Towards Living A Healthy Lifestyle
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Chris Hemsworth Weight Loss Tips For Healthy Eating

Take a leaf out of the Chris Hemsworth weight loss tips and healthy eating routine and follow a few simple guidelines for a healthy balanced diet:

Prepare in advance – plan ahead and work out what you’re going to eat for the forthcoming week.  Research your choices if necessary, write it all down then buy what you need to make it happen.  Then be sure to make it happen.

Make sure you have your protein requirements covered.  You should be aiming to include some type of protein in each meal, starting with breakfast.  Eggs are a great way to start the day for example.  Your body needs protein to maintain healthy cells.

Bread is always nice to have around but swap white for whole grain.  Ditto for pasta and if you do eat it, it’s best to try and schedule it as a midday meal.  This way you’ll be reducing the amount of starch you consume.  Remember, your body breaks starch down into sugar.

Dairy is a valuable part of a balanced diet but as with all things, it’s best done in moderation.  Choose low-fat versions of your favorite dairy foods but be aware that some dairy products, notably yoghurt, have a lot of sugar added to them.

Make sure you eat your 2 pieces of fruit daily.  Most fruit is loaded with fibre and contain complex sugars, which will provide you with all the sweetness you need to keep your blood glucose levels functioning normally.  If you like fruit juices, make your own.  That way you know they’re not full of sugar.

Nuts and seeds are good.  Nuts are a good source of protein and healthy fats.  Cashews, walnuts and almonds are particularly good.  Seeds pack a punch when it comes to vitamins and some, like sunflower seeds, are a very good source of fatty acids.

Chris Hemsworth Weight Loss TipsPractice portion control.  Use smaller plates – they hold less food.  When dining out, order the junior size or ask for a doggy bag to go.  You’ll get two meals for the price of one that way.

This tip is one you’ll find in pretty much every single diet and good eating guide out there.  You guessed it – drink plenty of water.  Water keeps you hydrated, helps reduce hunger and is one of those foods that requires more energy to digest than it puts calories into your system.  Incidentally, quite often those niggly little hunger pains you experience throughout the day is your body telling you it needs more water.  Pay attention, and give it what it wants!

Try to make at least one meal each day meat free.  An easy one for vegetarians but not so easy perhaps for die-hard meat lovers.  But instead of eating a traditional hamburger, try an egg burger instead.  Or a cheese and salad sandwich.  Stick with cereal for breakfast and ditch the bacon or steak.  This helps to reduce your intake of animal fats.

Do not skip breakfast.  This is the meal your body needs in order to refuel after 8 or more hours of fasting.  You’ll also wind up binge eating when hunger strikes later in the morning.  Good quality cereal that’s high in dietary fiber with non-fat milk is the go here.  Avoid adding sugar; if you need the sweetness use honey instead.

Incorporate more seafood into your diet.  Seafood like tuna and salmon is high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for good heart health.  Ideally aim to eat seafood at least twice a week.  Use either fresh seafood or products that have been canned in water.

Brown bag it – make your own lunch and take it with you.  It’s cheaper, it’s healthier, and you have the added advantage of knowing exactly what’s in it.

Simple Chris Hemsworth Weight Loss Tips To Improve Your Eating Habits

Incorporate these simple Chris Hemsworth weight loss tips into your culinary life and you’ll be well on the way to developing healthy eating habits.