Quick Review of the Top 12 Fad Diets everyone’s crazy about

For all those who are diet-conscious, here’s a list of the top twelve fad diets everyone’s crazy about.

The Grape Diet

The grape diet as the name suggests is a very strict one as it lets you eat nothing but grapes, grapes, and more grapes and drink nothing but water. Other people especially those who have other ailments find this a very useful and helpful diet. It has been said that this helps cure illnesses such as cancer and diabetes.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage is known to have fat burning properties and because of this notion, the cabbage soup diet guidelines has become famous. Others say that this is the “secret technique” that hospitals use for their overweight and obese patients who need to lose weight in a short amount of time.

Well do you like cabbage? Few actually do. But if you were told cabbage could help you lose weight, a lot of weight, and fast, would you change your mind? Many have! The Cabbage Soup Diet has gotten the dieter’s world all up in a craze with it. In just 7 days you’re guaranteed to lose up to 10 lbs. depending on how well you follow these Cabbage Soup Diet guidelines:

-Stick to the diet faithfully: Don’t cheat, ever. Or you’ll waste all the hard work you did. Once you start, be keen on staying straight all the way through.

-Hydrate yourself with four or more glasses of water everyday: Water is one of the best ways to ward off “hunger” because sometimes you’re not even really hungry. Plus, it should habitual to drink plenty of water each day.

-Remember after day one, only six days left: Whenever you get the urge to cheat, give up, or you’re feeling dysfunctional, make it a point to stop and tell yourself, it’s almost over.

-Be sure to take multivitamins: every person should really take Multivitamins, but especially when dieting, these become very important.

-Get all the info you need about this diet, especially these Cabbage Soup Diet guidelines, printed out for your immediate access daily: You may lose track so always have the information handy. It’ll also be a lot easier than referring back to your computer every mealtime.

-Grub that soup like you love it: You have unlimited access, so to speak. Isn’t that great? Let this soup fill you up instead of other food you might be thinking about cheating with. This stuff is the miracle food that eating more allows you to lose more… Weight that is.

-Soup gets boring, spice it up: Change the flavor of the soup occasionally by trying out different seasonings and spices. Variety is the best way to keep interest and will help you get through the week better. However, since the foods on offer in this diet is so limited and the calories so low compared to meal plans atkins diet, boredom and inadequate nutrition are inevitable and you have to guard against this.

-This is short-term, meaning one week is the recommended usage of this diet: If you would like to undergo this diet again, wait at least two weeks before you do, eating normally within that time. This soup won’t give you all the vitamins and minerals you need and it will take a toll on your health if you attempt to go longer than a week. It’s best used as a pre-diet for those hoping to start on a long-term diet.

-Cabbage Soup Diet is not meant for children or juveniles: Adults-only diet, a big no-no for kids, Rated R, whatever you want to call it.

-Get as much nutrition as you can: the soup burns fat and is made up of ingredients that contain calories that don’t affect your body as much.

-Don’t drink alcohol, sodas, or eat bread: Avoid these while on the diet because the diet is supposed to get rid of toxins in your body and cleanse it from within, resulting in a wellness feeling afterward with less pounds.

With these Cabbage Soup Diet guidelines in mind and an eating plan, you should do well. Just eat up, enjoy that soup and in seven days look great!

The 3-Day Diet

This regimen basically just limits your calorie intake and the combination of foods from all food groups. This again promises a huge weight loss in just three days.

Lemonade diet

For this kind of diet, you are advised to stay away from consuming any solid food; however, you cannot take just plain water. The lemonade diet took its name from the system of the diet itself: mix lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. This is what you have to take for the rest of the day consuming about six to twelve glasses of this everyday.

Atkins diet

Here you are advised to eat only high protein and low calorie foods. Your carbohydrate intake is limited.

The Atkins Diet Plan took its name from Dr. Atkins who developed this dieting method.

Here the dieter is subjected to an extreme restriction of carbohydrate from eating foods like processed foods, foods high in sugar content and starch. Along with this severe to moderate limiting of foods rich in carbohydrates, the diet plan also focuses on consuming supplements containing vitamins and minerals, essential oils and fatty acids, and coupled with regular exercise.

This meal plans Atkins diet allows the dieters to choose among the variety of Atkins diet foods to have every meal. These diet plans are tailor-made depending upon the choice and preferences of the dieters. They shape their diet plan according to the intensity of dieting they need and according to their own metabolism rate. The dieters have their hand in developing their own meal plan while sticking to the guidelines presented by Atkins diet. However dieting and life aren’t that simple so to for models dieting tips.

This meal plans Atkins diet is divided into four phases. Here is a brief description for each phase:

Atkins Diet Phase 1: Atkins Diet Induction

This Atkins diet phase would severely restrict the dieter from consuming carbs. They must only be able to have a 20-gram intake of carbohydrate every day for at least 40 days. This would often come as a shock to the body especially when the dieter is used to eating lots of carbohydrates. However, you can obtain carbohydrates by consuming salads and other non-starchy vegetables.

Atkins Diet Phase 2: Atkins Diet Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL)

On this phase, the dieter is allowed to increase his carbohydrate intake but in small amounts only. The dieter can now take 25 grams of carbs from the former phase of 20 carbs per day. Then after that you may continue adding 5 grams of carbohydrates per week until weight loss stops. Then decrease your carb intake by five grams just so you can moderate your weight loss.

Atkins Diet Phase 3: Atkins Diet Pre-Maintenance

During this phase of Atkins diet, the dieter is guided to maintain his present weight. Here the transition from weight loss to weight maintenance is done by increasing the amount of carbohydrate taken by 10 gram every week as long as the desired weight is maintained.

