearing about diets and the benefits of eating healthy! Diets are boring and can make us feel unhappy and why should we? This diet is going to knock them all out plus you will enjoy the Benefits of Eating Honey.

Dieting is tedious, it’s boring and we can all get annoyed reading about the same old information which is only dressed up to look new exciting and appealing.

You MUST eat this… MUST NOT eat that, you must cut down on calories, you must cut out fats, you must eat more fiber, you should lower your carbohydrate intake……..does this all sound familiar to you? However the benefits of healthy eating can be exciting, help us lose or maintain our weight and really make us feel happier. This is just one of reasons we should all give up worrying about the Calories in Honey and start using the benefits of Honey and Weight Loss tips.

Whenever we attempt to keep our weight under control it is always about balance. Balance your portions, your carbohydrates, fat intake, fruits, and vegetables in fact everything we eat and drink. A honey drink helps to stave off hunger pangs plus will help to increase your energy levels meaning you will burn more calories faster.

Water too is important. Without water your body will not function as it should. You will feel sluggish, have very little energy and certainly will not have a healthy glow. The honey diet with your eight recommended glasses of water each day is another way to help you lose weight.

Diets Are All Fruit and Veg!

Well: who wants to live on a diet where everything seems to be bad for you unless it’s a vegetable, fruit or salad plant? Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with any of those foods; we need them. Food for health is something we all know and most of us are sensible about the benefits of healthy eating. So we don’t need to be made to feel guilty if we eat something naughty once in a while.

Why Do Diets Fail?

Most diets will give you a list of the foods that are banished so it is little wonder we cannot sustain our willpower for very long. It is like anything else you are told you can’t have and the more you are told you can’t have it the more you want it. But we can definitely make our food for health more exciting and appealing with the honey diet and gaining the health benefits of honey at the same time.

Is Everything Nice Banned on a Honey Diet?

Not everything nice is banned, however, Yes we need to eat food for health because if we don’t our health will suffer (and we know that) but why should we deny ourselves the odd treat here and there. My own weakness is Lemon Drizzle Cake.

I will not deny myself a slice if I want it, the only trouble is it is not around long enough for a second slice as everyone else wants a slice too and I don’t and can’t blame them for that!

A Quick Way to Lose Weight

I remember a doctor once telling me the best real way to lose weight was by cutting out anything with salt, sugar and white flour. That worked because I was a bit on the hefty side after my fourth daughter and by following his instructions the weight just dropped off me.

Since then I have learned the best way to maintain my weight is just to cut down on those if I put a few pounds on and follow my own diet.

Why Will the Honey Diet Help Me Lose Weight?

Right now to start this honey diet do not deny yourself anything if you really want to eat it, but only a little, savor it. Instead of a bar of chocolate try a half bar and let it melt slowly on your tongue, you will not feel deprived that way. But do try to include some tummy fillers food for health to help reduce the craving for that extra slice of cake or half bar of chocolate.

Best Foods for the Honey Diet

Top Tip! Write a shopping list for your ingredients or have your shopping delivered, this stops you browsing the shop shelves. Your Number 1 diet product is a good Raw Honey for it will replace all that nasty sugar or sugar substitutes that also leave that unpleasant taste in your mouth and rot your teeth. It must be a good raw or organic honey to improve your health. Leave the “blended” jars on the shelf.

  • Low fat dairy products such as plain Greek yogurts and skimmed milk
  • Lean meat, preferably poultry like chicken or turkey
  • Oily fish and there are plenty of these for e.g. Mackerel, sardines, tuna and salmon
  • Eggs and cheese both excellent sources of protein and breaks up the boredom of eating meat all the time
  • Vegetables and salads that you like… point in being forced to eat what you don’t like just for the sake of it is there!
  • Lots of fruit and berries, all different colors for variety, why not grow your own in your own honeybee gardens!

Eating berries rich in antioxidants is just one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. There are many other food and living choices that you can make to help you enjoy a superior quality of life and health for many years:

  • Wholegrain breads, rice, pasta, couscous and oats
  • Fruit chutneys, we use these as a spread instead of butter and high fat spreads
  • Lots of different herbs and spices especially cinnamon for its system boosting qualities
  • Power foods like garlic and ginger
  • A really good Olive oil
  • And anything else you have a weakness for, just one portion once in a while if you are trying the honey diet to lose weight and don’t worry about it after all the honey diet is giving you all the benefits of healthy eating.

Honey Diet Breakfasts

A bowl of hot oatmeal/porridge made with oats and skimmed milk and sweetened with a good dollop of honey.

Eat some fruit or add some berries to the bowl. And a nice cup of tea or coffee with skimmed milk and sweetened with honey.

Or alternatively and maybe for a change why not try a hot lemon and honey drink.

How Will You Know the Best Foods to Eat?

We need to be aware that our health depends mainly by eating all the right vitamins and minerals. Honey contains all of these but not in the correct quantities each day.

We need to understand food nutrition facts which will guide us as to where we find these vital ingredients.

A boiled egg with two slices of wholegrain toast spread with honey and cinnamon, some fruit and a few nuts like almonds with a glass of homemade lemon and honey to drink.

How Can You Make Fruit Exciting?

A fruit smoothie made with skimmed milk, low fat yogurt, and lots of berries like strawberries, blackberries, cherries or blueberries is very filling and nutritive.

