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A Healthy Detox Diet Plan

Every now and then we need to give our bodies a rest and follow a healthy detox diet plan. It’s an opportunity to recover from the stresses and strains we put it under on a daily basis.

If you live a life that involves too much alcohol, processed or rich, fatty foods then the chances are you could benefit from a detox. This is especially true after traditional times of overindulgence such as the holidays, birthdays, Christmas or any other time of the year when you tend to eat and drink too much.

As with all things in life a little bit of what you fancy is no bad thing but if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a while you might notice a big change to the way you look and feel if you tried following a healthy detox diet plan for a while.

So what is the best type of healthy detox diet plan?

The ideal detox eliminates all of the things that potentially create toxins in the body. Alcohol, processed or ready made meals, rich or fatty foods are all things which could contribute to a build up of toxins in the body.

The problem with eating and drinking these types of foods on a constant basis is the stress it places upon the liver and kidneys as these are the organs whose job it is to filter and purify everything we eat before it gets through in to the blood stream.

Here are my suggestions for a healthy detox diet plan…

Start off each morning with a glass of hot water and a slice of lemon to cleanse the digestive system.Ideally you’ll choose raw, fresh and natural foods that you’ve bought and prepared yourself at home. It’s important to choose organic foods whenever you are detoxing as you also ingest many types of pesticides, growth hormones and fertilizers etc from the crops and livestock grown by farmers.

  • Drink only pure water with nothing added or green tea if you want a little something different.
  • Eat small amounts regularly throughout the day.
  • Snack on raw vegetable crudites and home made hummus.
  • Consider fruit smoothies as vitamin packed snacks

If you feel you need to eat meats then opt for either something different to what you normally eat or fish and poultry, but ideally it’s a good idea to avoid these as well.

Don’t add salt, sugar or fats to your foods when following a healthy detox diet plan, remember this is meant to be a cleansing process so you only want to use wholesome, fresh, unprocessed ingredients which are as close to their natural state as possible.

Continue your detox for around 7 – 14 days to get the most benefit from your efforts.

If you’ve never considered following a healthy detox diet plan before why not give it a try, you’ll feel healthier, have more energy, your hair and skin will look clearer and you’ll just feel really good about yourself. It’s an opportunity to forget the over-indulgencies of the past and get ready to feel a fit, more confident you.

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