Atkins Diet Phase 4: Atkins Diet Lifetime Maintenance
Lastly, the dieter is free to choose from Atkins diet foods but still they have to maintain their control in their carbohydrate intake. The dieter is advised to maintain this stage for a lifetime.

Raw Food diet

Another name for this is the all-veggie diet. As the name suggest, you are only allowed eating vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and nuts and avoiding calories in whatever form.

The Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruits are rumored to contain fat-burning enzymes. You have to consume grapefruit during meals along with protein-rich foods.

The Hollywood Diet

People who undergo this type of diet are made to consume a specially concocted juice which is a mixture of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. You are not allowed to drink or smoke during the regimen.

3-hour diet

This only means that you space your meals every three hours because the body has a natural tendency to signal your brain that you are hungry. However, you must take everything in moderation still.

The Negative Calorie diet

This diet only means that you consume foods that help you burn more calories. It doesn’t mean that you eat foods, which have negative calorie because there is no actual food that has that property.

The Healthy Calorie diet

“Healthy”is a word most often described with a series of words: “thin, lean, skinny, and not fat”.

That is not particularly true. Yes, fat is not exactly healthy, but skinny isn’t either. Healthy is somewhere in the middle. It’s where skinny ends and fat begins. The beauty of knowing this would sure make a lot more people happy and confident about themselves. But the point of the matter is everybody wants to be thin. Yet some who are thin may feel just as bad as those who are fat and go on diets to gain rather than lose weight, which is an example of just how much importance people give more meaning to in this day and time, and that is a beautiful body. You can have that beautiful body by forgetting all the crash diets and instead learning how to live with a healthy calorie diet.

Psychological and social issues aside, anybody can achieve their goal to meet their ideal body (rather than body weight) by understanding the meaning of “healthy”. This starts with metabolism. Metabolism is the hormone that burns fat and what most diets claim to target and speed up. Yet many hoping to lose weight fail to discover that metabolism slows down during those crash diets. For calorie reduction diet how many calories should I consume to prevent starvation mode?

When you starve yourself, for example, you notice your weight decreasing but don’t see what your body’s losing within. It’s usually muscle if you haven’t lost it all already. Your body burns the muscle and saves the fat when you don’t eat enough and get enough healthy calories, leaving you weighing less due to the water and muscle loss but resulting in a body of fat. Once you drink though, your body will go back to how it was.

Sad to say, but to those dieters out there wishing to get that gorgeous, healthy body without exercise, you won’t. To effectively accomplish your goal, first of all throw away the scale because body weight is not the important thing here. If you want a diet you can actually live with for a long time to come and feel great all the time, you have to start by realizing the truth behind the façade of popular belief that a person should do everything to be thin.

Then, start by following a new healthy calorie diet wherein you eat food prepared differently, yet more often than not at all. You avoid junk with empty calories, but you can still have them now and then. Exercising increases metabolic functions and the more active your lifestyle is, the greater the rate of your metabolism leading to more muscle mass and burned fat. If you’re checking your body weight afterward you won’t see much change. That’s because you’ve gained muscle and muscle is actually more dense than fat. You may even gain weight, which is why you should throw away the scale. Because you look good and your clothes fit well.

So basically, the healthy calorie diet is probably the one that’s been around the longest. Live a healthier lifestyle and you’re sure to feel great about yourself everyday, unlike when you were dieting, then failed. Or dieted, lost the weight and gained it all back. Let your healthy body be the proof that you’ve reached your goal, not a number on a scale.

Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition

Calorie restriction, or CR, or CRON (Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition) is a diet more complex than other diets you’ll normally find around which are of a convincing “wow” nature.

This is because CR is more scientific, wherein even bio-scientists and already fit people are making it a basis for their lifetime eating habits. Why is this, you might ask amazed, since most of who have searched for dieting techniques are unhappy with their body or simply want to improve it? That’s because this calorie reduction diet’s goal is not for a better-looking body, it’s for something controversially known as longevity.

Longevity is the attempt at lengthening a person’s lifespan. What’s interesting about calorie restriction is that overall, studies and experiments and accidental occurrences all come up with the same thing. Longevity can occur through calorie restriction. Calorie restriction has been described as almost starvation, malnutrition, torture, etc. But it’s actually just another diet when a person intakes less calories and more vitamins and minerals.

It’s a healthier lifestyle which is being researched to hopefully (for bio-scientists) lead to a conclusion that the human race can increase their lifespan by following this somewhat radical diet plan. Radical because it is difficult for most people since food is one of the pleasures of living. And depriving oneself of this pleasure can be depressing at times, even as some may describe, not worth living for.

So far, hypotheses have shown that a lifespan after staying true to this diet can increase by up to 40%! This is explained through numerous accounts. Either by Biosphere 2, a project once ran by a group of people which resulted in unbelievable outcomes. They actually were using survival skills similar to our ancestors and came out of there healthier than before. Or by another experiment on animals this time (mice, rats, monkeys) showing that calorie restriction does indeed add years to life.

Living overweight is unhealthy, that’s a given since fat cells lead to chronic inflammation and thus less years of life. Therefore going on this calorie reduction diet is said to make you lose weight as a bonus while lowering risks for illnesses significantly and living longer than average people in the process. It’s remarkable but not yet 100% proven. That is why currently people are taking the test, volunteers who wish to find out for themselves or who already believe in this calorie restricting theory.

How does this work? It is always wise to use caution when reading about diets, especially one like this calorie reduction diet, which maximizes your ability to control and may be hazardous to your health should you go about it the wrong way or have certain medical conditions not suitable for this diet in particular (diabetes, high blood pressure). Talk to your doctor first, as is advised when making all other big changes in lifestyle. But its basically about counting calories, taking in multivitamins, drinking more water than eating (survival skills), and learning to persevere after failure when gaining control in a diet.

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