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Start using these mental techniques and you’ll see faster results on your journey to losing weight. Perhaps you started gaining weight from the stress of a major-or even minor-life event. If you can release the trauma and sadness from such events and forgive the people associated with them, you can often lose weight faster.

To do this, use forgiveness. Forgiveness is the act of pardoning without harboring grievances. The key to success with forgiveness is persistence, tenacity, and desire.

In virtually every religion in the world, forgiveness is considered to be a highly sacred and spiritual practice.

Forgiveness has great power to heal wounds and release weight. So, if you’re still carrying around the weight of past experiences, use forgivenesses.

Make a list of everyone who was involved in your weight issue. Be sure to include yourself. Then make up some forgivenesses and write them down.

Use the formula, “I, (fill in your name), forgive you for (whatever the issue).” Also write forgivenesses for yourself, such as, “I, (fill in your name), forgive myself for (whatever the issue).”

For yourself, you could write the following:

  • I forgive myself for overeating.
  • I forgive myself for being overweight.
  • I forgive myself for abusing my body with too much food.

Although it might sound somewhat shallow to forgive a person so that you can lose weight, well, if you haven’t forgiven them already, perhaps it’s time. And your weight situation presents a treasured opportunity to let go of past grievances. We figure it doesn’t matter why you forgive. It just matters that you do.

Ban Fat Thoughts

Stop telling yourself you are fat. Refuse to believe it even when the mirror says otherwise. Here’s a sample story about Paula. When Paula was overweight, she cried about it a lot and constantly talked about her problems with her weight, eating, and food.

One day, as her husband once again dried her tears, he said, “I think things would get a whole lot better if you would just stop telling yourself you’re fat.” Paula, already wounded, said, “So what do you know?” Later she had to apologize when she realized he knew a whole lot.

  1. She stopped crying about her weight issue.
  2. She stopped talking about it.
  3. She stopped commiserating with her fat friends.
  4. She stopped buying diet foods.
  5. She stopped telling herself she was fat and ugly.
  6. She stopped seeing food as the enemy.
  7. She gained control of her eating and lost weight down to her ideal size.

How High Is Your Desire?

Ask yourself what percentage of the time you are willing to think and act as a thin person. How often are you willing to eat 0 to 5? How often will you eat sensuously and beautifully?

If your answer is about 50 percent of the time, your odds of success are less than 50 percent, more like about 5 percent. However, if you can give it your all, or 100 percent, for as long as it takes, you will definitely get to your ideal size.

Your Ideal Size

Your ideal size is the size that feels the best, at which you have the most energy, the best health, and the highest self-confidence and self-esteem.

Beware the Scales

Thank goodness scales are finally out of favor. A scale doesn’t really tell you much that you don’t already know, but for a perfectly harmless device in itself, a scale sure can alter a person’s moods. Scales scientifically measure your specific gravity in relationship to the earth. That’s all. They do not tell you how you look or how much body fat you have. They don’t measure what’s truly going on inside your body.

Your Ideal Size Jeans

Try on your old favorite jeans every month or so. They’re always the same size. When you finally fit into them, you’ll be at your ideal size. You’ll also be able to see progress in increments, by trying them on every month or so. If you don’t have a favorite old pair, purchase new jeans in your ideal size and try them on.After you reach your ideal size, try on your jeans if you ever feel that you’ve gained weight. Many people who are already thin use this method to stay at their ideal size. The instant their jeans are tight, they are careful about food intake for a couple of days or weeks until their jeans once again fit comfortably

Your Body Frame

Here is how to determine your body frame size. Take your dominant hand. Encircle the wrist of your non-dominant hand with the middle finger and thumb. If your middle finger and thumb overlap, you have a small frame. If they just touch, you have a medium frame. If they don’t touch, you have a large frame.A woman with a small frame can wear a smaller size because her hipbones are closer together, perhaps a 6 or 8, perhaps a 10. With a medium frame, a size 8, 10, or 12. With a large frame, a size 10, 12, or 14. Although a size 14 could sound like a large size to you, plenty of our clients look terrific at that size. Your dress size is actually less important than how you look in your clothes and the state of your health at that size.

Eating as a Thin Person

Ask yourself this question every day: “What percentage of my day was I a full participant in being a thin person?” If you had moments that were less than 100 percent, review each situation and ask yourself what you could have done better.

As long as you know deep in your heart that you are thinking and eating as a thin person every day, you absolutely know you will reach your goal.

Along with thinking as a thin person, start eating as a thin person. The following behaviors help you gain more pleasure from each bite and each meal.

  • Eat slowly. Your food will last longer, you’ll digest the nutrients better, and you’ll be more able to feel your stomach’s hunger number if you just learn to slow down. When you eat quickly, it’s really easy to overeat before your stomach has time to register that you’ve already eaten enough.
  • Eat while sitting. Sitting reduces mindless eating, and it’s more relaxing. But don’t eat while sitting and driving in your car. Pull over if it’s time for a meal.
  • Eat appealing foods. Research shows that when a person eats unappealing foods, they don’t receive as much nutritional value. If a food doesn’t look good, smell good, or taste good at that moment, you don’t need to eat it. Be sure you don’t disguise food or wash it down with liquids if you don’t like the food.
  • Reduce distractions. Turn off the TV, the radio, the phone and simply sit and eat. It’s easy to overeat when you have too much external stimulation.
  • Eat when you’re relaxed. Eating when you’re stressed adds pounds because of the impact of the stress hormone cortisol. When relaxed, you can enjoy your food and clearly hear your stomach’s hunger messages.
  • Consciously focus on your food. Eating is a highly sensuous pleasure. By consciously focusing on the tastes, aroma, texture, temperature, color and other pleasurable aspects of your food, you’ll gain lots of satisfaction from less food. It’s a very elegant and sexy way to eat.

If you’ve been working towards a health and fitness weight loss goal it’s important not to let all that hard work go to waste. Don’t stop your fitness training once you reach your target weight. Instead consider complementing it with some muscle building workouts that will build up your physique as well as keep it trim. Find out how people like Colin Kaepernick not only build their physiques but also maintain them. We can also share everything we know about the (as we like to call them) Colin Kaepernick Supplements.

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