Lemonade Diet is taking Hollywood by storm

Are you looking for a powerful way to lose an extra 5, 10, or even 15 pounds fast? Or, maybe you are looking for a way to flush out years of built up toxins from your body making you feel and look even better. If you feel it is time for a change and want to look your best then the lemonade diet combo plan can help you!

By combining the liquid lemonade diet with the newly formulated lemonade diet pill you can take advantage of the most powerful and fast acting diet that has been taking Hollywood by storm. Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult if you know the easy way out, like the lemonade diet.

The lemonade diet was created by dietitian Stanley Burroughs, whom first published the diet in his book, “The Master Cleanser” in 1976. Despite the lemonade diet being known for over forty years, it has only really started to become widely known over the past few years.

Even celebrities have been rumored to use the lemonade diet for fast weight loss. Beyonce Knowles is said to have used the lemonade diet to lose twenty pounds for her role in the movie “Dreamgirls”. There has also been a lot of chatter on celebrity blogs that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore both have used the lemonade diet for fast weight loss and detoxification. Kym Johnson, a Broadway star has also been found to use the lemonade diet for quick weight loss and detoxification.

So what exactly is the lemonade diet and how does it work? To start, the lemonade diet is a strict liquid only diet that involves three main ingredients:

Lemonade Diet Ingredients

  • Lemons- obviously this would not be called the lemonade diet without lemons. You will probably need to buy around a dozen lemons because you need 2oz of lemon juice for each drink.
  • Grade-b organic maple syrup – You do not necessarily need to buy organic maple syrup but it is highly recommended you do because it does not contain added sugar or processed materials.
  • Cayenne pepper – You only need a very small amount of cayenne pepper. If you are shopping for ingredients, you will be fine buying the smallest container you can find.

You will also need a few minor ingredients:

  • Non-iodized sea salt – This is used for the salt flush solution that you need to drink every morning.
  • Laxative Tea – A laxative tea is optional but can be taken at night before you sleep.

Once you have all the ingredients, it is time to start the actual diet itself. Here’s how you follow the lemonade diet:
Every morning, you need to prepare a salt water flush. To do so, mix a teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt in warm water. This is incredibly hard to drink for some people so if you want, use distilled water that is about room temperature. You also may add a slight amount of lemon juice for taste but you cannot add anything else. You also should not add a large amount of lemon juice, just enough for taste.

Next, you need to prepare the lemon drink anywhere from six to ten times per day. The correct blend involves two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, two tablespoons of the grade B organic maple syrup, a tenth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a ten ounce class of distilled water. There is no absolute set amount of times you need to drink the lemonade concoction but the general guidelines say that you should drink it whenever you feel hungry.
Finally, at night you can drink a laxative tea. This step is completely optional but most people do end up choosing to follow through with this step. If you choose to do so, drink a tea right before bed. You can choose from peppermint or organic green tea.

These three steps should be followed for a period of 7-14 days. Most people choose ten days. You should also be aware that you should be drinking water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

What are the general benefits of the lemonade diet? Here are just a couple:
– Fast weight loss
– Cleansing of the colon and digestive system
– Increased metabolism
– Removes waste material from the kidney
– Plus many more benefits!Nutrition Is Important With The Lemonade Diet

Despite many success stories, there are some medical professionals who criticize the lemonade diet. Generally speaking, they have none major problem. The problem is that a person undertaking the lemonade diet is not getting enough vitamins and nutrients to sustain their daily functions. You are eating no protein, carbs, or fats, so it can have rough effects on the body.

A lack of protein in your diet causes the body’s muscles to weaken, break down and absorb more water. Carbs normally provide the body with energy. Since you are not eating any carbs, your body may actually break down muscle instead of fat to supply you with energy. Finally, healthy fats help circulation and general body functions.
So does this mean you should not partake in the lemonade diet? Not necessarily. Obviously, pregnant women and diabetics should never even consider attempting the lemonade diet because of the drastic effects on the body it could have. However, the average healthy person is perfectly fine to attempt the lemonade diet to cleanse their body and lose weight.

Regardless of your current physical condition, you should speak to your doctor or physician if you plan on attempting the lemonade diet. The lemonade diet is not for the faint of heart and is incredibly tough to handle. It will test your body and push you to the limit.

