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When you finally decide that it’s time to take off some extra pounds, there will be many weightloss programs, supplements and diet weight loss gurus for you to choose from, so you won’t have to do a great amount of research to find the meal planning, tips, tools, tricks and motivation you’ll need to get started. But the getting started part is the hardest. You must first find the right weight loss program that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Your reasons to lose weight will determine to a large extent whether or not you are successful. These reasons are what will either increase your motivation, or leave you high and dry when you are faced with temptation and no one is around to encourage you to resist.

Whether you need some external motivation from your weight loss program, or you’re already fired up and ready to drop some pounds by sweating it off in the gym, there is a weightloss program waiting just for you.

DietWatch, an extremely customizable program, uses a straight forward approach along with a 12 week program that addresses the needs of people who are emotional eaters. This diet is about more than just meal planning, and it is not influenced by the newer fad diets.

The Sonama Weightloss Program, a new Mediterranean diet that brings balance and good food with a gourmet flair into cooking, is definitely for those who enjoy being in the kitchen. The standard Mediterranean diet is high in fiber, vegetables, and good nutrition. People in the Mediterranean countries have enjoyed long healthy lives for centuries, and their diet has very few restrictions,concentrating instead on satisfying the palate and stomach without wasting your calories.

Weight Watchers is a popular center-based program that has gone through a metamorphosis in recent years, much like their current spokes model Kirstie Alley. Originally a calorie counting program, it now revolves around points – which equal calories. Weight Watchers doesn’t sell you foods, and their counselors and participants provide good support. Your motivation must be internal but they do provide a bit of external motivation with public weigh-ins. The cost for the meetings is extra, but the program, which has been proven over time with thousands of people who post successful weight loss, is free.

Burn the Fat Weightloss Program is very popular with men. It addresses the three core principles of fat loss, which are nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and weight training, and the author, Tom Venuto, gives a 100% money back guarantee on his product. Unfortunately, in order to follow this program you must be exceptionally motivated since it is a book that outlines the program, and is not center-based. If you want to gain muscle mass while losing fat, this program is for you

Diet.com is a unique internet-based online weightloss program that combines a nutritional base and behavioral approach. They offer a free weekly newsletter delivered to your email, and the site is interactive, encouraging dieters to post to blogs, take quizzes, watch videos, participate on forums, and add new recipes to the site. There is a free version of the program that provides recipes, online support, weight loss challenges, diet tools and trackers, special diet offers from other companies and weekly advice.

Meal replacement programs are popular weight loss programs because they take the guess work out of ‘how big is a portion’ and ‘when should I eat’. It’s a bit like being at the spa, but at home.

Nutrisystem is a popular weightloss program that appears to be cost effective for the foods they provide. Obviously they are unable to box and mail produce and perishable foods, but they provide a list of appropriate foods for each meal. It is based on the glycemic index, and is about portion controlled meal plans. Fortunately they control the portions, which are mailed to you.

If you can resist eating other foods, this program teaches you the correct amounts of food and helps to streamline your efforts. There is no cooking time, no counting calories and no meal planning. The price comes out to approximately $9.00 per day for the food they provide, but if you don’t like the taste of prepackaged food, this plan is not for you.

Medifast is a meal replacement plan for people who have 75 pounds or more to lose. Although they are a meal replacement program that sends the food to your home, they also have centers in Florida and Texas. Compared to other Internet-based programs, theirs is a minimal website, but they do provide live chat to their customers and potential customers. There is a 30 day money back guarantee on their products, and they advertise a loss of 20 pounds in the first month – no shopping, no cooking, and portion control. Medifast is customized to men, women and diabetics.

Weightloss programs are very popular, and the reason is because they work. Depending on your own unique circumstances, you will be provided with the motivation, the structure and the support that you need. We have touched on several of the best weight loss programs available, but of course there are many others you might want to take a look at. The most important thing is to find one that you can live with, which will make it much easier to stick to over time.

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