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Alternative Medicine Treatments For Pain – Top 5 Risk Free Choices

Alternative Medicine Treatments For Pain – Top 5 Risk Free Choices

Alternative medicine treatments are types of non-invasive medical treatments done without the use of medicines or drugs. These alternative treatments are not sufficiently documented or proven to be safe for every condition. There are, however, some very safe alternatives to use in pain management, treatments that do not include taking prescription drugs. In recent years, information has begun to show that these methods have many benefits and can successfully treat many ailments. Below are five of the top risk-free choices in alternative medicine treatments.

Deep Breathing

Many people are not aware that some simple breathing techniques can help with pain control and even relaxation. A technique called diaphragmatic breathing is a great method of relieving pain. Deep abdominal breathing helps ease pain and encourage relaxation through altering your psychological state. This process helps the painful moment you are having lessen in intensity.


Using massage techniques to help with pain management is one of the easiest methods. Massage can either be done to yourself or with the help of a massage therapist. There are many known benefits of massage. Headaches, body aches and pain, stress and even insomnia are known to be alleviated through massage. Getting regular massages can also help improve circulation, lower your blood pressure and relax your muscles.


Even though there are many diseases that acupuncture is known to help with, the main use of it is for pain management. It is thought to decrease pain through the release of the chemicals that block pain, referred to as endorphins. These endorphins are neurotransmitters that help to block the message of pain being delivered to your brain. Acupuncture has been known to help conditions such as headaches, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more.


A popular Japanese technique, Reiki is used to help with pain management. It can also offer stress relief and promote relaxation. The technique is commonly called hands on healing and palm healing. The practitioners of this technique believe that when they lay their hands on you, they are transferring energy to you through their palms to allow for a state of equilibrium and healing. Reiki is used as a whole body treatment.

EFT Tapping

Also known as Emotional Freedom Mental Field Therapy, Tapping is an ancient Chinese meridian energy system technique that is performed through tapping a certain way on specific areas of the body. These points are referred to as energy meridian points. This process helps you to disengage from destructive or negative emotional and thought patterns which are believed to weaken your energy. Tapping is used to help aches and pains in your body. Other problems such as allergies and stress can also be helped through the process of tapping.

Alternative therapies have been used for centuries with much success. These alternative techniques are easy and affordable ways to manage pain and other ailments without resorting to expensive pharmaceutical drugs.  They are also easy and organic to do, and will promote pain relief in a relaxing way.