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Motivation to Lose Weight

The motivation to lose weight pathway is unique because it centers on the universal laws of attraction motivation and beliefs. Understanding the Law of Attraction will not only make you more focused and determined as an individual but it can help you to lose weight.

If you still do not see a connection between the two concepts, imagine it this way. Using the law of attraction means that as long as you believe in something, it is more probable that you will get what you want. Visualizing what you desire, will help a lot in achieving it. You will focus on your goal and turn it from a possibility into certainty. Let’s imagine you want a certain job. So, you visualize being employed into your dream job because you believe that exactly that will happen. You behave, dress, talk like like a successful person, and your goal becomes reality.

How to stay motivated to lose weight?

Visualize – create a goal making a vivid image of it

Following  the Law of Attraction, weight loss is possible.  The necessary motivation to lose weight losing weight can be easily sustained if you keep the following tips in mind:

Make the goal to lose weight, and paint an internal picture using your favorite colors, but don’t stop here. Do not confuse visualization with imagining. Making a goal implies more, and here is where you will see the connection with the losing weight motivation. Once you start to visualize you will see and analyze all the methods to achieve your weight loss goal and how losing weight impacts your life. Think about the changes, about how the people will perceive you and what new possibilities a healthier lifestyle will bring you.

Follow the Law of Attraction weight loss theory and really think about the ‘new you’ after you’ve lost all that weight. Once you have that figured out, make a plan of the next steps you need to overcome in order to make your visualizing reality.

Maintain the motivation to lose weight and prepare your way to get there

With that in mind make a schedule and plan your fitness routine. Do not stop there, think about your nutrition, your sleep, even about how many glasses of water a day you will drink. It is also important that you think what could affect your weight loss motivation. If you are feeling stressed on an everyday basis, think about helpful ways to reduce it or make it go away completely.

After your plan is finished, put it into action! Make sure, you buy the necessary supplies to persist and follow your Law of Attraction motivation to lose weight. Think about what would be more efficient, exercising on your own or taking classes. What food will contribute to your fat burning goal and what you will need to avoid. Do you have enough comfy clothes, and the budget to accommodate these changes?

To make this routine more fun, you should not hesitate to reward yourself as you accomplish each step. Make sure you include a fun activity, or something that will immediately puts a smile on your face as you see your weight drop. Don’t measure your milestones in inches and pounds but look rather into how your overall health has changed for the better: lower blood pressure, no joint ache, lower blood sugar levels, and more.

Staying motivated to lose weight

Change the perception about yourself : live thin

If you always thought yourself as a fat person, this perception will have to change as it is not congruent with your motivation to lose weight. Think thin and start doing things a thin person would do. Would they take their time and enjoy a single serving, or would they haste through a second portion during meal times? Would they rather chose a sweet soft drink, or plain water or some tea during dinner to feel satisfied faster? Would they be ‘couch potatoes’ after dinner, or be active doing something fun?

If  you follow the Law of Attraction motivation to lose weight it can be so easy. Visualizing a thinner you, will make you live and think like a thin person. You’ll get thinner by the day, and a new you is on the way!