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Organic Foods – Ways To Save Money Buying Organic

Organic Foods – Ways To Save Money Buying Organic

Organic Foods – An Expensive Option But There Are Ways To Save Money Buying Organic

There’s little doubt that many people are making the decision to switch to organic options wherever possible. However, one of the biggest issues confronting most of us wanting to do this is cost! Organic products invariably cost more than standard products. There are many reasons for this. When compared to commercially grown produce, organic foods are generally more labor intensive and yield less per acre as well, which adds to the growing costs. Then there are the added expenses of obtaining, and maintaining, organic certification. All these extra costs get passed onto the end consumer – you and I. But if you’re determined to eat organic as much as possible, there are ways of saving money on organic foods.

Saving Money When Buying Organic – Find Those Affordable Prices

The first thing to do is research your local organic produce options and work out where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Remember, organic foods are not allowed to contain preservatives or other chemicals to prolong shelf life so most fresh organic produce is sold within a 50-mile radius of where it’s grown. Therefore, small organic producers in particular will often have a stand at their closest local fresh produce market, making this a great place to start your search. This cuts out the middleman as you’re buying direct from the grower in most cases, which should equate to lower prices. You may also be able to talk with the person who has grown the produce to find out more about their production processes and how what you’re about to buy was produced. You can also be certain the produce is fresh, or at least fresher than what you’ll find in a grocery chain store.

If you don’t have a convenient local fresh food market, make a note of the local grocery stores that sell organic produce and visit each one. Check their range, quality, freshness, and prices. Also keep an eye open for store sale fliers and see what organic produce comes up for sale. You may also be able to get this information online from the store’s website if they have one.

Organic Food Coupons – A Great Way To Save Money On Organic Products

Keep your eyes open for organic food coupons. They do exist but may take a bit of hunting down. Start online and do a search of online coupon websites for printable coupons. Also check the websites of companies that produce or sell organic foods, and keep a watch for in-store organic food coupons as well. Also check newspapers and newspaper inserts.

Which leads us nicely to another money saving tip when buying organic foods…. If you get into the habit of hunting down newspaper coupons when you’re in your car, (please don’t do it whilst you’re actually driving!) you can buy another newspaper or two as required whilst you’re still out and about. That will give you several extra coupons to use. Most of the time the expiry date will allow you enough time to make several trips to the store to use them up. You can also ask family and friends to save the coupons for you if they don’t use them.

Save Money Buying Organic Products By Shopping Online

Many organic producers have jumped onboard the online shopping revolution and have made their products available online. The advantage here is that you can easily and quickly compare prices via their websites and purchase accordingly. Don’t forget to check shipping costs as well though! No point in saving a bundle on the products only to get hit with hefty shipping fees.

Keep Your Eyes Open For Sales

Other common cost saving tips include stocking up on items when they’re on sale. Perishable items can be divided into meal-sized portions and frozen. If you’re not sure how best to do this for different types of foods, you’ll find plenty of instructions online. Most big grocery chain stores have an organic food section and will periodically have items on sale. Keep an eye on their websites for details of these, or check the store sales fliers. This will let you shop around for the best prices without using up expensive gas driving around. Alternatively, you may find that local, traditional grocery stores are selling organic produce sourced from local specialist organic growers quite cheaply.

Don’t forget another sage tip for saving money on grocery shopping, organic or not. Try to time your shopping expeditions for when you’re on your own! Or at least minus the children. And don’t be tempted to buy things you don’t need.