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7 Tips for Cooking Healthy Food on a Tight Budget

7 Tips for Cooking Healthy Food on a Tight Budget

Tight budgets and healthy food do not go hand in hand.  Many families do not eat healthy because they simply cannot afford the price tag that comes with choosing healthy options. Healthy food is far more expensive that “junk food” such as pizza, tacos, and corn dogs. If you are looking to change your lifestyle and eat a more healthy diet, the following information will be helpful for you.

7 Tips for Cooking Healthy Food on a Tight BudgetThinking outside of the box when trying to cook healthy on a tight budget will set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Get it growing How are you gardening skills? If you can learn to grow vegetables and produce on your own you can save tons of money.  Cooking healthy on a tight budget will be much easier for you if you have the ingredients that you need growing in your back yard.  Not only will the vegetables be cheaper, they will be more readily accessible.  Learning proper jarring techniques for vegetables can have you eating healthy all year round for very little money.
  2. Coupon cuttingAs with unhealthy food, you will want to search the newspaper for coupons on healthy items, too.  Stock up on items that may be on sale that you would originally have to pay a higher price for.  This is good for your budget and for your body.  Look for sales on whole wheat pasta and other items that have a long shelf life and stock up.  Price matching at stores that offer it will be a great way to add to your savings when you are eating healthy on a budget.
  3. Your local farmer’s marketThis is a great way to save big bucks on healthy food.  Produce is much cheaper at the farmer’s market due to the sheer volume of the produce that is sold there. Use this to your advantage and make it work with your food budget.   They will also have a larger selection for you to choose from than your regular grocery store which can add more variety to your diet.  They may have those hard to find vegetables that will spruce up your diet.
  4. Buy what is in season. Choosing healthy food that is in season will also help you get the most for your money.  Buying out of season fruit and veggies can ruin your budget quickly. For example during off season, cucumbers can run as much as $1.50 – $2.00 per cucumber.  During the summer they can be purchased for as little as $.50.  Add seasonal vegetables to your diet for a healthier lifestyle and more money in the bank.
  5. Realize that off brand products are just as goodMany buyers are picky when it comes to food brands.  To save money, however, opt for the store brand.  Read the ingredients on the back of labels and compare.  Chances are, there will be very little difference if any when buying off brand products.  This can be great for your budget.
  6. When you prepare a meal, cook several portions and freeze them. Just as you save money when buying in bulk, consider cooking in bulk and freezing the food for a later date.  This will ensure that nothing is wasted.  This is a great money saving tip than can save you both time and money.  Be sure to properly store and date food if you choose to follow this tip.  Eating it before it ruins will be the key to saving the most money when cooking in bulk.
  7. Get advice from the web on inexpensive, healthy recipes. There are other people out there who are looking for the same advice that you are.  Utilize information on the web and get advice from people who are looking to eat healthy on a tight budget.  Learn tips, tricks, and ideas on how to make your budget stretch further when eating healthy.  You can also learn recipes and ways to spice up healthy eating.

Eating healthy can get expensive. Use the tips above to help you stick to your budget on food.  Once you determine ways to save, pass the information on to others who are looking for the same tips as you are.