If at anytime you feel sick or dizzy, you should immediately stop the diet and eat something. In rare occasions, the body may go into shock because of a lack of nutrients. Once into shock, you will experience these symptoms as well as extreme tiredness and heat flashes. This does not happen to many people but it should be addressed immediately because it can get very serious. If the feeling does not go away, consult a doctor or physician immediately to discuss immediate medical care. You should also avoid attempting the lemonade diet in the future until you feel comfortable or switch to an alternative form of the lemonade diet that is not as tough on your body.

Due to the rigorous nature of the lemonade diet, one thing to consider is shortening the lemonade diet to seven days instead of ten days. This will lessen the effects of your body yet still will provide you with a good cleansing and help you lose weight. People who choose to shorten the lemonade diet to seven days often will choose one week each month to follow through with the diet. This way it puts them on a set schedule and so they are more likely to survive throughout the whole process.

Another benefit of shortening the lemonade diet to seven days is that it will make you less likely to relapse and overeat once the diet is complete. There is a huge difference between three days when you are only drinking liquids. Those three days could be the difference between you continuing your diet and eating healthy and relapsing and eating junk food and gaining all the weight you just lost. This is a major problem for dieters no matter what diet they choose to use. Therefore, unless you have already participated in the lemonade diet before, you should consider a small test trial to see if your body can handle it before jumping right in and trying to last a full ten or fourteen days.

Lemonade Diet Pills – A Safe Alternative

If you are strapped for time or just simply are afraid of using the lemonade concoction, there is an alternative product available. Lemonade diet pills have been around for a few years now but really have only started taking off in popularity within the last year or so. The majority of people who attempt the lemonade diet use the drink version but these new lemonade diet pills are slowly gaining in popularity due to their convenience.

Think about it this way. You have to wake up, shower, get ready for work, get your kids breakfast, take them to school, etc, etc. That is a fairly typical morning for many American parents. Chances are you are frantically trying to be on time as it is and now you have to spend ten minutes making this lemonade mixture? It just does not make sense for you to do so. This is where a lemonade diet pill can help.

A lemonade diet pill comes in the form of a small 100-500mg pill composed of lemon extract, cayenne pepper extract, and sometimes asparagus extract or Senna leaf extract. You may be thinking these pills have a few ingredients that the original lemonade diet does not speak about at all. However, you should not worry. The extracts that are added to lemonade diet pills only help to detoxify your body and further curb your appetite.

Lemonade diet supplements also have the same general side effects as the original lemonade diet. Because you are cleaning your body, you may have an upset stomach, increased flatulence, or a general queasy feeling until your body can properly adjust itself. Normally, these side effects only last a few days and are normally very minor in nature. Most people will find that they do not even experience any symptoms at all.

Most lemonade diet pill manufactures recommend that you take a diet pill the same way you would with the liquid diet. Every time you feel hungry, take the pill with a glass of warm or room temperature water. You will most likely be consuming six to ten pills a day but you may find yourself taking more the first couple days because your body is not used to not eating.

You will also experience similar results if you take lemonade diet pills as opposed to following the lemonade diet itself. Most people who have used a lemonade diet supplement have found themselves to lose weight fast and burn fat fast. Other people also have mentioned that they felt an increase in their energy, a curbed appetite, a flatter stomach, and an overall better general feeling in their daily life. Many people swear that a lemonade diet pill has made them more focused and productive at work as well.

If you have never tried the lemonade diet, you should definitely consider a lemonade diet pill as well as a shortening of the diet itself. Get yourself used to the diet and how it makes you feel. It’s like the phrase, “learn to walk before you run”. You do not wait to go into it head on because you may not react well to it.

Overall, a lemonade diet pill is an excellent alternative if you do not want to follow the lemonade diet itself. It is extremely easy to take and much quicker if you do not have the time to mix up a lemonade drink. Plus, it is slightly cheaper because you do not need to buy expensive organic lemons or grade b maple syrup.

The lemonade diet itself has proved to be an effective way for fast weight loss and detoxification of the body. However, it does have its side effects and you should closely monitor yourself to ensure you do not have any complications. The lemonade diet is extremely tough to handle and requires an incredible level of dedication and self-discipline to complete.

Good luck to anybody who is trying to complete the lemonade diet, whether it is through a lemonade diet pill or the original diet itself or another big diet such as African Mango. You will find yourself tested like never before but if you manage to stick to it and hold out, you will find yourself extremely satisfied with the results. Not only will you lose weight and feel a lot better, but you should also feel a sense of accomplishment because the majority of people fail.

Congratulations if you do make it through and enjoy the new look you have thanks to the lemonade diet.

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