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Health Benefits of a Dietary Detox and Cleanse

Health Benefits of a Dietary Detox and Cleanse

As we eat a variety of different foods, it is natural to have build up or excess of some nutrients and a lack of others. Depending on the type of diet you eat on a regular basis you may notice sooner than others that you begin to feel sluggish and run down. This can be based on the type of diet you are eating each day. A detox and cleanse can help you to eliminate waste build-up and re-set your body in an attempt to restore overall health.

Here are some of the other benefits of doing a detox and cleanse:

• A detox helps to eliminate the build-up of waste and toxins in your body. Typically, a detox diet begins with a type of fast and is followed by a time period where only specific foods and drinks are allowed. During this time frame your body naturally cleanses itself of the build-up of toxins and waste. The idea behind a detox is to allow the body time to continue to process what has already build-up in the system while not adding any new food items. Many popular detox and cleanse diets include juices and supplements that help to ensure the body can flush the toxins.

• It can kick-start your weight loss program. Because during a detox you become very focused on what you eat and drink, it is only natural that during this time your body will begin to respond with weight loss. Some people who use detox and cleanse diets routinely report rapid weight loss during the time of the detox. This weight loss can be used as a quick form of motivation to working harder at changing your diet and keeping the weight off after it is over.

• Resets cravings you may be having. If you find yourself not able to make it through the day without giving into craving temptations consider a detox or cleanse as an option to reset these cravings. Limiting yourself to only essential caloric intake and eliminating all sugars will help to reset your cravings. After reducing the sugar completely for the length of the detox you will find it easier to avoid it long term.

• Can provide mental benefits such as clarity of thinking, reduction in headaches, and better focus. Many people who start with a detox diet will tell you that they are inspired to do so because they simply feel sluggish and worn down. As a detox helps to eliminate the build-up of toxins it also seems to help increase your mental awareness as well.

• When used regularly, a cleanse can help to restore energy levels. Not only do people say they feel more focused when doing a cleanse, often they will say they feel more overall energy as well.

A detox and cleanse can be a way to become focused on what you are putting into your body. It is a period of time when you take time to evaluate the way you eat, the activity you do and how to make changes that will benefit you long term.

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