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African Mango Plus – What’s All The Fuss Over This Ancient Fruit Extract?African Mango – What’s All The Fuss Over This Ancient Fruit Extract?

The super supplement, African Mango Extract has been all the rage ever since it first appeared on the popular Dr. Oz show. During that episode, Dr. Oz included African Mango Extract as one of the weight loss diet miracles found in your natural medicine cabinet.

In this article, we’ll look at how African Mango Nutrition works, the clinical studies done in regards to it’s weight loss benefits, and the best African Mango supplement choices available on the market today.

Futurebiotics African MangoBecause this super supplement has received so much media attention, many people are searching for African Mango extract reviews to know if it’s really worth all the praise, or just an over-hyped product. So, does African Mango work?

Pure African Mango Extract is very well the real deal and has helped many people looking to lose unwanted pounds, but unfortunately, many inferior supplements have crept onto the market in the hopes of cashing in on it’s popularity.

Based on all of our research, there are several brands available on the market today, but only one of them stands out as being the purest and most effective of the bunch. That brand is “Futurebiotics” a patented extract that has received many positive reviews and comments from users of the product and is growing in popularity.

Futurebiotics is coming on strong as one of the healthiest super supplements for getting rid of excess weight and is manufactured by one of the most respectable companies in the industry.

Futurebiotics Reviews: An increasing number of people who have actually tried this product have left comments and reviews on several diet forums. In reading all the positive reviews, there are those who firmly believe that African mango Plus is THE solution to excess weight issues, but it’s not some miracle cure, which we’ll discuss in this article.

Futurebiotics Side Effects: One of the best qualities about African Mango, is it’s safety. In comparison to several other fat-burning supplements – especially over-the-counter products, users are very pleased that there are no side effects from using this natural extract. African Mango Extract comes from a natural fruit and does not have any unpleasant or harmful side effects. It’s just as if you were eating the fresh fruit, itself, except in a more concentrated form.

Futurebiotics Ingredients: In addition to the pure African Mango extract, African Mango also contains: Green Tea Leaf extract, EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate; the potent antioxidant found in green tea), L-Theanine (the beneficial amino acid derived from green tea that has a mild relaxing effect and immune-enhancing properties), Chromium Polynicotinate (a natural mineral with many beneficial functions), and caffeine.

The product contains enough caffeine, in one capsule, to equal a couple cups of coffee. For this reason, it is suggested that users limit the number of additional caffeine-containing foods, drinks, or medications while taking the product. You would take one capsule 20 minutes before your breakfast and one capsule 20 minutes before your lunch, so 2 capsules per day, in total.

Futurebiotics African MangoAfrican Mango Weight Loss: According to the clinical studies performed on African Mango extract, users can expect weight loss of about 12-14 lbs during the first 3 weeks of using it, although this varies from person to person. General weight loss is about 6.3% of overall body fat while using this supplement.

Carrying any amount of excess weight is, in itself, dangerous to your health so serious attention must be given to losing any extra pounds. Sadly, in many cases, being overweight is life threatening.

Excess weight is damaging to internal organs and increases the risk of high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, and other health problems so it is crucial that excess pounds are lost as soon as possible, but in a safe manner.

African Mango is made by one of the most reputable companies in the health supplement industry, offering a generous 90-day money back guarantee, so users are assured that it works, or their money back.

This is one of the things we look out for when researching supplements. Inferior products do not have any guarantee and are made with questionable ingredients.

Following, we’ll take a look at how African Mango works in reducing weight and some of the other benefits of this natural extract.

How Futurebiotics African Mango Works In Weight Loss

Futurebiotics African MangoFuturebiotics is derived directly from a variety of mango found in Africa, specifically Cameroon, Africa. Also called African Bush Mango or Irvingia Gabonensis, it contains special seeds, which are called “Dikka nuts” by the local Cameroon villagers.

The extract from these African Mango seeds, or Dikka Nuts, is what goes to work within the body, facilitating reported “weight loss miracles” as well as a host of other medical benefits.

Not only can most users expect significant weight loss, it also delivers other benefits ranging from much lower cholesterol, blood sugar regulation, anti-inflammatory and infection treatment, and reduction and prevention of obesity.

When Dr. Mehmet Oz featured African mango on his daytime TV show, he explained that one of the reasons Irvingia Gabonensis is so effective for weight loss is because it increases the amount of leptin in your bloodstream. Let’s take a look at this:

Leptin is a chemical that tells your brain you are not hungry – only if you have increased levels of it. On the other hand, if you have low levels of Leptin, then it will signal your brain that you are hungry. So how does African Mango Plus extract fit in to this?

