Towards Living A Healthy Lifestyle
Fruit juices are now deemed to be the best detoxifiers

Detoxifying – Lemonade Diet

Detoxifying is an important part of any weight loss diet. In order to detoxify, we have to undergo a cleansing ‘process’.  Cleansing is a great way to help our bodies remove all the nasty toxins that have built up side us over the course of our life’s.  When undergoing a juice diet, the most appealing aspect of this, is the speed in which you will actually drop weight. On average, a person who takes a juice diet can expect to lose about 30 pounds in 30 days of starting the diet.

The health benefits to taking a juice diet are immense and you should definitely consider it if you are looking to lose weight and feel your best – your self esteem and confidence will increase and you really will feel the benefits in a short period of time. So, how do we get started on a juice diet?

Getting started on a juice diet is simple – first off, you have to prep yourself with the right state of mind, because without it, you will fall at the very first hurdle. This goes for anything in life, and performing a juice diet is no exception – yes, starting a new diet is hard, and you really have to be mentally and physically strong in order to see it through. During the diet you will get a lot of cravings for foods, but the separating factor from you and the people who will still be overweight, is that fact that you are NOT going to give in to these temptations. Trust me, if you stick with it, you will absolutely love yourself for it and feel like a hero when the diet is over.

If you haven’t realized yet, your diet will consist of drinking juice ONLY. This is key when it comes to detoxifying your body to the point of complete healthiness; you have to only drink juice or you are going to allow toxins to enter your body if you start eating things during. The whole idea is that the juice helps flush these bad toxins from your body, so that you can start living a healthier life – it is like resetting your body, so to speak.

You can buy a juicer online for quite cheap, and get on with your diet pretty quickly. You can choose from a number of different recipes – some of which are very delicious indeed. You might want to start off with an apple juice diet, and see how that feels for your body – baring in mind that this will cause a lot of bowel movements, so make sure you stay near the rest-room!

When taking a juice diet like this, you should be drinking about 6 or 7 glasses of juice per day, and avoiding ALL solid foods. Eating any solid food will defeat the purpose of the juice cleanse and must be avoided. Once you have completed the diet, which should last a couple days, you have to make sure that you don’t go on a food binge, which of course is the temptation. Get yourself back into your normal eating regime in good time, and you will be fine.