About Us – Health and Nutrition Guide

At our Health and Nutrition Guide you can find resources to help you make an informative decision when it comes to health and nutrition regimens. Our health articles are informative and we hope you enjoy your visit and come often!

Health is a basic human need and one, which is ultimately achievable. The purpose of our website is to help ending the epidemic of chronic and degenerative disease in America by:

  • Making health a national priority
  • Educating everybody, especially our children, in the fundamentals of good health—nutrition, toxins, exercise, lifestyle and stress management.
  • Transforming the world’s focus from sick-care to healthcare.
  • Focusing on preventing and reversing the underlying causes of disease.

The result: Restoring healthy habits, attaining longer life and the highest mental, physical, and spiritual development for each individual.

Below please find some helpful resource links:

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