3 Day Detox Diet

Experts agree that our overall health is dependent on the kind of foods we eat. But because of our hurried lifestyles and over dependence on fast foods, our bodies are continuously on the receiving end of unhealthy toxins.

These chemicals, when not eliminated properly by the body can result in serious illnesses like liver dysfunction and even heart disease.

To prevent this from happening, our bodies should routinely get rid of these toxins and impurities with a good 3 day detox diet.

By definition, a 3 day detox diet is just an eating plan that will limit your consumption of foods that are potential sources of toxins and dietary allergens. These foods will then be replaced by other foods that can help your body get rid of toxins more rapidly.

Foods included in this category are green leafy vegetables, fruits and other fiber enriched foods.

For the duration of the 3 day detox diet, you are expected to refrain from eating foods other than those listed on your diet plan. You are also prohibited from drinking coffee, soda and other chemically produced juices.

Drinking water, natural juices and purees is also highly encouraged.

During this 3 day detox diet, you are expected to limit your strenuous activities as well. Feeling weak and slightly light headed is also common during these days. No need to be concerned however, for these feelings are just part and parcel of the whole cleansing diet.

This 3 day detox diet can be done at home. Just make sure that you have no serious illnesses that could be worsened by the fasting during the 3 day detox diet.

There are numerous 3 day detox diet plans that you can choose from. You can simply opt for the one that suits your taste and lifestyle. You can try a juice fasting 3 day detox diet plan wherein you’re only allowed to consume fresh vegetables and fruit juices.

If your body is used to detoxification, you can try the master cleanse the next time. For this particular diet, you are only allowed to drink lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

There are also other commercial cleanse programs that you can try like Bowtrol, Colon Clenz and Acai cleanse among others. Just be sure to follow the plan to the letter so you can achieve the desired results.

People who have tried a 3 day detox diet claim that they actually feel more focused, lighter, and less irritatable after the cleansing process. Others even attribute their regular bowel movements and healthy skins to their 3 day detox diet.

Ultimately, because of the many diet plans available these days, the best 3 day detox diet will still be the one that suits your needs and fits your lifestyle perfectly.

But one thing you have to remember, if you are taking prescription medication for illnesses, make sure you get clearance from your doctor first before starting a 3 day detox diet plan. If you do this cleanse right, you will be rewarded with better digestion and a host of other healthy benefits for your body!

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