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What is a raw food detox diet?

This is perhaps the ideal type of detox, the one you should always look at performing if you feel in the need of detoxing your body thoroughly. But perhaps there is one more vitally important point that needs to be mentioned here and that is that if you are looking at doing a raw food detox diet yourself, then you need to ensure that the foods you are selecting are completely organic.

This is a very important point as is it not only additives and chemicals that are to ready meals and other processed foods that you need to eradicate from your diet to give your kidneys and liver a rest for a few days, but also the pesticides, growth chemicals and fertilizers added to crops by farmers in their quest to get the best yield possible from their labors.

In an ideal world you’d do this around summer time when crops are at their most abundant and you’d be able to use locally grown produce which was very fresh. Going one step further you’d get your raw food detox diet ingredients from someone who owned an allotment or grew vegetables and salad greens in their own garden to ensure that you got the freshest, least played with foods possible.

Back to reality however and you must ensure that whatever foods you do choose are not tinned or from jars which contain added salts or sugars in the syrups or water that they are stored in. So for example if you plan to use pineapple as one of the foods in your raw food detox diet, then must select the type that is canned in its own juice.

Let’s say that you also decide to use tuna as one of your staple foods, then you need to make sure that you get the sort that is canned in water or even better spring water only.

But as much as possible during the duration of your detox, stay clear of canned or packaged fruits, vegetables and salads, the only exception to this might be frozen, although not all frozen vegetables taste that great when defrosted and not cooked straight after. For example carrots can be a little bitter, runner beans the same, although the merits of frozen veg are that it is usually frozen very soon after harvesting.

Here are the guidelines you should stick to when selecting foods for your raw food detox diet…

  • All vegetables and fruits, salads etc should be raw. This means not cooked in any way.
  • Any meats or fish you select should be minimal and in all honesty you would be better avoiding red meats entirely and sticking to poultry and fish for your protein sources if you are a keen meat eater. If you could quite happily eat no meat then cut it out altogether if possible.
  • Allow yourself at least a week to eat this way or two if you can manage to eat a variety of foods.
  • Drink pure spring water only during the detox or start the day with a fruit smoothie or hot water and lemon.
  • Obviously don’t drink alcohol, smoke or take any kind of drugs (obviously if you take prescribed medication this does not apply to you)
  • Exercise as much as possible to help improve circulation to fully eradicate toxins. A 30 – 40 minute walk every day should be more than enough for this though.

It’s quite possible that after following a raw food detox diet carefully for a week or so you will feel better than you have in years and you’ll have more energy, lose weight and feel so much brighter and healthier, so what are you waiting for, why not give it a try.

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