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Acai Berry Juice

Acai Berry Juice Weight Loss

Acai berry juice (pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”) has been consumed for hundreds of years by the Natives in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil for its nutritional value. This is where the small, dark purple, marble or grape-shaped super fruit grows in large clusters near the top of the Acai palm trees.

But even though the uses and benefits of the berry, which is most often consumed as an acai berry drink  or ‘cocktail’, are legendary in Brazil, it has only recently gained in popularity here in America, mostly as part of a weight reduction program.

Acai Berry Benefits

Known for having detoxifying and rejuvenating properties, the Acai Berry has been touted by many doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and the media as being loaded with nutritional qualities and health benefits.

Considered to have the best nutritional value of any other fruit in the world, the acai berry is packed with a remarkable concentration of antioxidants – 10 times more than red grapes and twice as much as blueberries, by some estimates – which help to combat free radicals and premature aging.

The berries are also thought to assist in eliminating toxins and buildup, as well as harmful waste from our systems.

In acai berry research currently being done at the University of Florida, initial reports show the berry to have ’significant health benefits’. According to results of their human cancer cell studies, ‘the berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86% of leukemia cells tested’. Many consumers of acai berry juice claim to have an improvement in joint pain and flexibility and a boost in energy, as well as some relief from the pain of arthritis.

Bestselling author and anti-aging expert, Dr. Nicholas Perricone even calls the acai berry the “number one super food in the world”. And since many people all over the world claim they live healthier lives with more energy and vitality thanks to Acai products, Dr. Perricone’s claims may not be that much of an exaggeration.

Acai Berry Juice And Weight Loss

Although there are many ways to lose weight out there, some of them quite effective, one must always be cautious of claims that sound too good to be true. The acai berry and other acai products have been proven both medically and scientifically to contain ingredients that do, in fact, help many people to lose weight.

Because of, among other things, the Omega fatty acids found in the Acai berry which tend to boost the metabolism, coupled with its natural combination of antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids which helps your body to function better and burn fat more efficiently, many people have found Acai to be very helpful for a safe and natural weight loss.

Other Acai berry benefits that prove to aid in weight loss include the generous amount of fiber found in the berries which helps to cleanse your system of fatty foods and give you a feeling of being fuller faster, eliminating cravings and snacking.

Its high levels of antioxidants have been found to increase both energy levels and stamina, which can be a boost to your exercise routines.

Though perhaps not the miracle weight loss product it is sometimes proclaimed to be, the acai berry drink has still been featured – and endorsed – by some of the biggest networks such as MSNBC  for instance – and even featured on Rachel Ray’s talk show. The significance of this fact is that if the weight loss claims of acai berry juice weren’t true, these people would certainly have uncovered the ‘real’ story.

The Acai berry is just one of many super foods that will improve your overall health, thus making it easier to lose weight, if you consistently incorporate them into your diet, and with no side effects. These other super foods include, but are not limited to, green tea, blue berries, pumpkin, beans, broccoli, and spinach.

Acai berry juice does have promising benefits in your efforts to lose weight by increasing energy levels and fat oxidation, building muscle, and suppressing the appetite. It also contains many other health benefits and nutritional qualities, but we still must take into account the fact that this is not medicine, nor is it a guaranteed cure for any illness or disease. And, juices that contain the acai berry can be expensive.