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Finally The Best Detox Products Revealed

Finally The Best Detox Products Revealed!

Are you planning a full body detox? It is essential that you know what detox products are available that will assist and enhance your detox process. A detox can be challenging and can have wondrous effects on your mind and body. Here are a few types of detox products that will help you through the process:

Colon cleansers
Colon cleansers can be very effective during a detox. These products remove toxins and neutralize fermentation in the colon. Fermentation occurs during the detox when the body is not receiving a normal amount of food. This harmful waste leaves the body more easily when colon cleaners are used.

Detox Foot Patches
Foot patches contain 100% natural ingredients and are used to draw out harmful toxins, old lymph fluid and other impurities that accumulate in the body. Some experts in field believe foot patches can improve the quality of sleep, strengthen the immune system, and stimulate circulation. It is believed that removing toxins from the feet will draw out and remove toxins from internal organs too.

Chlorophyll products
These products are excellent because they increase circulation and oxygenate the blood. The result is healing and detoxing the body. Wheat-grass and barley juice are high in chlorophyll and important minerals. Barley juice provides a good source of enzymes and is generally more popular because it tastes better and is more convenient.

Skin Brushes
A skin brush is believed to enhance the detox process. It is an enjoyable and invigorating addition to a detox. 10 to 15% of our bodies’ toxins are eliminated through our skin. Skin brushing encourages the removal of toxins through the skin. The brushing technique stimulates lymph glands, blood circulation and cell regeneration. There is a specific method to brushing; basically it involves starting the brushing process at the outer body part moving centrally to the body core.

Ear Candles
Some alternative practitioners recommended using ear candles during a full body detox. The candles gently remove foreign bodies from the air. The ear candles are said to remove bacteria, Candida, fungus, and bacteria from the inner ear. Ear candling is an ancient practice used today during a detox to cleanse your inner-self.

Castor Oil pack
A castor oil pack is used to increase circulation and by doing so heals organs and tissues beneath the skin. A flannel cloth is soaked in castor oil and placed directly onto the skin. The cloth is then covered with plastic and is heated. It is said to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Detox plus weight loss supplements
There is a huge variety of supplements today that are a combination of weight loss and detox properties. The two complement one another because the detox promotes weight loss by removing harmful toxins trapped in our digestive system. Generally these products are extremely high in antioxidants such as Ultimate Maqui Berry.

Now you are more informed of the best detox products available on the market. The best detox product comes down to a personal choice. You can now make a wise decision and start your detox plan right away.

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