Healthcare at Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Healthcare at Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing care retirement communities (commonly known as CCRCs) are residential options for senior citizens. CCRCs offer resident contracts, independent living units, amenities, and access to long term care services as the health and social needs of seniors change.  A defining element of a CCRC is that it can offer independent living, assisted living, and nursing home care all in one place.

Requirements for residence are usually age sensitive, and both health and financial criteria often differ from community to community.  The definition and label of “what is a CCRC?” tends to vary from state to state as well.  While our parents and loved ones continue to live longer than the average expected lifespan with advanced medical help and care, CCRC attendance is increasing due to the different healthcare options available for seniors.

The three different types of CCRC contracts available to residences are typically are as follows:

  1. Extensive
  2. Modified
  3. Fee-For-Service

These three contract options primarily differ on the amount of costs covered.  On top of the different fee structures, there are healthcare options that each community will list in resident contracts.  Some of the most common items are living quarters, medical care, recreational and educational activities, meals and special diets, personal assistance, emergency help, and additional or individual services.  There can be many additional services and amenities written into the contract as well, such as laundry, grocery shopping, lawn care, and other tasks that many people might take for granted.  Also, usually taken into strong consideration are things like location, religion, and fraternal affiliations.  Professional, legal, and financial help is always recommended for seniors interested in moving into a CCRC, as each individual has different needs and values to take into consideration.

Choosing a continuing care retirement community is an extremely important decision for seniors to make, and it is critical for them to know and understand their options.  It can be a confusing and difficult time in mom, dad, or a grandparent’s life as they have to cope with leaving their home. On top of that, significant expenses and fees can accumulate in the process.  Adding possible health or mental complications can only be more inhibiting on making a clear and informed decision when choosing a CCRC.  The AARP helps people 50 years old and over improve the quality of their lives and offers assistance for those in need.  It is important to have help and support by family and friends when choosing a CCRC, because in many cases, seniors will spend their remaining years in the retirement community, and should be able to call it their home!

Author bio: Sedgebrook is a CCRC located outside of Chicago in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Learn more about senior living Chicago and retirement options available at Sedgebrook.

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