Towards Living A Healthy Lifestyle
Detoxifying the Body

Detoxifying the Body

Feeling overly tired and sluggish?

Having body aches and pains all throughout the day?

Do you experience digestive problems and bloated stomach? Getting skin rashes, acne, and excessive oily skin? Having trouble losing excess body weight? If you answer yes to any of these conditions – detoxifying the body is one sure way to get back in tiptop health.

Detoxifying the body is an ancient practice observed by many cultures such as ayurvedic of India and medicine system of China. Detoxifying the body or detoxification, enhances the natural healing system of the body. Detoxification involves resting the body, cleaning the body, and nourishing the body from the inside out. There are plenty of detox diets that are effective in cleansing the body and bringing about health benefits.

The major reasons for detoxifying the body is to get rid of harmful toxins. Toxins are accumulated wastes in the body that are effects of both external and internal sources. External sources include medicines, environmental pollutants, and other chemicals that an individual get into contact in the performance of daily activities. Internal sources include the foods or combination of foods that a person take and the emotional impacts or stress that an individual goes through. These toxins are eliminated by the body through the liver, kidney, colon, lungs, and skin. Excessive build-up of toxins in the body may result in the body suffering from:

• Acne or pimples

• Anemia

• Body aches

• Bloated stomach

• Blotches on the face

• Dark circles around the eyes

• Dizziness

• Feeling moody, listless, tired

• Headache

• Joint pain and stiff knee

• Mucus in the colon

• Nasal congestion

Here are some Helpful Tips in Detoxifying the Body

• Eat healthy foods – foods rich in fiber such as organically-grown fresh vegetables and fruits and brown rice. Foods that are excellent choices in detoxifying the body include seaweed, chlorella, spirulina, artichokes, beets, broccoli, cabbage, and radish.

• Take herbs that can protect and cleanse the liver such as dandelion root, milk thistle, and burdock. Green tea is also known to have great cleansing effect. These are great additions when planning for a detox diet plan.

• Have a daily dose of Vitamin C – it has been found that Vitamin C helps in the production of glutathione, a compound in the liver that eliminates toxins.

• Drink plenty of water – at least two (2) quarts of water every day. A detox diet won’t be effective without drinking plenty of water.

• Take deep breathing – this allows oxygen to properly and completely circulate through the body system.

• Emphasize positive emotions – stress and other negative feelings draw toxins in the body.

• Practice hydrotherapy – this involves getting five minutes very hot shower followed by 30 seconds cold shower, allowing the water to run on the back. This procedure should be done three times and then rest in the bed for about 30 minutes.

• Engage in sauna – the body eliminates wastes and toxins through perspiration.

• Remove toxins through the skin pores by dry-brushing the skin. Natural product stores offer special brushes for this purpose.

• Exercise – try yoga, jump rope and the martial arts Qigong. There are many other forms of exercises and martial arts that specifically designed for detoxifying the body.

The body can only do so much. If one of the organs of the body gets clogged due to accumulated toxins, the other organs will work doubly hard to cleanse the body. Studies show that detoxifying the body on a regular basis will not only improve health, but also helps in delaying the onset of age-related diseases.