Detox Diets That Work

There are many detox diets that work very well, the key is to find one that works but is also not going to be damaging to your health. Any diet that restricts certain food types my not be a healthy long term option, so the key to any detox diets that work is they are also only a short term process.

The premise of these types of diets is that you release all the unwanted toxins from your system. Those toxins are said to contribute negatively to your overall health. Some of the ways that detoxification diets can prove beneficial are by helping with pain in the joints, sleeping difficulties and skin problems.

Of course weight loss is an added benefit to following detox diets that work, however nowadays people tend to follow a detox purely to lose weight. This is not the true meaning of detoxification.

Deciding which plan to follow depends on several factors. First and foremost you must be in good general health before you even consider any of the detoxification diets. If you have any ill health it is important that you speak to your doctor first.

1.Cleansing your blood is essential. Your blood circulates through all of your body systems, distributing toxins all along the way. Burdock root is arguably the most powerful of blood cleansers in the world of herbs.

2.Your liver handles every toxin that enters your body. Reduce the load on your liver by flushing toxins on a regular basis. Dandelion root and milk thistle seed are your liver’s BFF!

3.Your kidneys process all of the waste from your body, including the bloodstream. When your kidneys are overtaxed, kidney function can be compromised and can lead to a host of problems. Note that this of particular concern to people who have diabetes or suffer from kidney stones. Cranberry juice powder, taken in capsules, is a powerful agent which tones and strengthens kidney function, while increasing its efficiency.

4.Keeping your respiratory system healthy and robust is an essential component of any body detoxification program. A strong respiratory system is better able to fight off flus, pneumonia, bronchitis and viral conditions. Elecampane root is what you need for this purpose. A good all-purpose formula for the respiratory system is a combination of elecampane root and pleurisy root, in approximately an 8:1 ratio. Elecampane root addresses not only the lungs, but the sinuses, gums and provides good antibiotic effect in the case of dental problems, as well as acting as an expectorant. Pleurisy root helps in cases of pneumonia and excess mucus.

5.To optimize your immune system function, echinacea augustifolia root is the herb of choice in your body detoxification program. You may have heard that echinacea, taken at the first sign of a cold or flu, helps your body respond promptly to bacterial and viral invasions, with a quicker recovery rate as a result. It’s a good idea to take echinacea year round, on a 10 day schedule each month.

6.Keep your heart and circulatory system healthy with hawthorne berry powder. Hawthorne berry is a tonic for the heart, with properties which tone the heart muscle, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while promoting good circulation. Garlic possesses the same regulatory qualities as hawthorne berry and is also a natural antibiotic.

7.Keep your digestive system in good order with scotch broom. As the name implies, scotch broom acts much like a household broom, sweeping toxins which may accumulate in your digestive tract. Turmeric powder is soothing and tonifying to the digestive system, a good partner with scotch broom in a body detoxification program.

These are seven components of detox diets that work but of course there are hundreds to choose from. A thorough body detoxification regimen will reduce your incidence of disease, increase your vigor and can ultimately lengthen your life. Try it yourself and feel the difference!

There is an adjustment whenever a person begins a plan to cleanse their system. It’s very likely that you’ll go through a period of a day or two where you’ll be incredibly irritable. You may also experience headaches, as this is the body’s way of adapting to the lack of sugar in the diet. Once you get over that initial discomfort hump you will probably notice that you feel more mentally alert and less tired.

Many people claim that they’ve never felt as good as when they’ve been on one of the many detox diets that work. Add in a little exercise such as walking and you’ll feel like a million dollars.

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