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Refine What You Crave By transforming the way you think

Refine What You Crave By transforming the way you think

The 5 Step ideological Method

Are cravings controlling you from losing weight? Cravings are being exaggerated. Learn how to control your mind for the cravings you have and lose weight without putting in much effort.

If I were to question you about your favorite food, I’m sure it’s something which is not healthy, as most of us prefer ice cream, potato chips, pizza, or something along those lines. While you’re reading this article you must be thinking of this food which are unhealthy, tempt you and leads to putting on excess calories. Pause for a moment, ponder over it…… This article is to help you change your cravings by changing your mind.

Everyone who walks into my office for a weight loss program has a “craving problem.” But that’s really not a problem rather a solution, Cravings is exaggerated. They are a concoction; we aren’t controlled by them. We need not have cravings only for ice cream, cookies or 20-ounce prime ribs. Instead, we can crave for fruits like watermelon, pineapple, oranges or apples; foods like that. Don’t you think it’s something unusual? No its not, Let’s see why.

The first interaction with my clients, I talk about their eating habit. I collate information about what they eat, how they eat, etc.What I have seen is the main cause of their weight problem is snacking, picking, eating foods that are unhealthy or just plain over-eating. Then next thing I ask them about the fruits and vegetables they like and how often do they eat it. I have not yet come across someone who doesn’t like fruits or vegetables. According to the analysis I found out that the intake of fruits and vegetables is less in proportion to the unhealthy food.

After I have gathered all of my information, I’ll have my clients lay back on the chair, close their eyes and ask them to relax and free their minds of what’s happening around and redirect to a peaceful place, and they feel relaxed within few minutes. Then I speak to them to them about their favorite fruits and vegetables’ ask them to imagine having a juicy piece of the fruit and to feel the sweetness of the juice tickling their taste buds. Then I ask them to say their mind “when they have such cravings they will visualize about the fruit”. Then they close their eyes and feel relaxed and they would want to have the juicy fruit, the subconscious mind controls the cravings, in this way you could control your mind.

Let’s look from another viewpoint, let’s say you like cherries. If you were with me and I give you cherries you would enjoy eating it. And you’d want more, right? Of course. Now if I happen to offer you chocolate cake and cherries which would you opt for? You would opt for cherries because you just had some and you mind would want you to have some more. The fact is” You delight in having your favourite food as much as having your favorite junk food.

Again, cravings are exaggerated. The mere mention of that diabolical word always seems to crave images of high calorie, high fat foods because your are open to media driven world. Your subconscious gets acquainted to this and doesn’t want any better. Refine what you Crave by transforming the way you think. Here’s a quick 5 minute exercise you can start doing now to help you change the way you crave for food.

Step 1:

Find a place which is comfortable for you, away from all distractions. Breathe deeply until you feel relaxed, now count backwards from 10-1 slowly and imagine your mind meander deeper and deeper

Step 2:

Once your are done with counting, imagine you are relaxing in your favorite place,a reclusive beach or an island Imagine you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Step 3:

The Next step is imagine a basket full of your favourite fruits in front of you. Feel the color and everything about the fruit and imagine taking a bite of it and enjoy it thoroughly.

Step 4:

Repeat the same process to yourself 10 times: “henceforth, whenever I think of eating, I instantly feel a craving for fruit.”

Step 5:

Count slowly from 1-5, and when you reach 5 open your eyes.

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