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Best Way to Lose Weight – 3 Alternative Natural Dieting Options

A Few Thoughts About The Absolute Best Way To Lose Weight

What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

Many fitness coaches say that there is no easy way to losing weight, but this does not stop a lot of overweight men and women from looking for the best way to lose weight. Different people may have different reasons for shedding those extra pounds, and some may come with amazing will power to try various programs even those that clearly pose some health risk issues. It is this great demand for effective means of losing weight that the weight-loss industry has become a profitable business enterprise in recent years, with many different weight-loss products and services developed in order to supposedly help a lot of people struggling to bring down their weight.

Why Some Gain Weight So Easily

It might be easy to accept that older people might have some weight issues, as normally, people tend to gain weight when they reach their 40s or 50s. However, recent trends show, and it can’t be denied that a lot of younger generation are having difficulty maintaining their proper weight. There are even quite a number of cases where small kids are already obese! Obviously, 30 or 50 years ago, people didn’t have this kind of a problem on weight. If there were, it was not as glaring as it is now. So what could have possibly changed since then?

Perhaps the greatest change happened in people’s lifestyle due to advancement in technology that has made life easy for most people. Cars and convenient ways of transportation have made people less likely to use their feet to walk. Entertainment devices like computers, and TVs allowed people to stay on their couches for longer periods of time, often times eating something. Lack of physical activity has consequently made people fatter and heavier than they would have wanted to. Other than that, modern way of life also encourages staying up late, which means that many people are tempted to eat foods in the middle of the night, which means that the body has less capacity to burn those extra calories anymore. Also, convenient but unhealthy foods like fast foods and processed foods are becoming much preferred by the younger generation and those people who have busy schedules and don’t have that much free time to get a proper meal. Stress, brought about by the demands of work and school, may also lead to overeating which is another factor for people becoming overweight.

Why Some Don’t Gain Weight So Easily

If too much food is a big factor for increasing weight, how come there are people who don’t seem to get fat regardless of how much food they eat? This might really sound unfair to a lot of those who eat healthily yet struggle so much in maintaining their waistline. It is that some guys are just so lucky not to get fat. Science may offer some explanation for this. Not everyone is born with the same genetic composition. And with that, there are people whose genetic profile lets them stay at a certain body weight despite the amount of food they eat. Recent studies attribute this to the enzyme MGAT2 or the “fat enzyme”. This enzyme could be found in the digestive system and controls how the food is metabolized. Scientists surmised that people who don’t seem to get fat have none or too little of this enzyme, so the body just converts the glucose in food as energy instead of storing it as fats in the body. Still, further scientific study is needed to determine if this is conclusive or not.

Different Methods Of Losing Weight

For the majority of people in the world, eating too much easily translates to more stored fats in the body, and therefore becoming overweight in the long run. It is a fact of life that many people still struggle to find a convenient method of ensuring the best way to lose weight. With so many kinds of weight loss programs and methods, it may really be confusing to determine which particular one would really bring the best results. Here are the most common methods of losing weight.

1. Exercise

Lack of physical activity is almost sure to make a person fat considering the kinds of food the world has to offer. There are different kinds of exercise routines developed through the years by different fitness experts. However, all of these routines boil down to one thing, that is to increase the activity of a person in order to burn more calories that otherwise would have been stored as fats.

Aerobic exercise is a physical activity that raises the heart rate and improves cardiovascular endurance. Jogging, swimming, dancing and playing different kinds of sports are examples of aerobic exercise. Oxygen intake is consequently improved because of continuous use of muscle groups while moving and during that time metabolism rate is increased which enables the body to burn more calories. Metabolic rate remains high even after several hours of intense exercise.

Another type of exercise is anaerobic exercise. This is done by lifting weights or intense workout routines to build muscles and enhance physical strength. It is done by athletes in non-endurance sports that makes them perform better but at short durations. Anaerobic means “no oxygen” so the exercises that are anaerobic mean that there isn’t that much consumption of oxygen in order to continue the routines. Examples of anaerobic exercise are weight lifting and calisthenics. These exercises could help lose weight because they enhance the formation of lean muscles which in turn allows the body to burn more calories. More lean muscles means higher metabolism rate.

2. Diet

Diet is the kind and amount of food and drinks consumed by a person. Changing a person’s diet is found to be effective in losing weight. Some people have found that dieting could be the fastest way to lose weight. But there is no single diet program that all weight loss experts agree about to be the most effective. In fact, there are different kinds of diet programs that have been developed through the years to help people overcome their weight problems

One very popular diet program is the low carb diet. In this diet program, people are allowed to eat foods with limited amount of carbohydrates. The reason for this is that too much carbohydrate can raise insulin levels up. Insulin is responsible for taking out glucose in the blood, which is mostly from high carb food, and converts into a starch called glycogen. However, the body can only limited amount of glycogen in which any excess glucose will be stored by the body as fats, consequently making people gain weight. Limiting carbohydrates in the diet would limit glucose and then of course limit excess fats.

There are also diet programs that only allow people to eat vegetables. Others allow people to measure the calories of the food that they consume every day. However, there are also extreme diet programs that most experts believe are truly unhealthy. These crash diet programs allow people very limited consumption of foods every day.

3. Diet supplements

For people who don’t want to go through intense physical workouts, nor want to go on a diet, there are several diet supplements available in the market. However, most of these supplements still need the help of diet and exercise in order to get really good results. The biggest worry for most consumers of diet supplements is the possibility of side effects resulting from regular intake of the pills. That is why consumers are always advised to look for supplements that contain only natural ingredients. Supplements with man-made or synthetic components may increase the chance of side effects than those that only contain natural ingredients. Diet supplements help the body lose weight by blocking the absorption of fats by the body or inducing the body to decrease its hunger level.


Regular exercise, good diet and diet supplements are all beneficial in losing weight. Before people try a particular program, it would be best to learn as much information about it in order to assess if it would be the perfect program for them. While it may not be the answer that people want to hear, the truth is that the best way to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way should incorporate a healthy combination of regular exercise, proper diet and natural diet supplements.

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