What Can You Eat for Lunch or Brunch?

Wholegrain sandwiches using chutney as a spread with a little grated hard cheese, sliced cooked chicken or mashed sardines and salad or sliced banana and honey.

If you’re thinking but I want peanut butter……..that is fine too, try it with some sliced cooked beetroot…..that is delicious. More fruit and nuts because they are good tummy fillers.

Some finely chopped cooked or raw vegetables of your choice and salads tossed in a honey mustard sauce and stuffed into a jacket/baked potato. Try another smoothie (home-made) to drink with this.

I Love Potatoes. Can I Still Eat Them?

Oh Yes … but not with butter! A great way to make the best baked potato: Boil the potato whole for 20-30 minutes then brush with a little olive oil and pop in a hot oven for another 30-40 minutes. Result……..crispy skin and fluffy potato inside.

Don’t Like Vegetables Much?

Try a vegetable and fruit high energy drink. Here is a lovely one for you to try on your honey diet:

In a liquidizer pop in baby spinach leaves, the juice and zest of limes and lemons, some fresh mint leaves, water and honey.

To give it an extra kick add some grated ginger or sprinkle of cinnamon if you like it sweet or some chopped raw garlic if you prefer a more savory flavor.

The beauty of the honey diet is that anything goes with this amazing product honey and you can have such fun inventing your own.

Those breakfasts and lunches are just a few ideas of mine to give your diet a kick start and I’m sure you will come up with many more ideas.

What Can You Eat for Dinner?

This is where most people fall down and find it difficult not to eat loads because you’ve had a busy day, your energy levels are low, you still have a lot to do and you’re hungry right?

Not to worry eating honey helps to make you feel full and it is the best food for health. Eat a spoonful of honey whilst you’re waiting for dinner to cook.

I bet there are not many of you who haven’t been told that drinking a glass of water before eating will give you a feeling of fullness so you will in turn eat less!

Its tosh, complete and utter rubbish! The water is absorbed into your system immediately and will make you feel no less hungry.

But there is a way we can get that glass of water to work for you, we mix it with your dinner ingredients and make a soup.

This way the water is absorbed as slowly as the food and lasts almost twice as long in your system which stops you feeling hungry for a lot longer which in turn stops you snacking later on.

Adding and eating honey will not spoil the taste. Use potatoes to thicken as they are a far better choice for food for our health than white flour.

I have known this for years so was a little disappointed to see the theory proved in a recent T.V. program.

This system was tested on two groups of soldiers who were given the exact amount and type of food each.

One group drank a glass of water whilst eating their food and the other group had theirs turned into soup.

Both groups had their stomachs scanned and the soup group still had a half full stomach when the other group’s stomach was already empty!

OK: Here a Few Honey Diet Main Meals

Cooked chicken, turkey, mackerel or salmon. Some cooked vegetables, lots of different flavors garlic if you like and blend them all together with a glass of water and a healthy stock cube.

Only blend quickly if you prefer the soup chunky with a bit of a bite or for longer if you prefer it smooth. You can add a dollop of honey also for all the benefits of eating honey.

You could exchange the water for fresh tomato pasta and blend with curry spices and serve on a bed of wholegrain rice or leave the curry spices out and serve on a bed of wholegrain pasta!

I love to bake fresh mackerel in foil with a squeeze of lemon, a few crushed nuts and a drizzle of honey. The benefits of healthy eating whilst eating honey are endless!

I Like Snacking. Can I Snack on the Honey Diet?

Once again the benefits of healthy eating can be exciting even whilst snacking. Try making your own toffee apples by covering the apples in honey and rolling in crushed nuts.

Maybe you fancy eating honey on baked apple or orange rings sprinkled with ginger or cinnamon.

And food for health can extend to chocolate, yes, chocolate can be included in the benefits of healthy eating. Melt a little and dip some strawberries in and above all enjoy.

Another little treat my family enjoy is to cook a little couscous, add some Greek yogurt, a few berries and a good dollop of honey to sweeten, this tastes just like rice pudding and is another way to enjoy the benefits of healthy eating.

The reason this honey diet is so simple and effective is because it allows us grazers to nibble when we want.

Simply put we don’t feel deprived which is the main reason most diets fail.

Another benefit of the honey diet, because it is so simple, it can help greatly with the symptoms of IBS which affects too many people.

I Always Fail on a Diet at the Weekend!

So now it is time to relax off a bit from your honey diet and the benefits of healthy eating.

Go on have fun, go out and eat a burger, pizza or hot dog if that is what you fancy.

Please do not deny yourself, but not too much, just a little as a treat.

A little exercise also helps, try a brisk walk or dance around the house with the music of your choice to make it fun.

You will be surprised that the burger or hot-dog you treat yourself to at the weekend will actually make you feel awful.

After a whole week of eating great food your body will let you know that it doesn’t really want anything else.

Simple little life changes will stop you from suffering the anguish of: Symptoms of Obesity, Symptoms of Arthritis, Symptoms of Heart Disease, An Unhealthy Immune System And the Alarming Rise in Diabetes.

Please let me know how you get on and how many pounds you shift……because you will and all because you have followed the benefits of healthy eating along with eating honey on the honey diet.