Weight Loss Surgery

The obesity epidemic is growing. It’s become a major issue in plenty of countries around the globe. In the USA over 69% of the population is overweight. 34.9% which equates to 78.6 million people are overweight. 79 million overweight people & that is in the USA alone. Even worse this epidemic is on the increase!

Scientists are taking a look at alternate ways of treating obesity. Of the solutions that they have come up with is the weight loss surgical procedure. Now, while I shudder at the thought, I do accept that some people do require assistance in a giant way. I accept that some people do require to have a number of their weight cut out of them to save their life. The only issue that I have with this is that surely something ought to have been done about it earlier. There relatives & general practitioner ought to have stepped in sooner.

Of the surgical ways of removing the overweight is called liposuction. This procedure consists of literally taking the overweight out of someone’s body. There’s other surgical procedures that can be used for weight loss, of them is gastric binding. This reduces the size of the stomach drastically.

Plenty of people are queuing up & cannot wait to give these weight loss procedures a go. Plenty of them are overweight but are not in any imminent danger. My advice is step back & think things through first.

I think that these people require to query themselves as to whether they require the surgical procedure. Positive they will lose weight in the event that they survive the operation but, do they require it yet. More needs to be done to educate & help these people about dieting & exercise. These surgical procedures were originally used to save lives & not as a kind of, ‘Face Lift’ & that is what they ought to be used for. Only if their body cannot take much more of their lifestyle ought to surgical intervention be used as a last resort, as a lifesaver!

Most types of fat loss surgical procedure are invasive & involve placing even more stress on the body. The patient will get anesthetic & be put to sleep. This puts considerable strain on them. Surgeons will then slice you open & insert tubes in to your body. They will then proceed to remove parts of it. Then one time they have removed as much of the fat as they can they will sew you back up. Then when you wake up the agony will start. The aches & the pains will be there for weeks.

The U.S. National Institutes of Health have officially said that only individuals who have a BMI (body mass index) over 40, or between 35 & 40 but suffer from health complications, ought to be eligible for this type of surgical procedure. The surgical procedure costs are pricey & you may well be surprised at how much people are willing to pay.

The cost for full body surgical procedure will probably work out at somewhere between $5,000 & $10,000 perhaps more. Then after paying this hefty cost you are not guaranteed that the results will last. It is over likely that you will continue leading your life in the same way as you did before having surgical procedure. In the event you could not stick to a diet before the surgical procedure, it is unlikely that you will now. Chances are that by the time the pains have gone & the scars healed you will be gaining weight again. Soon to be back in the surgeons queue.

In the event you are thinking about weight loss surgical procedure & your condition at the moment is not life threatening take a nice look at yourself. In the event you are going to pay this type of money out & go through all that pain including risking your life, yes you might die on the operating table. Then surely you ought to invest your money in hiring a professional that will give you the confidence to accept a challenge head on & turn your lifestyle around. Follow a healthy diet plan & a realistic exercise plan. This way you will avoid the knife & won’t need to keep queuing up for more weight loss surgical procedure.

Change your diet, change your life & change YOU.

In the event you need surgical procedure so that you can lose weight, that much channel that in to something more constructive. Channel it in to your determination. Find the motivation & fight for a better lifestyle.