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Detox Diet Tips

Detox diets are short term diets

Detox diets are short term diets ranging from 3 up to 21 days

According to experts, detox diets help detoxify the body by getting rid of toxins. Detox diets are not just focused on getting rid of the accumulated toxins from a person’s body but also as a lifestyle choice in maintaining good health. The human body has, among its normal functions, means of detoxifying the body.  But it was discovered that stress and excessive toxins hinder the natural detoxification process.

Detox Diets can be beneficial for people who suffer from any of the following:

•    Asthma

•    Allergies

•    Bad breath

•    Bloated feeling

•    Body odor – bad smelling sweat

•    Chronic fatigue

•    Constipation

•    Depression

•    Diarrhea

•    Digestive problems

•    Infections – colds and cough

•    Flatulence

•    Skin Problems – acne, rashes, wrinkles

•    Weight problems – overweight

There are some foods and products that a person should avoid when going into detox diets such as alcohol, caffeinated drinks (black tea, coffee and sodas), wheat, salt (maximum daily consumption should only be .5 gram), sugar, and dairy products.

There are many types of detox diets and they are all designed to cleanse the blood, kidneys, liver, and pancreas – to get rid of the toxins and to raise energy levels for a healthier living.

Detox Diets: Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet or Lemonade Diet is a strict diet requiring consumption of only lemon concoction from a combination of lemon juice that are freshly extracted, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed with water. This diet claims to get rid of toxins from the body from about four days to a couple of weeks depending on the individual’s strict compliance to the program.  Individuals are recommended to start with fruits and vegetables to break the fast after going on this detox diet.

Detox Diets: Juice Fast

The Juice Fast is another version of a liquid detoxifying diet. Consumption of vegetable juices or fruit juices or combination of fruit and vegetable juices are to be strictly followed. This diet is very friendly on the digestive systems since no digestive enzymes are needed to assimilate the juices into the body. An added benefit from this detox diet is the rejuvenation effect due to the vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the vegetables and fruits.

Detox Diets: Mono Fruit Diet

The mono fruit diet uses only a single fruit for the entire duration of the diet – which can be extended unconditionally since the organic juices of the fruit allow the cells of the body to naturally clean themselves. The use of a single fruit in the diet will result to a more stable pH (body acidity) and regulated sugar level.

Detox Diets: Raw Food Diet

Advocates of the Raw Food Diet claim that essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals are lost when the foods are cooked. Raw foods contain digestive enzymes that are important in the process of metabolism, maintain the desirable ratio of potassium and sodium for improved functioning of the cell, and provide pH balance balance.

Detox Diets: Hallelujah Diet

The Hallelujah Diet provides an alternative to the all raw food diet. It consists of 85% raw foods and 15% cooked foods. However, the cooked foods may only be eaten during the final part of dinner or evening meal. This diet also requires that breakfast consists only of fresh vegetable juice and barley grass juice.

There are plenty of detox diets to suit your lifestyle. Find one that’s best for you by first asking your doctor if you can go on one. Remember, some people are not just good candidates for detox diets.

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