Lets start with a chemical called propionic acid. Recent research states that propionic acid lowers adipokines, which are indicated as a major cause of inflammation in the body. Adipokines are bad stuff, so we want to lower them in order to reduce inflammation.

Propionic acid, in addition to lowering the bad adipokines, also increases Leptin, which signals that we are not hungry, and also restores our blood sugar/insulin sensitivity. So, propionic acid is very beneficial in regulating many things inside our body.

So how can we get our body to manufacture more propionic Acid? One major way is to increase our healthy intestinal flora. Healthy bacteria in our stomach will manufacture a good dose of propionic acid – if we give our stomach enough dietary fiber of the right kind!

Yes, that is all healthy bacteria require in order to produce propionic acid – the right kind of dietary fibre in the right amount. And this is where African mango Plus comes into play. The seeds of African mango have a very high fibre content; 15% or more of both soluble and insoluble fibers – the kind needed to produce this acid.

This fiber combo, made up of the correct ratio, produces the propionic acid we need to reduce inflammation, restore proper digestion, and increase Leptin levels so we are not hungry.

This also speeds up metabolism, since proper metabolism depends on proper digestion. This process is what Dr. Oz was getting at when he featured African Mango on his TV show. The fastest, most effective way to carry out this process is with a pure and potent African mango supplement.

How Much Fat Can I Expect To Lose With Futurebiotics African Mango?

Futurebiotics African MangoThe clinical evidence and research performed on the African Mango super supplement is well documented and easily accessible to anyone who may be interested in it. Three well-known clinical studies show the effectiveness of Irvingia Gabonensis.

African Mango supplementation resulted in significant weight loss in all subjects; a loss of 12-14 lbs in only 3 weeks without exercising, while on a good diet and showing no weight rebound when stopping the African Mango.

To read more on this, you can have a look at the African Mango Extract clinical evidence.

Generally, up to 6.3% of overall body fat can be lost using African Mango Plus. The special fiber produced from the seed reduces all fats including body fat, bad cholesterol, and dangerous triglycerides, all while increasing good cholesterol. It also improves digestion, increases metabolism, removes toxins, and reduces all inflammatory conditions.

The three major studies conducted confirmed significant weight loss benefits of Irvingia Gabonensis. The African Mango weight loss clinical results showed 28.1 pounds of weight loss (vs. a mere 1.5 lbs lost for subjects in the placebo group).

The African Mango extract users showed body fat decreases of an average 6.3%. The rare soluble fiber from the Irvingia seed also works as a healthy bulk-forming laxative, cleansing the colon while suppressing appetite.

Remember, African Mango Plus keeps your Leptin levels high, so you are not suffering from constant hunger, which sabotages many diet goals. Through it’s unique mechanism, it also regulates the absorption of glucose, keeping your blood glucose at safe levels.

It has the ability to burn calories through useful energy consumption, while developing good blood circulation, needed for all organs, including a healthy heart.

Sensible Fat-Burning and Where to Buy African Mango

Futurebiotics African MangoPlease keep all weight loss goals realistic and don’t rely solely on a supplement to achieve your goals. African Mango will definitely assist those who are serious about losing extra pounds. It will help you reach your goals much faster, but it alone, will not do all the work.

Supplements absolutely play a large part in achieving success with any goal, but you can’t expect to just pop a pill and miraculously lose all your unwanted pounds. You must also do your part by paying attention to your diet and nutrition, and a bit of exercise will also go a long way in helping.

No, you don’t have to do strenuous long workouts in a gym, but just get out and walk your dog or do some gardening. Cut out some TV or computer time and engage in some sort of activity that you enjoy, and you’ll be on the right track.

Not only will losing extra weight make you look better, you’ll also be reducing or completely eliminating any diseases that you may have; the body has an amazing ability to regenerate and heal itself, when given the right conditions.

The other great thing about African Mango, is that you don’t necessarily need to lose weight in order to reap it’s benefits. You could be a 95lb person with high cholesterol and diabetes, whose only goal is improving your health. Remember the benefits of African Mango we talked about previously?

You may wish to supplement with African Mango extract, just to improve or eliminate all your other health issues, which is the highest goal of all.

As a testimony to the reputable makers of the super supplement, African Mango Plus, they also give a free membership into their fitness/weight loss program, delivering an effective exercise program to reach fat loss goals even faster. Exercise helps you to develop better habits and delivers an increased sense of well being, keeping your mind clear and your will to succeed, very strong.

African Mango is a safe, natural, effective tool to use in your fat loss goals. If you want to know where to buy African Mango of the highest quality, or you just wish to learn more about African Mango, look no further.