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New T-shirt is Able to Monitor a Person’s Health

Everything is getting smarter these days from the phones we use to our cars and even appliances. Ovens are now available that can turn on at a designated time and shut themselves off, so your casserole is ready when you come in from work. Vacuums that run themselves are dancing along floors and refrigerators can keep a running inventory of what you need to purchase. With phones that can access the Internet and serve as personal assistants, it should come as no surprise that T-shirts are also becoming technologically advanced.

Sensors Provide Help for Different Medical Conditions

Technology continues to shrink down, and tiny sensors are put to good use in these T-shirts. Situated throughout the shirts, they track a variety of medical conditions. The sensors can be customized to monitor specific conditions like high blood pressure or even glucose levels. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can also benefit from these amazing little sensors. The sensors track the data, so patients can receive regular monitoring without having to make daily visits to the doctor.

A Smartphone is Required

The sensors use your smartphone to track and transmit the data, so you will want to keep yours with you at all times if you invest in one of these shirts. Intelligent software is used to translate the data, providing your doctor with the information required to customize an effective treatment plan.

Marvelous Benefits

When you visit the doctor for treatment of your long-term disease, they only see a snapshot based on how you feel in their office. It can be difficult or even impossible to effectively describe what goes on when you are away from the doctor, but the sensors can capture the information for you and provide it to the doctor.

Not only can doctors develop more effective treatment plans, but they also won’t have to see patients as often. Receiving incredibly accurate information on a regular basis means that your doctor can provide you with better care while asking for fewer visits.

Successful Trials

The T-shirt has been tested with great success in both Spain and Italy with patients who have COPD and CKD. Trials are currently underway in other areas of Europe, and doctors are hopeful that their patients will benefit greatly from the technology. The world is watching these trials with great interest, and one Italian rugby team has expressed an interest in using the shirts to monitor players during practice sessions.

Smart T-shirts are attracting global interest as doctors around the world strive to improve patient care and battle long-term illnesses. The versatility makes them appealing, and the shirts will easily pay for themselves over time through fewer doctor visits and improved health.