Fat Loss Factor Review

A Fat Burning Program by Dr. Charles Livingston

Due to the increase of consumption of processed foods, foods with added sugar and foods high in cholesterol and unhealthy fats, our bodies have become prone to various complications including obesity and certain cardiovascular disorders. As a result, every individual who understands the risks associated with poor dieting and obesity is looking for an effective program that will facilitate quick weight loss. Unfortunately, most of the weight loss programs available in the market contain unrealistic techniques and methods that lack scientific basis. However, there is one scientifically proven program known as Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston that helps interested individuals achieve their targeted fat loss. This is my unbiased Fat Loss Factor Review.

What exactly is Fat Loss Factor?

Fat Loss Factor is a comprehensive weight loss system designed to facilitate fat burning through exercise routines and comprehensive diet in combination with supportive activities such as stress management and goal settings. It is an effective program that can be used by beginners, intermediate or those who need rapid or extreme weight loss. It is a 12 week system developed by Dr Charles Livingston.

Dr. Charles Livingston who is the author of the program is a licensed chiropractor, certified advanced nutritionist, wellness professional and a motivational speaker. Throughout his career life, Dr. Charles has assisted many individuals achieve their desirable physique through the use of healthy diet and exercises. He has a great research work and knowledge in relevant areas pertaining to weight loss methods and nutrition. This has made him to develop a Fat Loss Factor system that has become well known as a 12 weeks life-changing program that helps you to reduce stress, increase your metabolism, facilitate muscle growth and maximize weight loss through diet and scientifically proven workouts.

How does the program Work?

For effective results, Dr. Charles has designed his Fat Loss Factor system in phases that are easy to understand. All the sections provided are presented in a friendly way and enable the users to comprehend and apply the basic steps and information. The basic phases or sections covered in the program include;

Phase 1: Two Weeks Detox
The program commences by providing what the author regard as the most crucial information on internal body and liver cleansing. In this section, the users are helped to eliminate toxins from their body systems. In addition, the section provides foods that facilitate cleansing of the liver from toxic substances which reduce the body’s ability to burn fat. What is so motivating about the foods provided is that they are readily available throughout the world and are scientifically proven to work exceptionally well in boosting fat-burning metabolism, cleansing the liver, strengthening the immune system, breaking emotional ties, improving sleep and increasing the energy output.

Phase 2: Fat Burning Foods
This section teaches you some of the foods that will transform your body from fat-storing to fat-burning. The diet provided in this section is based on lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, a combination that will boost metabolism and increase fat burning.

Phase 3: No More Cardio
In this section, you will be provided with comprehensive information on how certain cardio and aerobic exercises reduce your fat burning ability. Instead, the program will provide you with 15 minutes 3 times a week workout plan that will increase your fat burning ability. All the workouts suggested are home-based.

Phase 4: Fresh Mindset
The section provides information that will change your mindset about weight loss. By thoroughly going through all the information provided in this section, you will have a complete control of your body and this will help you to burn more fat in a matter of few weeks.

Fat Loss Factor Success Package

The program contains various packages that increase its success. The packages include:

• Fat Loss Factor eBook: It is the main manual of this program which provides important information on how to maintain your fitness and burn the extra fat while eating delicious foods. The eBook consist of 141 pages
• 10-Minute Raw Food Recipes: The package consists of a collection of healthy recipes based on raw foods
• Quick Start Guide: The guide is a 52 page eBook that provides the users with a comprehensive overview of weight loss process
• Liver and Body Cleansing Videos: The videos within this package show you to carryout liver and body cleansing process to facilitate weight loss.
• 90-Day Meal Plans: The package consists of a collection of delicious and healthy meal plan recipes for 90 days
• Diet/Exercise Log: This package has been designed to help the users abide by the program without experiencing relapse
• 15-Minutes Sample Workouts: The package provides 15 minutes sample workouts for effective weight loss
• Goal Setting Guide: The package is a questionnaire that assists the user to decide what he/she wants to do
• Fat Loss Factor Measurement Form: The package assists the user to keep track of the progress
• Grocery List: The package assists the user to obtain the recommended fat burning foods from a grocery store

Pros of Fat Loss Factor

• Encourages goal setting and keeping of track records of the progress. This results to a greater weight loss success
• The program is customized to one’s current level of fitness
• The program provides recipes and grocery lists which help the user to obtain the recommended foods
• The program provides important advice on the need to create a weight-management lifestyle
• The program encourages the intake of organic foods, vegetables and fruits which keep the body healthy
• It acknowledges the importance of relaxation and stress management
• Provides liver cleansing videos and effective workouts that facilitate weight loss

Cons of Fat Loss Factor

• The program requires total commitment to the nutritional and exercises recommended
• It may be expensive to eat organic foods and some of them are not readily available in local markets

Bottom line

Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor program is a comprehensive fat burning program that can assist you to lose the pound and attain a fitness level. The program provides users with detailed plan and guidelines on how to eat healthy and lose weight. This makes it a program worth trying

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