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Raw Food Diet Menu

Raw Food Diet Menu

There was a time, when fire had not been discovered yet, a raw food diet menu was all that kept man alive.

Prehistoric men ate everything in raw form, like fruits and vegetables. So in essence, raw food diet menu was not just the “in thing” or the food craze, it was the only diet that our predecessors knew!

Today, advocates of raw food diet menu believe that going back to the basics of eating raw foods, such as unprocessed natural vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and other food supplements, with addition of some meat or no meat at all, will provide the most nutrients and vitamins than any other form of diet. Raw food diet menu helps the body  to detox and cleanse itself, boosts stamina and energy, improves overall health, and promotes achievement of desired weight loss.

Raw Food Diet Menu Nutrient Sources

Eating raw foods in a well planned raw food diet menu, will adequately  provide the nutrients needed by the body. Foods rich in nutrients, foods that contain the highest amount of nutrient per calorie include raw leafy green vegetables. Combining these vegetables with fruits and herbs and juicing them, will be among the easiest ways of taking the prescribed amount of daily requirements.


The sources of carbohydrates for raw food diet menu are fruits, grains and starch from vegetables.


Nuts, seeds, coconut butter and avocado are rich sources of fats for raw food diet menu.


Germinated nuts such as almonds, grains, seeds, and leafy green vegetables are excellent sources of protein for a raw food diet menu. The best way to germinate nuts and seeds is to soak them in purified water overnight so they’re ready for the following morning. The seeds and nuts would have had time to germinate and are ready to be eaten.

Raw Food Diet Menu Planning

When planning your raw food diet menu, you must consider the foods that you want to eat, enjoy eating, and also foods that will balance your nutritional requirements and at the same time, are easy to prepare.

Think Fun

Including foods that you really like will add fun in preparing your raw food diet menu. Think of foods that you already love eating raw, such as pesto, salad, salsa, guacamole, ice cream, hot chocolate, raw cheese, sashimi, raw nuts, raw granola, and a lot more comfort foods that are eaten raw that will give you so much fulfillment and fun.

Think Easy

Raw food diet menu preparation should be easy. If you are just starting to eat raw foods, avoid recipes that call for raw techniques and special tools such as sprouting and dehydrating. Complicated recipes may frustrate you and will not give you enough inspiration to stay on raw food diet menu. The easiest things to prepare are juices and smoothies – they require little preparation time and the procedure is quite familiar. Starting with the easiest recipes will increase your motivation and chances of taking in and enjoying a raw food diet menu for the long term.

Think Balance

Your raw food diet menu should not only taste good but should also have the nutritional value your body needs. And also, before starting any diet, consult your doctor and ask his advice.