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Extreme Weight Loss Tips

Extreme Weight Loss Tips

We are all obsessed with weight, especially with weighing less. It may be because we want to feel great about ourselves or we just want to look good, or both. However, losing weight is not that easy. A lot of books have been published; a lot of products have promised that they can help you shed out those extra pounds, but which ones really work? Here are a few of the most famous and effective extreme weight loss tips. These tips for extreme weight loss are certified to help you lose  extra pounds  in a couple of months or even weeks.

#1: Have Your Discipline On Check

This step can encompass all other weight loss steps. Before you can start any step, you’ll need to have the will to do it right, but discipline can take you longer on your journey. Simply stated, this is the most important extreme weight loss tip of all. Before you decide to do something, make sure you are willing to sacrifice some things along the way.

#2: Eat Less, Not Nothing

If in your pig-out day, you eat more than 2500 calories, to get you started on your weight loss regimen, try to eat as low as 2,000 on the first few weeks then lower the amount of calories until you reach your desired intake to get your desired body weight. However, if you really want to go completely extreme, just be careful not to starve your body cells and get at least some sort of nourishment. You don’t want to try to lose weight too fast.

#3: Be Healthy

A balanced diet should be part of your daily menu. Of course, to get rid of those flab, you should reduce intake of fats. The usual amount of carbohydrates that you eat may also be trimmed down, but not too much. Maintain your levels of protein and vitamins and minerals.

#4: Lifestyle Change

So if you have started lowering your intake and changing your preferences in food, make sure to be strict about following this new lifestyle. Eating good and less now and returning to your old ways tomorrow will only take you back to square one. Make sure it is a lifestyle change and not just a short term sacrifice.

#5: Burn Baby Burn

Sweating it out is another effective method and considered one of the best extreme weight loss tips. Not only do you burn calories, you also get rid of harmful fats in your system. An hour or two at least three times a day or everyday of the week, depending on your motivation, exercise can help you achieve you prospect weight.

#6: Keep Track of Your Progress

Make sure that you track your weight loss. This will allow you to see your improvement and keep you motivated in the tough times. Also, you will see that every day you are closer and closer to your goal. This can be a huge motivation booster.

Extreme Weight Loss Tips#7: Don’t Go Solo

Seek the support of your family, friends, and even professionals. Their emotional support can do wonders in boosting your discipline and power of will. Talking to other people regarding your weight loss plans can give you another way of assessing your situation and maybe finding the best extreme weight loss tip that will fit you. Also, if you announce to your friends that you are going to lose weight in certain amount of days then it will be very unlikely that you will give up. Almost everyone of us wants to keep their word and not look embarrassed in front of the people.

#8: Be Positive

On top of your will in losing pounds, a good attitude towards the situation is also a big help. Even if you are not doing so good in terms of reaching your goals, staying positive will get you through the toughest times. Also, to keep yourself motivated just visualize your goal of desired weight. Imagine how good you will look and how great it will be. This will let you to not give up whenever your body tells you to do so. If you can visualize and see what you want to achieve, it will soon become a reality.

The Bottom Line

Be warned that intense weight loss in a very short period of time can produce harmful effects to your health. Be mindful to practice correct weight loss procedure and not starve yourself. You might feel that you look good and have lost many pounds; however, you should take it slow to prevent side effects such as dehydration, malnutrition and fatigue. It is better to be consistent than to do something in a monotonous way; therefore, keep in mind to be very careful with these extreme weight loss tips.

Once you’ve pulled off your weight loss goals how do you plan to keep the weight off? Remaining involved in a regular fitness-training program is a great idea. The last thing you want to do is put all that weight back on now that you’ve reached your perfect weight! Adding some muscle is a great way to stay in shape too. Check Tom Brady and see how he built up his magnificent physique. We found out everything we could about the (as we like to call them) Tom Brady Supplements so we could share them with you.