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The popular detox diet plans are …

The popular detox diet plans are …

Let’s talk about detoxing your body. Detoxing your body is something you might like to consider if you’re feeling a little run down, tired or in need of a little ‘pick me up.’

Perhaps after a holiday, celebratory weekend, Christmas or heavy week or 2 of eating and drinking too much. Especially if you’ve over indulged in alcohol or very rich, fatty foods.

There are many ways to do this, but the most common is to clean up your diet by getting rid of all the junk. Switching from processed, ready meals or take always to wholesome, raw, organic and totally natural foods can have a huge impact on the way you feel.

The great thing about detoxing your body is that you don’t need to do it for very long, it can be very cheap to do and it’s actually not hard to do.

Whichever method you choose to do this is entirely up to you and there are a huge range to choose from.

The popular detox diet plans are…

  • master cleanse diet
  • raw food diet
  • fruit juice detox
  • green tea detox

Now all of these four examples, and these are by no means exhaustive have one thing in common. They make use of organic and unprocessed fruits and vegetables in one form or another.

Some detox diets advocate the consumption of purely one or two food types and whilst this may be a very simplistic and easy to follow concept, it is very likely that it will be way too restrictive and also lacking in most types of nutrients. However if you do decide to use one of these restrictive detox plans, please be aware that you must only stick to it for a few days.

If you are contemplating the green tea detox then it’s a good idea to do this for a couple of week. As using this technique, you will simply be replacing your current beverages with green tea. The rest of the diet again involves cutting out ANY processed foods or meals that are high in fat, sugar or refined grains. So for example here’s a typical daily diet to help you with detoxing your body following the green tea detox…

Green tea
Fresh pineapple and handful of raw almonds

Homemade hummus with carrot and celery batons
Green tea

New potatoes, fresh salmon and baby corn
Green tea

Green tea
Fresh fruit smoothie

Evening meal
Roasted organic vegetables in homemade tomato sauce and salad leaves with mackerel
Green tea

Again this is only one example of a diet you can follow for detoxing your body. Whatever you decide you need to make sure that you have enough time to shop for, prepare and eat the types of food that you need. Also try to make sure that you have no social engagements for the next few days after starting your detox.

Remember for the detox to be effective you need to follow the recipes or recommendations completely. Don’t cheat by eating or drinking something you shouldn’t do instead just stay focused and concentrate on detoxing your body completely after all any good well balanced detox should only last a few days.

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