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Medical Office Wall Art: Surprising Ways It Makes an Impact

Medical Office Wall Art: Surprising Ways It Makes an Impact

The décor that is found in doctors’ offices today has a profound effect on patients and the way they feel about their health care. Many medical offices are competing to attract patients by putting together a warm and inviting atmosphere in their office setting. Medical waiting areas and examination rooms are taking on more of a non-threatening atmosphere, and the environment is pleasing in demeanor to the patient’s eye. Research has shown that when it comes to healthcare for the modern family, women are the primary decision makers, so many physicians are now gearing their design trends to please their female customers.

Colors to Soothe

The color scheme you select for your office can clearly affect your patient’s moods when they walk into your office. When a patient first enters your facility, they may be feeling nervous, frightened or sick. Green, blue and violet are all colors that induce feelings of calm and relaxation. Other inviting colors are warmer in hue, and include orange, red and yellow. Walls that are painted white can look cold and sterile and leave patients wanting to head for the nearest exit.

Wall Murals and Prints

Wall murals or framed art prints can strategically placed can take a patient’s focus off the exam and provide them with a feeling of calm. Murals also show that you, the doctor, are concerned with the needs and feelings of your patient. A relaxing ocean view painting for example can be pleasing to most adults. Or, imagine focusing your attention and gazing into some famous starlets eyes as your physician is drawing blood. Wall murals with famous cartoon characters or giant friendly animals can help alleviate the stress and anxiety for child patients too.

The Benefits of Wall Art

Studies have shown that art containing underwater sea life had a positive effect on dental patients and their pain level during intricate dental procedures. Wall prints help patients become absorbed, and can take their minds off of their impending examinations or medical procedures. Pictures are also a more positive diversion than office medical literature or outdated magazines. Children fear the unknown, and wall art that comes alive will fascinate and keep them entertained. Nobody likes to be poked, prodded or stuck with needles, and escaping inside a wall mural showcasing a gondola ride down the canals of Venice may do the trick.

Physician’s Personality

A physician can also let their personality shine through the murals. If a doctor is an avid hiker or runner, they might choose nature scenes with greens, blues and soothing yellows for their office walls. Nature scenes are relaxing and can conjure up happiness and peace during a doctor visit. There’s even a potential for fun with the wall murals. Tasteful cartoons or funny comics can bring feelings of levity and humor to a medical office. Other ideas to aid patients in letting their minds wander include sports events, jungle safaris and outer space themes.

The last thing most people want to do is spend their time at the doctor or dentist’s office. However, regular check-ups and exams during illnesses are inevitable. Fun and interesting wall murals and warm color schemes will brighten their visits and allow your patients an outlet to escape and let their minds wander.

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