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Cardio Plan for Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Cardio Workout Plans

Weight loss and cardio workout plans can help you reach your goals to shed those extra pounds. Although many people would prefer to forget exercise altogether, the most effective way to lose weight is to combine a healthy diet with regular cardiovascular activity. Keep in mind that your cardio workout should be something that you practice consistently and, if possible, that you enjoy. So how do you go about establishing a solid weight loss and cardio plan that suits you and your lifestyle? Take a moment to consider how much time you can dedicate to working out, how in-shape or out-of-shape you are, what kinds of activities you enjoy (or don’t mind) doing, and your final goals.

Obstacle In Terms of Exercise

If you’re biggest obstacle in terms of exercise is squeezing in the time to do it, then your best bet might be an elliptical trainer (stationary exercise machine) that really gets your heart rate up and allows you to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. An elliptical trainer simulates walking or running but it lessens pressure on the joints which can cause injuries. You can choose your level of intensity and most people who are just starting out will only do a couple of minutes at a time. As you continue to exercise consistently, you will be able to gradually increase how many minutes you work out each session.

If you have more time and/or if you find the machines boring, you can try an aerobics class, boxing, kick boxing, swimming or other more stimulating activities. If you prefer to be outside for your activity, you can try walking or jogging.

Be reasonable about how much time it takes to see results. Weight loss cardio workouts work best when combined with a calorie conscious diet. Learn what your daily requirements are, and then cut 250 calories from that number. Along with 30 minutes of heart healthy exercise, you should begin to notice a difference within a few weeks.

Maintain Your Life Style

It’s really important that you choose something that you like for your regular activity. This is not something that you should practice only when you’re trying to lose weight but something that you should be able to maintain as part of your lifestyle, maybe in a less intensive way than when you are in a weight loss phase. You can also switch your exercise routine around a little bit every day to provide some variety. Or, if you walk or run for your exercise, go a different route every day.

According to Fitness Experts, typical long steady cardio routines on cardio machines are awful. Here’s why.

1. There are other forms of cardio activities that will stimulate your metabolism faster and burn more fat. Many people that are using cardio machines are wasting their time. An example of effective cardio workout plan would be Kettle swings, clean and presses, snatches or mixed bodyweight exercises.

2. Most people that do long steady cardio activities are bored. Exercise needs to be continuous. People won’t stick with it if they are bored. Now if you are one who loves cardio machines or long steady cardio workout routines don’t stop. You will stick with something you enjoy.

3. If you are doing cardio at home, exercise machines are very costly. There are more effective exercises you can do at home that will give you much better results. But many people are using proactol for weight loss because it is safe and effective. Do intensive interval cardio workouts instead of long duration monotonous exercises.

4. Steady state exercises can create a disconnect with your mind and body resulting in poor results. You need to be focused on that exercise. It won’t be as effective if you are reading the paper or thinking about what’s on TV.

In addition, high intensity training will increase muscle mass and produce shapely and more defined muscles. This will drop pounds and inches, in a shortest amount of time. Again, like weight training you must constantly change your variables to make progress.

Some Good Alternative Cardio Activities

1. High reps of Kettle bell workouts. An example would be kettle bell swings, snatches or clean and press. This gets your heart way up and going strong.

2. Cardio interval training. Mix intense bouts of cardio with moderate bouts in the same session. An example would be to take the intensity up on your workout for around 1-2 minutes whether it be fast walking, cycling, running or boxing to the point
where you feel like you are “out of your comfort zone” and then let your heart rate come down again. For 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Jumping rope with variety. You can do speed jumps, cross jumps or double jumps. Be creative and make it fun.

4. Bodyweight exercises are great for cardio at home. An example would be pushups, jumping drills, one of my favorite; lunges, bear crawls, mountain climbers, plank holds, bodyweight squats and so many more.

5. Running with intensity. Run intensively up a hill and walk down. Repeat several times.

6. If you like to swim do swimming sprints. Go intense and then less intense.

The list goes on. Find something you enjoy and that you can do frequently. Change it up. Don’t keep doing the same thing. That gets boring and becomes less effective. If you find something you enjoy you it will be easier for you to stick with it and see results.

Keep in mind that with a quality weight loss and fitness program you will not find any magic pills or quick 2 week fixes but instead you will learn the most effective exercises for quick fat loss. It’s not about fad diets but about a program that will teach you how to eat healthy. It’s learning about what wholesome foods will lower your body fat and keep it off for good.

What are you planning on doing when you’ve attained your weight loss goals? Are you going to continue to include some form of fitness training as part of your daily schedule? It’s a great idea to do so because you really don’t want to stop now that you’ve hit your target weight. Maybe add some muscle bulk as well? Have a look at John Cena and see how he has built a great physique. We found out more about the (as we like to call them) John Cena Supplements and have shared that information.

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