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How often you feel that nutritious food is beneficial for your health? Before discussing it, you first need to know the meaning of health and sickness. Health is metabolic efficiency and on the other hand inefficiency of metabolic is called sickness. A health represents the physical and mental condition. And a good health states that whether your body and mind are working properly.

Everyone wants to stay healthy in his/her life. However, these days nobody is completely fit or entirely unwell. Every individual has different illness and health related issues. Therefore, you can say that no one is perfect. We are the best example of abilities and disabilities. The good health represents the human behavior and the nature of people.

A healthy person can perform a task quickly and efficiently without much effort. There are many reasons behind a bad health such as improper diet, mental stress, grievance, unfortunate hygiene, unhealthy standard of living etc. You need to change your attitude toward health by getting awareness about good the standard of living.

A healthy life has many advantages such as a well-maintained body is always safe from diseases. Healthy people live their life without any pain, panic and anxiety. With a good body, you can enjoy each and every moment of your life in every field with its best. You can get an attractive look and it gives you a feel good factor. Even you can become an example of good physic in your growing age. A healthy body can survive with normal wear and tear due to aging. In other words, a good health brings you a strong perfection in the overall value of your life.

Now you might be thinking how you can become healthy. It is not tough to stay healthy life. There are many health related tips that you can follow in your day-to-day routine.

Eat when you feel hungry

Whenever you feel hungry you should eat as much you need or until your hunger is satisfied because a hungry person can be grouchy, frustrated and crabby.

Avoid over eating

It is advisable to not overeat beyond the capacity. It can be harmful for your health and create troubles. Excessive eating can cause many other diseases as well.

Take a balanced diet

People think that regular exercise makes them healthy and fit. However, it is not 100 percent true. To become healthy and fit you need to have healthy food or balanced diet. You should do both regular exercise and consume healthy food to maintain your fitness. A balanced diet contains proteins, carbohydrate, vitamins, fat, fiber and minerals. For this, you need to take sprouts, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, salad, egg, fish, and fruits. Also, take expert’s advice on various types of food grains which you can add in your diet.

Proteins & Metabolic Efficiency

It is required to build your body and its tissue. You can get protein from meat, egg, fish, pulses, soybean, milk and it’s made products like oil seed, nuts and etc.

Carbohydrates & Metabolic Efficiency

It is the main source of human energy. It is available in rice, pulses, vegetables, sweet, soft drink, pastas, beans etc. Carbohydrate contains starch and glucose.

Vitamins & Metabolic Efficiency

Various vitamins are the requirement of healthy and functional body. There are six vitamins as follows:

Vitamin A – It is available in ripe yellow fruits, carrots, pumpkin, curd, butter, meat, wheat, cereals, milk and oilseed.

Vitamin B – It is necessary for healthy skin, hair, nervous system. It is available in grains, potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, tempeh, beans, nutritional yeast, brewer’s yeast, and molasses.

Vitamins C – It is available in gooseberry, guava, grapes, lime, orange and sprouts.

Vitamin D – You can get it from sun rays.

Vitamin E and Vitamin K – These are available in almost every food.

Fats & Metabolic Efficiency

It is a source of energy in healthy body. It is available in hydrogenated vegetable fats, butter, animal fats, oils, cereals, oilseeds, milk, meat eggs and several other sources of fat.

Minerals & Metabolic Efficiency

It is also required for proper function of your body. It is available in milk, pulses, green leafy vegetables, drumstick leaves, pulses, nuts, oil seeds, cereals, millets etc.

Remember to add all of them in your diet in equal ratio. You need energy full diet for your body. While taking energetic food, you should know about high calories food. Excessive fat in your food is not good for your health. It can cause diabetes, digestion problem, increase the blood pressure level and cholesterol level.

It can harm your gall bladder and can be the cause of cardiovascular infection. Those people suffer from many diseases who love to eat excessive sugar. Eating sugar is not too good for your health and it is also known by the name sucrose. It can harm your body very badly. Many of the people suffer from diabetes, heart related problems, chubbiness, and infections in several parts of their body, harm to immunity system, cause of tooth and gum problems.

Doctors always suggest not to eat excessive sugar and salt because both can be the cause of various diseases. Salt can cause overweight and high blood pressure too. And later on it leads to heart stroke. It can cause dehydration in your body because it affects your blood pressure. There are more chances of kidney problem. Therefore, it is advisable to all health concerned people to avoid both excessive sugar and salt.

