An All Natural Weight Loss Plan

In today’s world, doesn’t it seem like we always want more and better than what we have? Nothing is ever good enough or fast enough. Many of us even prefer quick weight loss over the slower, more natural weight loss approach to our desired weight. And as wonderful as it would be to lose 30 pounds ‘yesterday’, healthy weight loss can be even more difficult in such a busy, rushed environment.

Even though we have more appliances, conveniences, and processed pre-packaged foods than ever before (which are supposed to cut down on preparation and clean up time) we are still not only busier than we have ever been, as a whole we are also heavier than ever before, and part of that can be attributed to all the conveniences we enjoy.

In fact, we somehow manage to fill all this extra time we are supposed to have with even more ‘things’, and most of us are still spending even less time with our families and doing the things we need to do to take care of our health and our weight.

Weight and stress related diseases are at their peak. And with two thirds of Americans overweight – 1/3 of those obese – it’s no wonder that cardiac disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer are at an all time high. And in order to decrease weight related diseases, people have turned to the weight loss industry in search of answers and solutions.

But a healthy and natural weight loss program is hard to find in the sea of over the counter and prescription supplements that adversely affect the body. Can we even trust products anymore that are labeled ‘natural weight loss supplements’? It’s hard to tell, isn’t it?

Another reason why people search so hard for the best way to lose weight is that they have come to have a distorted body image. All around us are pictures of air brushed models who actually look like different people in person than what they look like in pictures. But they still manage somehow to make us feel that if we don’t look like these pictures, we don’t measure up. The good news, however, is that even Hollywood, which once elevated skinny actresses to top positions, is now recognizing that skinny is just skinny, but being fit is much more attractive.

The word “Diet” doesn’t necessarily mean eating just to lose weight as it has become widely accepted to mean, but rather eating a healthy diet for proper nutrition. Natural weight loss foods and diets rich in nutrients are slowly replacing fat and sugar dense diets for many of us as it becomes more apparent that carrying around extra weight will in fact cause us untold problems later in life.

Some people resort to unhealthy ways to lose weight such as crash diets – taking in far fewer calories than they need to survive – only to find that they have put their body in starvation mode. Once they go back to former eating habits, they invariably gain back the weight they lost in the first place plus even more pounds.  Not only are crash or fad diets unhealthy, they have been proven time and again to not work.

An All Natural Weight Loss Plan

  • Define your goals for a healthy weight reduction, write them down and put them where you can see them every day. Remember that anything can be accomplished one step at a time, so take it slowly and make the changes permanent. Don’t aim for a ’50′ pound weight loss all at once. It’s much easier to shoot for smaller goals such as 8 or 10 pounds a month.
  • Anytime you feel you are being deprived you will fail. Healthy, natural weight loss does not mean denying yourself nutrients or your favorite meals. Denying yourself will only cause you to obsess over what you are missing, and failure will be inevitable.
  • Start with balanced nutrition and the correct portions of protein, fruits, vegetables and water. Serving sizes are much smaller than you might anticipate so it’s important to become familiar with the correct sizes by using a small food scale.
  • Break your meals up into 4-6 smaller meals rather than 1-3 larger ones. Diets that work like most diets are designed to work will keep your body fueled, never leaving you feeling too hungry. Once you start to feel hungry you may also start to feel cravings, and since the cravings are harder to resist than the actual feeling of hunger you want to try to stop both before they start.
  • Phase out the trash in your diet in favor of health, more natural weight loss products. The processed foods, crackers, sweets, hamburgers and fries, candies and donuts have no place in a healthy diet plan. When you get hungry at 3 pm, grab an apple or banana to get you through until dinner. Leave the candy bar in the candy machine.
  • Get in the habit of drinking lots of water each day because water flushes out the toxins and waste products from your body. A rule of thumb is to drink 4 oz of water for every hour you are awake. You can judge your hydration level by the color of your urine. If your urine has color, you need to drink more!

Healthy weight loss means you have a realistic understanding of what you want to achieve. This understanding is based on your own body type and lifestyle and not on that of the most recent bony model. Once you have decided that you are determined to shed the extra weight and become healthier in the process, your goals will become much clearer and easier to attain.

How are you going with meeting your own weight loss goals? Once you’ve reached your target weight have you thought about how you’re going to maintain it? If you’ve been doing some fitness training, the best thing is to keep going with that. And maybe look at adding some muscle-building exercises into your routine as well. These will help keep those pounds from creeping back on again. Have a look at John Cena and see how it is possible to lose weight and keep it off. You’ll find a lot of information about (as we like to call them) John Cena Supplements here.

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Linda Bell

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