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Weight Loss Diet Tips – Part 2

It’s an old idea, but true: “hand man a fish, and he has dinner, but teach a man the art of fishing and he has food for life” (small fish portions of course, and resist the temptation to fry it in oil – sorry!).

Are such conveniently-prepared and packaged meals, delivered to you on a monthly basis, a sensible way to manage your weight long term? For some it may be I guess, but do these schemes address the core of what caused the weight gain in the first place?

I know we live in a fast-paced world with cats to feed and office politics to deal with, but we somehow find time to make it to our local for happy hour, meet friends, watch re-runs on telly and worry about not looking our best. “Isn’t there someone with a magic wand to sort our weight issues, help us be slim, fabulous and beautiful?” Sorry to bring you bad news but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. It all starts and ends with you you you!

Of course there is a lot of guidance I can give you, including providing all the recipes (there is no shortage of recipes out there by the way) but how badly do you really want the goose that lays the golden eggs?

Delivery schemes: They show results, but what are the health implications?

There are loads of high-profile programs out there and there is no shortage of high-profile fans, but for every new fad invented today another previously-popular one dies a silent death. And what do you do if the delivery van is trapped in snow you have no choice but to make lunch yourself?? Or if the $$$ dry up when you have four mouths instead of one to feed?

Most of these programs trumpet that they are “low in fat” (although not all fats are bad… but we’ll leave that for another day) low in calories and “healthy”. Yet I wonder what goes into a meal to preserve it for longer than three days? Also, it must have been cooked in very large quantities to to supply food in sufficient quantities for large customer bases.

Food for fuel right? Characterless, dull food with very low nutritional value is not beneficial to your health. Don’t get me wrong, there are some brilliant prepared-food businesses with fresh and fabulous ingredients and good ethos, but they tend to be much more bespoke and expensive.

Just survey the typical delivery scheme menu: Breakfasts such as maple syrup, flavored porridge, cereal bars; at lunchtime: food packed with carbs and poor in protein; and sugary cereal treats with chocolate chips – such eating habits do not help reduce cravings to get people OFF the sugar addiction that is one of the biggest causes of weight gain.

If you want to lose weight in a safe and healthy way, you have to take a different approach: Prepare your own, healthy, fresh and well-balanced meals, exercise, and eat smartly!

Metabolic Balance focuses on the core issues relating to your body’s metabolism, prescribing balanced eating for healthy weight loss.

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