To stay healthy and wealthy you need to consider your drinking habit along with your diet.  Water is a precious gift of god and you need to drink plenty of water in a day. Drink at least 6 – 7 glasses each day. Water helps in many ways to become healthy. It washes off harmful toxins from your body.

You need to drink juice that is required to fulfill your body requirements. Drink milk to get protein. Also, drink vegetables soup, pulses soup, glucose all those drinks which are beneficial for your health.

Take some time to your body checkup as well. Go to clinic and hospital nearby your location once or twice in each three months for physical examination.

5 Weight Loss Myths

In present time, the whole world is bearing the problem of obesity. In that context, weight losing is the only way that can help an individual in getting out from this problem. Topic of weight losing does not any kind of explanation in present scenario. People are ready to adopt any kind of method that can help them in losing their excessive weight. However, the kind of topic I am going to discuss with you is completely different from others. In this article, you will come to know about some superstitions that can be obstacle in way of weight losing.

Having an exact proportion of calories

This particular point can be understood by getting through this example. Let us imagine that you have basal metabolic of 1,500 calories and you burn near about 2,200 calories in a day by your methods of excising and in terms of eating. Further, you decide to lose some extra amount of your excessive weight and you read somewhere that if you eat 500 fewer calories per day and keep this schedule over a week, then you would surely lose some amount of fat that can be near about 1 pound.

After that, you start counting your calories carefully and make sure that you are having an exact amount of calorie that is 500. However, after a week you will get to realize all these things were useless because you did not slow down your metabolism and the most important thing that you have to consider at the time of weight losing that did you enter into starvation mode that was much important. However, you will find negative answer of both questions.

Therefore, a proper calculation of “dieting” is in much need, when you decide that you will lose some weight like Chumlee because calculating the exact amount of calories would not be enough.

Selecting some specific foods for getting a high metabolism

Some specific ways are there that can help you in boosting up your metabolism but it has been seen quite often that people use some traditional and non-effective ways of leveling their metabolism up. However, if you are thinking that just by doing some kinds of exercises you will increase your metabolism from 50 to 100 percent, and then let me tell you that your thinking is completely wrong.

It has been proved scientifically that a high metabolic rate has some specific symptoms of it that are discussed below. However, before discussing them, here is information to you that the metabolic rate gets elevated when you do some correct form of exercises. The other symptoms of a high metabolic rate are:

  • Perspiration
  • Feeling of Fatigue
  • A high heart rate
  • Thirst
  • Heavy breathing

These all are the common symptoms related to the high metabolism.

Another way of elevating the metabolic rate is there that is being used by the bodybuilders and fitness models. The name of that method is Clenbuterol that is a sort of drug. It causes the same symptoms that one can found in an elevated metabolism rate just like, feeling of fatigue, high heart rate, thirst and heavy breathing etc.

However, most of the people go with a teaspoon of cinnamon or they think that can boost up their metabolism rate by taking a cup of green tea that all are fake things.

Having a thirst, swat and tiredness, these are the major symptoms of an elevated metabolic rate. However, a fact is still there that, having a short increase in metabolic rate is good for the body but enhancing it from 50 to 100 percent is neither good for your health nor for your body.

“Starvation Mode”

The theory of “Starvation Mode” deals with a common saying, which is related to the fact that if you really want to lose some weight, then in spite of strict dieting, one should keep on eating some foods on the regular intervals. When the body enters in a starvation mode, then it slows the speed of his metabolism and it speeds up only when it gets some amount of calorie.

However, as per a reliable research it is found that people used to have just few amount of calorie that brings no change in their metabolism. The fact is there that it is a hard task to achieve the stage of starvation mode.

So it is possible to lose weight with any diet without worrying about slowing down your metabolism, even with fasting diet, until this is a diet you are able to follow in long term.

Metabolic Efficiency: Crossing the stage of 6 meals in a day

The method of having only six meals in a day as a way of weight losing was started by bodybuilders. However, the method became much poplar in just a short amount of time because it was quite easy for all the people.

However, in the days of its introduction, it was liked by most of the people but after some time, people got bored by it because it was hard to them to follow same kind of schedule for few weeks and that is why, they started taking food supplements.

Metabolic Efficiency: Fault in estimating the burn calories

It is a fact that exercises help in burning a good amount of calories. However, overestimation of the burnt calorie can be there. Hence, a proper estimation of the burnt calorie can help you in various ways. It can be understood by this following fact.

An individual regularly walks 5 miles in a day and it helps him in reducing 500 calories. However, if he completes his walk in just one hour and he keeps on doing this sort of exercise for over a week, then he surely can do a better walk as compared to his previous form of walk and it can give him much better results.

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