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Food Cravings

Food Cravings

Food cravings seem to be the top barrier to losing weight. You know them — they’re irresistible. They’re unwelcome. They come unexpectedly. They don’t go away until you eat the desired food. And even then they don’t go away for long.

Whether your cravings are for sugar, cookies, cakes, fatty oods, or salty ones, you’re not alone. We all have food cravings. In this newsletter, let’s dissect their allure and find ways to deal with them.

Food cravings aren’t bad. Instead, they’re one of the ways that your body communicates with you. It’s important to listen to your cravings. Your body is telling you that it needs something, but it doesn’t say exactly what. It doesn’t actually say, donuts. You know this. But your past experiences may indicate that donuts will satisfy your body and stop the cravings — at least for a while.

Cravings tell you that your body needs an important nutrient, has a chronic health condition, or needs water or sleep. Here are some examples:

If you crave fatty foods, your body may want Essential Fatty Acids. Take 1-2 TB. of fish oil daily.

If you crave salt, your body could need salt or it could need to regain electrolyte balance. If so, take an electrolyte supplement, such as Emergen-C, widely available at health food stores. When you eat salt or use electrolytes, be sure to drink an extra glass of water.

If you crave sugar, your body needs quick energy. Yes, eating starches such as cookies, cakes, or candy can give you quick energy, but the best way to avert sugar cravings is to eat animal protein for breakfast, (such as eggs and ham) and lunch, and dinner. If the sugar cravings persist after this, then try taking a digestive enzyme with each meal that contains HCl Betaine. (hydrochloric betaine to help you digest protein better. Also makes fingernails strong.)

If you crave chocolate, your body could be asking for a stimulant, for more magnesium, for a mood lifter. Use frequent aerobic exercise as a mood lifter. Do the Tibetan exercises (print out from my website) for stimulation. Take a magnesium supplement–up to 500 mg per day. You can also eat some chocolate, as it contains plenty of health-giving antioxidants, but if you have a strong urge to overdo it, put on your jogging or walking shoes and start moving.

Now here’s where things get more complicated. If the above suggestions don’t ease cravings, you may have a metabolic or health-related issue. For example, excessive thirst or sugar /starch cravings could signal metabolic syndrome or diabetes. Sugar/starch cravings can signal a low-functioning thyroid, glandular imbalances, lack of sleep, high stress/cortisol levels, or lack of exercise. You can solve these cravings by wearing the fat-loss patch you’ve read about in this newsletter. It helps curb and eliminate cravings by normalizing appetite and glandular functioning.

If your cravings turn into food binges, then you may have some emotional or spiritual toxins you’re feeding. In that case, you can meet with a mental health care consultant.

Body fat all by itself functions as an extra “organ” of the body. I know this sounds weird, but scientific research keeps pointing to this. So the very fact of having a high body fat percentage can bring on cravings. Sort of like the fat wants to feed itself. In which case, wear the fat-loss patch and solve the problem.

As you work with the above suggestions, expect that you could effectively curb your cravings in anywhere from one day to three weeks.

I hesitate to write this next item. But since I want to inform you about anything that could be in your way of losing weight, here goes. I fear that I’ll be besieged with angry emails. It’s about those artificial nails. I suspect they could be a factor that prevents weight loss. Why? I’ve seen it way too often to be coincidental. The very powerful toxins in the nail dust and petrochemical solvents and odors are stored in body fat. Scientists tell us that toxins are stored in body fat and that if the body is overloaded with toxins, it will create more fat in which to store the extra toxins. But I need to tell you that I don’t have one shred of scientific research to back up my thoughts about the nails. Just experience. If you wear the nails because your own are weak, try digestive enzymes for 2-3 months and they’ll get stronger.

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